Anyone had PS at Sentosa-Underwater World??

Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by beebuzzing, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. beebuzzing

    beebuzzing New Member

    Anyone had PS at underwaterworld before?

  2. dizonne

    dizonne New Member

    i did enquire before...for e underwater shoots, it cost close to a thousand to use their venue...
  3. beebuzzing

    beebuzzing New Member

    hi..i see..but am realyl curious..really nd seek permit? COs its like..tourists go in also take pics etc..the diff is we wearing gowns & suits?

  4. dizonne

    dizonne New Member

    mi bf was e one who checked....and it's for "UNDERWATER" shots...not e juz go in n shot then, doubt they will let us go and take lor...they koe we wedding sure try to chop us de...u can try and ask ba....

    gd luck!!
  5. beebuzzing

    beebuzzing New Member

    oh i see..any idea whether any charges if its just go in and shoot type?
  6. dizonne

    dizonne New Member

    tat im realli not so sure...
    y dun u call them n ask??
  7. beebuzzing

    beebuzzing New Member

    just called. Thanks..
  8. dizonne

    dizonne New Member

    so how? hw much they charging??
  9. beebuzzing

    beebuzzing New Member

    no charges if its taken outside e aquarium. There will be charges if its underwater shots..but i din ask abt it cos dun wan spend $$ on tat..hee
  10. vocare

    vocare New Member

    very interesting, do let me know if you need any recommendation
    for underwater video recording.

    Sam Vocare
  11. sharonandy

    sharonandy New Member

    over a thousand... wow...
  12. fishoutofwater

    fishoutofwater New Member

    how bout on the island itself? i know it's prob free but wat bout the gowns if u get them wet/dirty if u photoshoot on the beach area? any comments on that?

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