Anyone has reliable feng shui master to recommend?

Discussion in 'Anything Under The Sun' started by lovelydolphin, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. curious82

    curious82 New Member

    Has anyone used Master Chang from FengSuiYingYang before? Anyone knows how much does he charge for bazi and wedding dates?
    Many thanks in advance.

  2. curious82

    curious82 New Member

    I'm intending to consult Master Chang for my wedding dates and reno. Any idea what are his charges?

    Thanks in advance!
  3. betterfastercheaper

    betterfastercheaper New Member

    Hi Jessica,
    While you are looking for a FSM, it would be helpful to know what a proper bazi consult should consist of ( min. 45 minutes ):
    1) character and personality analysis
    2) career analysis - what industry and
    job role are suitable for you
    3) wealth analysis
    whether you have potential to become rich
    through raising capital, marrying money or
    striking lottery, inheritance etc.
    4) your relationship with your spouse, boss,
    children, parents
    He should be able to give you a guestimate of
    the qualities of your spouse without you
    giving your spouse's birthdata
    5) health analysis
    what would your major health issue be, if any
    6) your overall luck in each 10-year luck cycle
    -when you should cheong, when you should stay
    7) whether any recommendation of charms to
    improve your fortune
    - if yes, it's New Age bazi
    - if no, it's classical bazi

    Anything less than 45 min would likely mean the bazi consultant is unable to read into details of your bazi chart to reveal more.

    Good luck !
  4. betterfastercheaper

    betterfastercheaper New Member

    It would be helpful if you could ask the FSM a few questions before you agree to have him audit your house.

    1) Do you practise placement therapy ie. placing of ornaments such as pixu, horses, frogs, dragons etc to boost the customer's fortunes ?

    2) Do you recommend different colours for different rooms and furniture ?

    If the answer is Yes to either or both questions, he's practising New Age feng shui.
    If the answer is No to both questions, he's into classical feng shui.

    You would have to ask yourself what is it that you want out of the FSM. Someone your family could consult on long-term basis or someone you just want for one-off assignment ?

    If someone were to recommend you cures to make feel that he's giving you value for money, those cures have to work, no if's and but's.
    Or would you prefer a FSM who's sincere enough to point out to you the limits of your bazi ?

    Whatever expectation you have of the FSM, you have to realize that the FSM is constrained by the limits of your own bazi chart. If you don't have pre-destined lottery luck, how is it possible that a FSM can create some for you ?

    If you stay in an apartment, whether HDB or condo, the FSM is further constrained by the inability to move your main door to a most desired location and align it to tap into any beneficial chi from the external environment.

    Different story if you own a piece of land. The FSM can work with your architect to locate the main door, kitchen and bedroom. Yes, it's true that the rich has many more leverages to become richer. The help of a very competent FSM is one of them. Such service would easily cost 5-figure but it's like loose change to the rich.

    For those staying in apartments, pre-purchase audit would have been a wiser option as compared to post-purchase audit. Once you move in, not much latitude for effective feng shui change.

    Good luck !
  5. oplevelyn

    oplevelyn New Member

    Hi all,

    I got a question...
    May i know for those who brought resale flat... Did yr master asked you to change the seller's stove or not after FS audit?

    My master n another friend's master told us must change but now my another friend's master said no need to change for her resale flat...

    Any idea n advise?
  6. betterfastercheaper

    betterfastercheaper New Member

    Hi Evelyn,
    only the direction of the stove is impt, not the stove itself.
    It may affect the ability of the wife to conceive, if it's not in her favourable direction based on life gua.
    You should ask the master the rationale for asking you to change anything in the house.
  7. oplevelyn

    oplevelyn New Member

    Tks Betterfastercheaper for yr revert!

    My master told us to change given the reason was that the previous owner stove is their wealth n health... If I use... I'll be still helping them to build up their wealth n health instead of ours...

    Thus I'm not sure why my friend's master told her no need to change n reason was it's look new...
  8. betterfastercheaper

    betterfastercheaper New Member

    Hi Evelyn,
    this is a myth, not founded on any feng shui principle.
    Once the previous owner sold his house to you, his feng shui would have nothing to do with this house ie. no more affinity.
    He had taken Man Action to change his feng shui by moving to another house.
  9. oplevelyn

    oplevelyn New Member

    Tks!! Ok noted. At least clear my worries for her. Tks again!
  10. betterfastercheaper

    betterfastercheaper New Member

    There are just too many FSMs out there bringing their Taoist beliefs and Chinese superstitions into their feng shui practice.

