Anyone has successfully gotten rid of termite nests at home?


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My aunt found two termite nests at home in one of the rooms and she suspects there's a lot more nests at home cos there's damaged wood in other rooms and she often seen many fat lizards in her house. Must have been feeding on the huge amount of termites.

I know the best thing to do is to hire professional termites control service but it's beyond her budget.

Anyone met such problems before and have been successful with do-it-yourself method for at least a few years?


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You probably can try applying kerosene (hope got it right as in chinese is Huo(3) Shui(3)) at their nest? I heard my mum teaching her foreign workers this method and it seems to work. After which, gotta make sure your aunt keep the place clean n dry to prevent them from coming back again.


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just hope nobody smokes in the house if u're gonna apply kerosene.

else do u know how much it costs? if u dun, how would u know u can't afford it? cheapest way is to just borrow lizards from the neighbours and let the lizards do the job for u. after 3mths, u can use lizard traps to ungratefully remove the lizards.


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Termites are a serious matter. Do not use all the fly by night solutions. You need to get rid of the queen and the entire colony else it will just keep moving its nest. I used to have to a major infestation which was a terrible nightmare.

I went to aardwolf pestkare many years back and they offered interest free instalments back then. Though it was expensive, it was worth every cent paid as they scanned the entire house and found a lot more termites then we thought. Do a google about them but I think that there are other companies providing similar services. Never ever use those cheap ones when all they do are to spray arsenic powder to 'chase away' the termites but not getting rid of the queen and the colony.

Disclaimer: I am not an employee of any pestcare company nor an existing client of any pestcare company


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During my NS days, I had lots of white ants problem when maintaining the camps in Tekong. Yes, u need the pest company. Also, if you are staying in landed, look for their nest. You need to get to the root of the problem to exterminate as what sillyme suggested.


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i have a children's rattan set next to my wooden outdoor furniture - something is eating the rattan chairs but not the bigger furniture .. cannot be termites, right?


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"Also, if you are staying in landed, look for their nest."

to clarify, i mean look for the nest beyond the house. Check the garden or backyard. The nest could be located nearby.


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I've used aardwolf pestkare and they were v professional - came punctually, were v neat and careful in moving my furniture etc to check. I used another pest control previously and they left my kitchen in a mess.


Aardwolf employees were great like you said but their price was double what was quoted by a big brand company. I went cheap and the big brand did their job well. Of course i only had ants and cockroaches so your mileage may vary. Another thing don't do monthly deals, once every two months is sufficient. You can ask for extra servicing anytime you find pests during contracted period.