Anyone go Taiwan for honeymoon on Sept/Oct'07


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i wanna go Taiwan for Honeymoon after my AD 20th Sept. date for HM not confirm yet. will great if got other couple got planning to also.


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i've no idea abt it.. haven chk the package.
this is my 1st trip go abroad so worry if by F&E.

any idea/advice given?


Hi jane,

My AD oso on 20 Sept! Also planning to go Taiwan for honeymoon. Haven plan yet. Duno where to stsrt. Maybe can share ideas together?


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Hi,I went Taiwan for my HM in Feb tis yr. Went 5D/4N F & E with 1 day guided tour thrown in. Was quite fun. Mite be tinking of going in mid Sept again...


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try not to go TW during Aug/Sep as it is there typhoon period (mostly will rain and worse case is U are stuck in your Hotel if typhoon becomes to severe)

Best time to travel to TW is from Oct to Dec as it is very cooling, the views are beautiful in places like YangMinShan and Hualien. Also everyone there will be in their "winter" clothings, so very nice to look at


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I have a few places to recommend .

Wu3 Fen1 Pu3 - Wholesale market. You're find 100s of stores selling clothes! Shop owners from Xi1 Meng2 Ding1 get their stock from this place!

Shilin night market. You'll find cheap fashion shoes ,accessories and clothes. Food - Taiwan sausage with wasabi A MUST Try.



I have a pair of tickets to Taipei (fly during 15-19th Sept) which I might need to sell.

Anyone interested?

Current promo from Jetstar is $878 (for 2 pax, both ways).

I am probably selling around $740. If you are interested please PM me your best price.

[email protected] (Subject: Taiwan)


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hi friends, i am going taiwan & BBK in december for HM, but can i join in this thread?
we r going for F&E...


Hi all,

I'm going for a 5D4N F&E to Taipei 2 weeks later. Staying at Rainbow Hotel. Would like to visit Taipei 101, Jiufen, Danshui, Yangmingshan, Shilin Night market, Raohe night market, ximending. Not sure which MRT station these places are near to. How to travel there from Rainbow hotel? Can someone help me in my itinerary?

Thanks alot!


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hi all,

i'm going Taiwan after my ROM in Nov 07.. just booked a 7D trip at the NATAS today.. will be extending the stays in Taipei, but haven't decide to continue our stays at Kilin Hotel (the one included in the package) or to stay in other hotels.. any recommendations for hotels in ximending?


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Hi all,

would appreciate if you can send me your taiwan itinery/advice on places to go (mainly shopping, eating, relaxation).

And also, please advise which are months we will be able to shop there for clothings suitable for sg weather. months preferred to be suitable for photoshoot also.

Thank you!

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