Anyone has reliable feng shui master to recommend?

Discussion in 'Anything Under The Sun' started by woodytigger, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. jsquare

    jsquare New Member

    Hi Jenny

    May I have the contact of Master JS? Can email me at Thanks [​IMG]

  2. anastut

    anastut New Member

    we could also do some reading to have basic understanding of fengshui first before engaging one, then at least we can ask fsm questions so increase our understanding and also gauge whether the fsm is ok one or anot...
    for my fs, i recently engage one thru a friend recommendation and pay 388 for my whole house, whch i think is reasonable, previous one quote me 4 digit sum...
    and i would recommend him, can read his articles too on his website, quite interesting
  3. fleurjade

    fleurjade New Member

    David Tong ... He is good and very detailed. Punctual and responsive. I like his explanation and he will give you practical solutions rather than buy all sorts of things to put in your house.
  4. just_a_ger

    just_a_ger New Member

    To share my BAD experience with Jin Z.L. at Aljunied.

    He is more concern of $$$$ than anything else. Said many bad things about me and asked me to make donation to monks and temples by passing the money to him. He showed me an exercise book which he claimed are his record of his repeated customers who has passed him money for donation. He claimed that one business man donated $10,000 because his business flys after consultation with him. Another woman donated $5,000 because he found a hubby through his ritual. Sound like a con man to me! When I wanted to walk out, he bargain with him and reduced the donation to $3,000. What the f***!
  5. just_a_ger

    just_a_ger New Member

    I wished I had recorded the conversation and posted it on-line.
  6. bkultraman

    bkultraman New Member

    Recently got my wedding dates calculated by JS Liew of Canxuange and had a very good experience.

    After our first meeting with him, I had an argument with my GF on the wedding dates and emailed him back for some advice. On hearing that, he immediately called for a second meeting and helped us resolve our problems. He even negotiated a good banquet offer for us the following day when he saw one during a wedding show and my GF is very happy.

    I will recommend JS to couples looking for FSM as he will follow up to solve ur problems. Not like some FSMs who just give u the wedding dates and timings on first meeting then leave u on ur own.
  7. yakieyaya

    yakieyaya New Member

    Hi, any1 else can share X on Master Liew? =)
  8. ete

    ete New Member

    I engaged master david too. He's quite humorous [​IMG]
    At least what he said does make sense
  9. yakieyaya

    yakieyaya New Member

    Hi ete, u engage Master David to do FS for your hse??
  10. ete

    ete New Member

    Yes i did. He helped to confirm my wedding dates too
  11. yakieyaya

    yakieyaya New Member

    =) ete, when is your big day??

    i chose Master Liew, he replied my email and we just sent over our DOB and floor plan before our 1st meet up... =)
  12. ete

    ete New Member

    yaya - mine? last yr hehe...
    that's gd... enjoy plannining! it's fun but can be quite frustrating coz we are doing without an ID or main contractor.
  13. yakieyaya

    yakieyaya New Member

    Hi ete, ya, think its gonna be a prob cos my house layout dun seem good if i read the online discussions... =( so worried...
  14. jianwen

    jianwen New Member

    Hi would be great if someone can PM me the contact and address of Master JS Liew or email to me at Many Thanks[​IMG]
  15. dolphie

    dolphie New Member

    Hi all,

    have any1 engage JS liew <can> as ur fsm before? i heard from a friend that he does have his own reno company, any1 uses both service from him? Pls share experiences. thanks.
  16. yukiiyukii

    yukiiyukii New Member

    Anyone can recommend FSM to select the ROM and wedding dates and please advise on the rates.

  17. dolphie

    dolphie New Member

    I took 游龙å­instead. Heard quite a few negative things about the highly recommended fsm mentioned above. Drop my choice and chose 游龙å­ã€‚

    Note posts that are number #1. Similar name initials.
  18. icesugar

    icesugar New Member

    I go to 缘中秀 (New Trend Lifestyle Pte Ltd)... I think good thing is they do not hard sell and they give you clear explanation.

    They are a proper company so need not be afraid of them running away...

    This was actually recommended by my fren, so hubby and i decided to go check out and find them good... Have recommended few frens to them and so far quite good comments...

