Anyone had Homogeneous tiles for Living Room?


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wah! so much problems wif homo tiles.
no wonder those IDs and contractors keep pushing the tiles nowadays.
whenever i asked abt changing to ceramics, they sure turn up the firepower to attack the ceramic tiles. say "nowadays nobody wan to use liao", "not nice lah","price diff is not much only" etc...

i guess maybe they hv imported too much of these problem homo tiles and now trying to get rid of it. or the profit margains from homo tiles is higher. juz like insurance, usually agents will try to push the higher margains products 1st rather than really planned for the customers.

no offense taken to the insurance agents, it's juz the way the papers reported it has let many pple to hv such impression. of cos, there are v nice and honest agents out there as well.

so we all hv to open our "eyes" big big and keep searching. sigh..too bad got no insurance to buy for my tiles. in case of problems like staining, warping etc. then can get compensation.


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beetle bailey.. really depends on your ID/contractor.. if they are honest, they will do a good job.. Some designer use cheaper tiler, do a quick job.. and that's when all these problems happends.

my house will be doing tiling soon.. I hope it will be good. ;) my designer promised to get the best man on the job. hee hee...

Insurance, consider using AIA. Their home policy is the best. NTUC, I check... there is alot of loopholes that you may end up not getting any money. Might as well dont take if you getting from NTUC.


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No offence, but your opinion is not true.... the trend of building material nowadays is towards the homogenous tiles instead of ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles also have a lot of weakness like water absorption, limited design, when chipped of you will see a different color of surface, limited size (max. 450x450), hardness, slip resistance, etc. There are a lot good quality homogeneous tiles, of course with a premium price.... to ensure the quality of the tiles, ask the supplier to show the test report by PSB (pass SS301 specs)


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hi.. i think you can find some of the loopholes here.
.. my main concern are
1) theft excl. those not caused by forcefully entry. Nowadays.. how often you heard break-in involved breaking of the gate and door ?!? normally is due to criminal disguise as salesman.. and force their way into a open-door house.
2) under-insurance.. which aia will allow for the 1st claim.
3) burst of common pipes.. e.g. leaking .. i dun see why it is excluded if we are liable to pay half.

...... alot more.


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orh.. and to add..

They also dont cover exclude the following..
f) contents such as deeds, bonds, stamps, bank notes, manuscripts, medals and coins, cheques and document ... does that means they exclude cash in the house as content?

...and.. They pay full for your notebook and other item but subject to depreciation.. ha ha... like that, the amt will be depending how much they want to give to you.


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beside what they excluded from the insurance.. the notification process is also quite unreasonable..

...... here's the extraction frm the pdf ..................................
5. Notification
Upon the happening of any loss or damage that it is likely to give rise to a claim, you must:
a) give us written notice immediately; and
b) at your expense deliver to us a claim in writing with detailed particulars and proofs within 30 days after the happening of such loss or damage. In the case of theft or any attempt thereat, a police report must be made within 24 hours of the occurrence.
c) send to us any writ, summons or other legal process issued or commenced against you and give all necessary information and assistance to enable us to settle or resist any claim or to institute proceedings (should a claim arises under Section C).
You shall not incur any expense in making good any damage without our written consent and shall not negotiate, pay, settle, admit or repudiate any claim without consent.
ha ha ha .. if my pipe burst.. i stil need to wait for them to process my query .. then i can fixed the pipes ? this is madness...


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Hi people,

Due to my tight budget, my contractor advised me to overlay my new tiles over the existing ones for both walls and floor to save the cost on hacking. Is it advisable? most people told me not to do it coz the tiles may pop up after sometime. Anyone experienced out there can advise me? Thanks


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hi sumobear,

when u overlay there's this potential problem of popping after a few years.For us,the previous owner used granite (but ugly looking) so my contractor's tiler was very honest to tell him can be done but because granite is too smooth,chances of popping is very high even if there is good workmanship. Ceramic still not too bad if u overlay.

Think about if carefully,if u can,hack away is better.U may be able to save costs now by not hacking but u are really taking a chance.

Also dun forget about ceiling clearance if u overlay.Hope this info helps.



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help! i need help. i need solution. The homogeneous tiles (glossy shinny) in living room very oily. The more I using tile floor cleaning to clean, the more oily and sticky it is. How to remove oily stain. Will spring cleaning company help?
Is there any company provided such service (like cleaning floor)?
any advise what to use to clean?