Anyone gotten bully by neighbors just because you are new to the block?

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    Feeling imbalance and bullied that such things still occur in a Singapore matured estate.

    I am a local and not new to the estate where I reside in the northeast. However, my family moved to another block 10 years back.

    Our unit is just next to a corner unit, sharing a small area of the corridor. For the past 8 years, my neighbor been placing their shoes rack near the corridor rail. After HDB HIP in 2017, they moved their shoes rack right beneath my window panel blocking my water meter. We are displeased but kept mum. Things got out of hand when they start placing it next to our doorstep. They think that rightfully they own the area from their doorstep to ours. During hot days, unpleasant smell from the rack will just get carry into our living hall. Whenever I pushed it back to the corner, few days later it will just appear back next to my step.

    My water tap when loose last week. While we tried to shut down the water supply, we then realize my water meter also has a slight leak for some time causing a small pool of watermark on the floor. With the blockage of the neighbor's shoes rack, this was not detected earlier.

    Their previous tenants a young couple will return at 1am to 2am from work chatting loud along the corridor before entering the unit. The lady tenant is sometimes high from alcohol. This occurs 3 to 4 times a week. The current, unsure if is one of the landlord or tenant will drop his boots/ slippers down from waist level to the floor causing a loud sound daily Monday to Friday 6:30am to before 7am. Sometimes he will give our a loud cough to clear his throat as he walks towards the lift. I am a deep sleeper however these noises are not within my tolerance during my sleep especially my room is along the corridor.

    After communication, they still refuse to move the rack. I gotten the town council officer to mediate with them. During the mediation, the 50+years ago son commented,"We have stayed here for 40 years." That's why they think they are allowed to bully newcomers. The more of think of it, the anger just gets in. It never occurs to me neighbors think that way regardless of regulations.

    In my heart, I am thinking I am not even complaining about the other nonsense they have done throughout the years. Grandson and uncle got drank, vomited at the corridor in the middle of the night. Movement in and out throughout the day and night 24 hours during the 1st few years we moved in. Smoking at the corridor. For whatever reasons, smoke the corridor with lighted newspaper stick without informing us. My living hall (windows leaving a small gap) was filled with smoke when I can back from grocery shopping. Burning joss papers at the corridor (that I let go even I knew is a violation of these days). Loan shark splashing paints on the neighbors' door due to someone borrowed from Ah Long. Though mine been spare, we fear too on daily till they clear up the debts.

    The officer explained by regulations, no items are allowed to be placed along the corridor but normally they will not be that strict as long as it does not obstruct others. The son them shouted,"Ok, then have all the neighbor removed theirs too." Refusing to remove their shoe rack. We have to keep telling him is blocking my water meter. On top of it, the topic of noises at 630am adds in. It seems like something just struck my neighbor's mind and he gives in after near to 30mins. My guess is he may worry about his rental income.

    Then he starts claiming how he has helped to clear up the corridor and lizard shits. Lizard shits fall on their shoe rack not on the floor. The HDB cleaner will not sweep the area that blocked out by their shoe rack. Frankly, I have never seen that neither heard the cleaning as I spent more of the time in the living hall during the day. All I encounter, ads leaflets been kicked into my corridor area or doorstep. Not to embarrass them in front of the officer, I did not further mention anything. However, I am glad they moved the rack away. With that mentality, I guess I have to bring the authority in future if I encounter matters with them. Why they never think what "good" it do to them to have records filed under their unit.

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    The role of the RC is to resolve such issues.
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    RC resolve the issue but neighbor still feel the corridor belongs to them. This is why they been putting plants, rack at the corridor. As a matter of fact HDB owns it not resident.
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