    Go to the branch at Tiong Bahru Plaza and look for Mr Foo [​IMG]

    Hope this helps!
  19. bugzz

    bugzz New Member

    Hi Dolphie and Sugar,

    Can share how's your sessions going on with You Long Zi and Master Foo...?

    Actually I also short listed Master Liew of Can Xuan Ge as well but heard he is not so responsive??

    Yakieyaya, can share how's your session with Master Liew? Is it good?
  20. dolphie

    dolphie New Member

    Hi hi bugzZ

    So far so good, I think you long Zi is quite a popular choice if you visit forums.
    Thou some time wait is required, but I think it's worth to find sm1 who is reputable enuf to do up your house FS.

    It's really important to read forums, find out more about the +/- of Wat others said. Best is to get those who have already done FS for your relative or friends.

    A frd of mine did not heed advice of our collegue, she went to give her house FS n Reno to some above mentioned FS person, turn out is disaster! She is unhappy over the entire Reno work. However she find that service is good initially,
    After that was quite difficult to get responses and follow up.

    So you really have to consider whether you want lip service and shoddy work?
  21. dolphie

    dolphie New Member

    Watever trade one is in, integrity is important to us consumers.
    Do think about it.
  22. jaslyn82

    jaslyn82 New Member

    Hi All

    Im looking for a Fengshui Master to help in the selection of my wedding date. Happen to go past some advertisement in one of the shopping mall.

    Anyone know a Master Francis?

    Any feedbacks on him?
  23. mashi_mashi

    mashi_mashi New Member


    which FSM is that??

    I used JS Liew for my house FM last yr. hmm. so far he is quite gd n prompt on my reno issues. The ID i use is partner wif him for quite a few renos. but nt his company. so nt too sure he now open his own company or nt.

    But through out the reno, he give us alot advices. when we got any prob, we also go thru him to tok to our ID... so find him quite gd....
  24. moonfairy2

    moonfairy2 New Member

    Hi, appreciate anybody can PM me the contact and address of Master JS Liew and You Long Zi? Any idea how much they charge for consultation of picking wedding actual date? [​IMG]
  25. dolphie

    dolphie New Member

    This is You Long Zi contact
    393 Guillemard Rd S(399790)
    Tel: 67435738
  26. angeline_51340

    angeline_51340 New Member

    Can consider Alvin, East Palace. Very detail in explaining and best is he make sure you understand what he is saying than just rushing thru. Very professional and patience.

    You Long Zi is a all time fav i think. A more experienced person to chose.

    JS Liew did FS for my elder brother before.
    Could say is not so professional and detail. For young couples is ok, more to service orientated than experience. Bazi also not explained in detail. My brother also commented that he is chatty, but out of FS context, so more to making clients feel comfortable with him than really doing FS/Bazi analysis for clients.

    I think chose a more reputable one will be good.
  27. shiyun123

    shiyun123 New Member

    Have not been here for a long time, just want to share my experience with JS Liew years ago. He is indeed a very service orientated person, he take care of all the fine details when we engage him for our house fengshui. From the purchasing of the prayer stuff to helping us go through the renovation details (even when we did not engage his renovation service)

    He spend hours going through the details with us with no additional charges.

    After the whole session, we did ask him will this house bring us wealth and make us rich? I still remember what he told me, sorry this house cant give you wealth but rest assure it will give me happiness.

    I was like thinking, he just giving sales talk. After so many years, after we engage his service, true enough I'm not rich but it gives me a lots of happiness. I'm now the mother of two and I'm blessed with this two kids and a very loving husband.

    JS did explain during his analysis of our house saying that you must have a blessed house before you can have a blessed life, and fengshui gives you enhancement not addition.

    I just want to share my experience with him for the people here.
  28. bugzz

    bugzz New Member

    After talking and asking around forumers both here and other places, I chose Alvin, East Palace.

    A very detailed person. Very helpful and truthful.
    Just had a 1st meet up w him and both me and my hubby likes his honesty and professionalism. He recommend us to get cheap remedy items, if we want to, optional at $1.50 - $2.00 at a shop at race course road. Nothing is compulsory to buy. That's something I like.