    Examples of such practices
    - ba gua mirrors to deflect sha qi away from
    the house
    - use of favourable/unfavourable colours for
    furniture and walls, clothings and even cars
    - use of crystals, ornaments and paintings to
    generate wealth luck
    - wearing of pendants, rings or bracelets to
    improve one's luck
    The list goes on and on.

    It's incredible that in the 21st century, people still believe in such myths.

    If it's so easy to change one's destiny using feng shui, everybody would be corporate high-fliers, everybody would have thriving businesses, everybody would have happy marriages and healthy kids or everybody will strike 4D.

    If you prosper, it's always at the expense of somebody else- this is a fact of life. It cannot be changed.

    If a shopper wants to spend $500 and walks into your retail shop, it means your competitor down the street has lost this $500 biz to your shop.

    If you meet with an accident and requires surgery, your misfortune would mean biz for somebody else.
  11. beex2

    beex2 New Member

    Hi Betterfastercheaper,

    are you a fengshui master?

    I'm thinking of getting one for my home-office, any advise on which master is better with reasonable price?
  12. betterfastercheaper

    betterfastercheaper New Member

    Hi Bee2,
    I am a bazi enthusiast.
    Is your home office in an apartment building or in a landed property ?
    I know FSMs typically charge different rates for different types of houses.
  13. vcube

    vcube New Member

    I am getting Cain Ow to advise me on fengshui for my flat. He is the first fengshui guy I spoke to but I feel comfortable. He is charging me $488 for a 4 room flat. He will be coming over 1nce and then will go back for his calculations and report. After which he will arrange a date for us to drop by his office for a full report. I have also asked him if I can record what he says and he agreed without any qualms. Let us see how it goes. [​IMG]
  14. vcube

    vcube New Member

  15. vcube

    vcube New Member

    Hi All,

    Update on Cain Ow. Very confident but not overbearing. Seems to be practical and was detailed about looking about the environment. As it is a brand new flat without RENO, he told us it is much easier. No collection of cash upon meeting us for the first time. He will only collect cash upon creating a report & analysis. This will be in another 2 weeks time. Till next time
  16. claris85

    claris85 New Member

    hi venka, any updates with cain ow?
  17. wenyun84

    wenyun84 New Member


    for couples who are interested to seek good & affordable FSM. I have someone to introduce. I got married in 2007 and then I engaged Master Jason Tan to help me select my AD and of course my residential FS.

    Previously I was very unsuccessful in my career, and most of my colleagues do not like me.I seek the help of Master Jason who then do a bazi reading for me and do some ritual which I immediately experience a change in my life a week later. As this luck would only last me for a year, I review with him annually to know the goods and bads for every zodiac year.

    If you are interested, can pm me. Cheers [​IMG]
  18. denise80

    denise80 Active Member

    Gd fengshui ensures that one has many offsprings and grandchildren. If a fengshui master has few grandchildren, it probably means he's not gd in feng shui cos he can't even help himself and vice versa.
  19. tomasulu

    tomasulu Member

    i didn't know that, thanks.
  20. do not worry

    do not worry New Member

    Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong - Way OnNet, do not know how to arrange sofa because put in the middle of the main hall - attract more "xiao ren" fengshui. Very poor fengshui knowledge. Paid $1,600 - get poor fengshui advice.
  21. cindygoh

    cindygoh New Member

  22. cindygoh

    cindygoh New Member

    you can consider feng shui master pte ltd Master Chan, he does bazi and feng shui.
    i am using him for my home feng shui.
    u do not need to buy feng shui products.
  23. nancy89

    nancy89 New Member

    i believe in fengshui now after having seen my collegue career fly after engaging some fs master...
    now i also believe in energy cleansing of a home before moving in. i think there are a lot of information around if interested can go the surf on white sage for hdb
  24. banana21

    banana21 New Member


    Up to now, which FSM is friendly and seems at least professional enough? And usually how much do you pay for their services?

    Thank you!
  25. vitamin

    vitamin Member


    I'm looking for a FSM to get a 2nd opinion of our house. Any recommendation? Pls share ur experience too. I don't want any sale talk FSM. Thanks in advance.
  26. joyvue

    joyvue New Member

    Try Master Tan Ai Lan 90089132
    Her service are not heavenly-priced, very affordable. But she is really good. Contact her for an appt, she's chinese-speaking only.
  27. Oliviaccn

    Oliviaccn New Member

    My family uses master Chiu for the past 10 years, he does both fengshui and life reading and he is from Hong Kong. PM me for details as he is quite low profile and on a referral basis only.

