Anyone had a To-do-list for helpers on wedding day?


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list down wat you need them to do first, then slowly disemminate the duties. I had help out my friend's wedding and these are the things she told us to do:
- gatecrashing (a must! :p)
- time keeper
- hold the train of her gown
- to carry her bag (coz she staying in the suite aftertat)
- bring SDJ to groom's house
- reception
- accompany her for 2nd changing to EG

hmm, i think tat's all we did


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Baby: Depeds yr SDJ is yellow or white gold..if yellow gold I dun thik most brides dun want to wear during banquet. As for me I dun mind lor for tea ceremony.

Hey new thread here, I gt something to share. PS me if any1 keen to have a copy of To-do-list.


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Hi gals, kindly private message me yr email coz I seldom visit this thread. I will get back to u all soon.


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U may need helpers for the following tasks:
1) Bestman / Wedding Coordinator
2) Brother
3) Bridesmaid / Wedding Coordinator Assistant
4) Sister
5) Bridal Car driver
6) PA & Media Resource Coordinator
7) Receptionist
8) Emcee
9) Tea Ceremony Helper
10) Bridal Car Door Opener (Can be own bro)


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hi ChEryL

thz for sharing info!!

my rom 28 nov 08 ; AD 29 nov 09
when is ur big day?

keke, no multiply acct? maybe wil set up one acct specially for wedding. urs is esummer??