Anyone got SEX LIFE problem ???


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my friend is legally trained and it happened in my wanna share! but first i need to know what problem u face.i married since 2001 and finally i got my first bb in dues to health what are u facing ?


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i got sex life lanjxxx too tua kee and my wife complaint that is too big for everytime during love making session she comes faster than i do and feels tired...usually she will ask me to jerk it off or watch AV movie to ease out my desire, therefore there is never a chance to get her conceive....You can advise on this problem? how to make mine smaller so that she wont come so fast and i can get her preggie?


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syvest lee

i dun u/stand u - every thread u say 'u can help'.

and ur fren is 'legally trained' in wad?! if u r serious abt sharing info in this forum den just share it.

dun be so shady.


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yea help preg her is it, hahahaha
I have a friend who not preg for 8 years.. later go see a chinese for for about 1.5 yrs and go preg..
Western doc say u need to operate, take hormones pills, take this take that... everytime go see specialist at least $150.

She give up when not preg and go see chinesse doc
... get end up getting preg


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don't pose something like that in this forum, because most forumer in this web is Self-righteous. without any concret reference or document or research, please don't, because they have been trainned not to trust new-comer unless they have connection.


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Well that depends on the credibility and quality of the person's post to determine the kind of treatment they receive.

Connections? I would not need to elaborate more.