    Using SingaporeBrides app
  28. mimi6089

    mimi6089 New Member

    I have a very reliable Feng Shui master to recommend. Mine is a 4 rooms condo only $168. Previously I engage other Feng Shui master before I knew her, charged so expensive, and yet very bad after sales service.
    I wish I could get to know Master Terra earlier, so that I will not waste so much of my money on other Feng Shui masters.
    I asked her lots of questions during the Feng Shui audit and even after the audit, she never fail to answer, I was impressed. I am so surprise she even share lots of her Feng Shui tips. Other Feng Shui master will try to sell their Feng Shui items to me, but Master Terra didn't, she fully concentrate on giving Feng Shui advice to me, I feel her sincerity to help.
    I hope that you all will not encounter those bad Feng Shui masters like what I have experience previously. Do contact Master Terra for her help in Feng Shui advice:
  29. xueyu

    xueyu Member

    Master Long Tian Xiang
    31 Pinewood Grove
    Singapore 738263
    (Woodlands Ave 1 - The Woodgrove)
    Mobile: 90675008

    Very nice old man, funny also.
  30. jgkc18

    jgkc18 Member

    As above, does anyone have any Fortune Teller/Feng Shui Master/Geomancer to recommend?
    Looking at 1Q 2016...
  31. blur_crab

    blur_crab Member

    How much you guys paying for these FS consulting? Mind to share?
    Thanks in adv.
  32. Lyn72

    Lyn72 New Member

    I am seeing this master all the while including my families members and friends. She is a very nice and patience Sifu and always there to help me if I am facing any problems. She does reading and site fengshui. Her reading for me I will say is very accurate, few things that she predicted all came true. She can see things too meaning she will tell you what she can see. She told my aunty straight that one little spiritual is following her and result so many misfortune keep happening to her as my aunty did an abortion before... My aunty was shocked as she did not mention this issue to master that she got abortion before but indeed is so true that my aunty encounter many bad things.

    I am using her for selecting my wedding dates, house fengshui. She has helps to improve my marriage life ,my carreer and enhance my family luck. Things are very much smoothly after consult her. i deeply appreciated all the enlightenment and guidiance that this master has showered me.
  33. momentum9981

    momentum9981 New Member

    Hi, anyone knows how can I get in contact with Alvin from East Palace? Can pm me or send me his contact details to
  34. dollielovely

    dollielovely Member


    Did anyone engaged master long for house audit? Thk u
  35. dollielovely

    dollielovely Member

    Hihi mimi,

    Can pm me the experience on master terra on how she went through her audit for your house? And also did u look for her for wedding dates too?
  36. uya ast

    uya ast New Member

    Which company is he from? Roughly how much in estimation on the service charges? I know of some that really charge ridiculous prices. The price are hard to compare thou. Some are really good
  37. ivy88

    ivy88 Member

    Hi guys,

    Wondering if there is any recommendation of good and affordable feng shui Master for my new BTO 3 room flat. Looking at below $300, no hard selling and very detailed report?

    Thank you:)
  38. DoDoteo

    DoDoteo New Member

    Mimi6089 can i have the contact of Master Terra?Any brother or Sister have cheap FSM to recommend me?Thank you
  39. DoDoteo

    DoDoteo New Member

    Hi ,
    Can anyone pm me the good & bad fsm list? Thanks a lot!
  40. DoDoteo

    DoDoteo New Member

    Anyone have good FSM to recommend? Getting my new house this month.Thank you
  41. aliciafan1976

    aliciafan1976 New Member

    My hubby had been engaging Master Sanna since 2002 for all sorts of feng shui and spiritual stuffs.

    You can visit Master Sanna site at
  42. Huathuat88

    Huathuat88 New Member

    Hi all! If anyone is looking for a reliable fsm, I have one to recommend. He only do word of mouth and doesnt do any advertising at all. My familes & friends have been with him for years :)
  43. loowww

    loowww New Member

    Hello. Can anyone recommend me a good and cheap FSM for house reno.

    Would like to get Master terra, master senna and other recommended FSM contacts.

    Thanks a lot people! :)
  44. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

  45. loowww

    loowww New Member

  46. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Oh, I see! :)
  47. R Scarlett

    R Scarlett New Member

    Hello! I personally know a reliable and no asking of clients to purchase “artefacts” to place at home Fengshui Master who does selection of date & home auditing (especially for matrimonial homes) and he is affordable, and well trusted by many clients including big names in Singapore, if you are keen to find out his contact details please start a conversation thread with me :)
  48. vipinpanwar

    vipinpanwar New Member

    You can try, Feng Shui Master, Andy Tan and Shawn Yuen started off by providing valuable advice and guidance for family members, relatives and friends, attaining remarkable results. Over the years their passion has driven them in learning the various arts of Chinese Metaphysics ( CmCentre.Sg ).

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