    Actually a FS person should have consistent feedbacks, before I made my choices, I gather alot of info and realized that if comments about 1 FS master fluctuate alot, it could be he is not consistent in his work.

    Too many recommendations or fire-fighting supportive comments does not mean he/she is good, could be FS pple
    in here writing for themselves?? Common in popular forums.

    Know more forumers, meet out with btb will help.
  29. guesswho

    guesswho New Member

    Consulted Mr Chang in for fengshui reading of my hdb flat after recommendation from forum but felt his audit advice need to spend a fortune on renov &amp; inconvenience to the occupants.

    For eg. change direction of main door by tilting to a certain angle, try to avoid using the toilet and don't flush the W.C. so often on both toilets, what if get kidney problems???

    Mr Chang of also don't give explanation for saying Sha Qi in the dining area, he said he could see, but I only saw many rows of HDB facing us in that direction?????
  30. curious82

    curious82 New Member

    I'm intending to consult Master Chang for my wedding dates and reno. Any idea what are his charges?

    Thanks in advance!
  31. do not worry

    do not worry New Member

    Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong - Way OnNet, do not know how to arrange sofa because put in the middle of the main hall - attract more "xiao ren" fengshui. Very poor fengshui knowledge. Paid $1,600 - get poor fengshui advice.
  32. banana21

    banana21 New Member


    Up to now, which FSM is friendly and seems at least professional enough? And usually how much do you pay for their services?

    Thank you!
  33. vitamin

    vitamin Member


    I'm looking for a FSM to get a 2nd opinion of our house. Any recommendation? Pls share ur experience too. I don't want any sale talk FSM. Thanks in advance.
  34. joyvue

    joyvue New Member

    Try Master Tan Ai Lan 90089132
    Her service are not heavenly-priced, very affordable. But she is really good. Contact her for an appt, she's chinese-speaking only.
  35. Oliviaccn

    Oliviaccn New Member

    My family uses master Chiu for the past 10 years, he does both fengshui and life reading and he is from Hong Kong. PM me for details as he is quite low profile and on a referral basis only.

    Using SingaporeBrides app
  36. mimi6089

    mimi6089 New Member

    I have a very reliable Feng Shui master to recommend. Mine is a 4 rooms condo only $168. Previously I engage other Feng Shui master before I knew her, charged so expensive, and yet very bad after sales service.
    I wish I could get to know Master Terra earlier, so that I will not waste so much of my money on other Feng Shui masters.
    I asked her lots of questions during the Feng Shui audit and even after the audit, she never fail to answer, I was impressed. I am so surprise she even share lots of her Feng Shui tips. Other Feng Shui master will try to sell their Feng Shui items to me, but Master Terra didn't, she fully concentrate on giving Feng Shui advice to me, I feel her sincerity to help.
    I hope that you all will not encounter those bad Feng Shui masters like what I have experience previously. Do contact Master Terra for her help in Feng Shui advice:
  37. xueyu

    xueyu Member

    Master Long Tian Xiang
    31 Pinewood Grove
    Singapore 738263
    (Woodlands Ave 1 - The Woodgrove)
    Mobile: 90675008

    Very nice old man, funny also.
  38. dollielovely

    dollielovely Member


    Did anyone engaged master long for house audit? Thk u
  39. dollielovely

    dollielovely Member

    Hihi mimi,

    Can pm me the experience on master terra on how she went through her audit for your house? And also did u look for her for wedding dates too?
  40. uya ast

    uya ast New Member

    Which company is he from? Roughly how much in estimation on the service charges? I know of some that really charge ridiculous prices. The price are hard to compare thou. Some are really good
  41. DoDoteo

    DoDoteo New Member

    Mimi6089 can i have the contact of Master Terra?Any brother or Sister have cheap FSM to recommend me?Thank you
  42. DoDoteo

    DoDoteo New Member

    Hi ,
    Can anyone pm me the good & bad fsm list? Thanks a lot!
  43. DoDoteo

    DoDoteo New Member

    Anyone have good FSM to recommend? Getting my new house this month.Thank you
  44. aliciafan1976

    aliciafan1976 New Member

    My hubby had been engaging Master Sanna since 2002 for all sorts of feng shui and spiritual stuffs.

    You can visit Master Sanna site at

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