Anyone engage Inuboss for invitation card printing?


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Hi, anyone engage Inuboss?
Mind to share ur experience?
I had a bad experience with them
Really hard to contact them and even email also no reply.
I ordered with them 2 months ago, and after I confirmed the design, they called me and told me my card out of stock (2 weeks from order).
and since last week, i tried to contact them and couldn't reach them until now.
Today went down to the office and it was closed, a lot of letters and notes was inserted from customers via the door gap *sigh*
hopefully there will not out of business.


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I nearly went to inuboss last time cus they have really wide range of cards at incredible price but i was a bit skeptical, my friend whose wedding will be held in a month's time (december 2011), she was shocked to find out that the company has closed down and she got refunded. I recommended her my card designer instead called "". they are expensive but they are really good, you get what you pay for I believe.


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yeah.. just received email from them today. unlucky me

btw thanks for ur info


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Hi yenx I also kanna by inuboss .. Think the boss run away with our money .. You know any info or contact for the Korean boss?
I'm making a police report the contact info he gave me was wrong +65 3487587 .. That's not even a real number..


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Wendy might I ask for your friends contact want to ask how she got refunded .. I think if I don't chase the boss I'll never get my money back


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Hi Jus,
They gave me that number also. I think singapore dont have number start with "3"

I try to wait until the date they promise to refund, if no news maybe i will make police report

below email from inuboss:

We are sorry for the late reply.

and We are deeply apologize that we cannot proceed your order

because currently we are in the face of finance difficulty.

so all staffs are not our company any more.

Therefore we have to stop our business for the time being.

and We are going to arrange our funds within 2 weeks and

We will refund for your order by 11th of November.

Kindly understand our difficulty situation.

and we promise to compensate for your inconvenience.

If we don't keep the promise, We will take legal liability for you.

Thank you and best regards


Inuboss Pte Ltd / Manger

Tel) +65-3487-5487


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We have also been trying to get in contact with Inuboss over the last couple of weeks. They took our money and we receive nothing from them.

We were worried that the company is fake or dodgy (cos we are ordering from overseas!) so I googled it and stumbled across this forum to learn that they have gone bust!!

We have not received any email from the Inuboss Manager, can I ask which email address your email came from?

We dont know how to get our money back!


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Thank you Yen!

We were also dealing with Fion! Been emailing and calling them all week and no one picks up the phone!

Thank you for posting this forum, if you didnt post this we probably would have never known that Inuboss is closing down! Feel so scammed, wonder how many peoples weddings they have screwed up. Need to find somewhere else to order our wedding invitations from now! Not Happy!!!


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Hi guys,

ok there a forum thread in hardwarezone EDMW also.. quite a few fellow victims are there..

i managed to get some info from the company directors and staff.. seems like the boss Calvin Yoo has ran away with the money.. safest bet now is to make police report but likelihood of seeing money again is low.. i paid like 500-600 for everything one shot .. damn dulan but bo bian..

for those who are in a rush.. look at jasvy marketing services.. located in kallang way or place can't remember.. i went down to this guy and he can do it in a week.. i had my design liao so its quite efficient..

for now just sit tight and pray.. but seems like the promises are empty.. even the company sharehold also damn dulan and i guess the manager calvin is not "sorting" out his finances..


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Dear Valued Customers,

The company has suspended its daily operations with effect from 1st of November.

The directors of the company are currently in Korea till 12th November to resolve outstanding issues with suppliers.

Please visit our office on 14th of November to resolve any issues you have with us.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Kelvin Yu
Inuboss Pte Ltd


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Hi Kelvin Yu

Do you care to provide us all with your contact details to arrange a refund?

I have not received any information from your company to let us know about your financial situation. I have to find out through this forum. Had I not found this forum I would have still been trying to call and email your company wondering what is going on with my invitations. You really should have informed ALL your customers of what is happening with their orders. Or maybe you could have updated your webiste at the very least.

We only made payment few weeks ago and I cant believe you still ask us for full payment when you are closing down. We do not live in Singapore so visiting your office on the 14th is not an option. Will anyone even be there?

Wendy- do you mind to share how and when your friend was refunded?


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Hi all;

We have encountered the same things as mentioned above.
We are so shocked to find out about this yesterday which is supposed to be the day that we received invitation cards and our wedding is just slightly more than 1 month away. And,we had made a full payment in the begining of Oct which is more than 1K and we had to chase them to get our design finalized and given greenlight to proceed with printing since 2 weeks ago.
There are ups and downs financially in doing busines and we can understand that. But this is a WEDDING invitation that we are talking about. Its not just usual event invitation. So, there will be no tolerance or any sort in this matter.In fact, we had been more than nice to be patiently waiting.Not informing anything about the situation is quite disrespectful.
Thus, we had proceeded with police report filing and also submitted to CASE.


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Hi guys,

Just to share some info. I managed to get info on the company directors - i.e. people who registered the company. There are 4 listed names - 1) Yoo Sungil (aka Calvin Yoo or Kelvin Yu) and 2) Kim Taebum (Richard Kim) - the other 2 are victims from my understanding. Yoo Sungil is a Korean (not PR or Singaporean) and is the guy running the show. Kim Taebum is a silent partner/boss perhaps? but is uncontactable.

The company secretary i spoke to said that she lias normally with Kim but has not heard from him. She made police report already as she has not been paid. I'm in contact with Gary - one of the staff and he has also made a police report - my guess is not paid also.

Info I got (no confirmation here) say that Yoo has left the country with the money & Kim has gone looking for him back in Korea. Im not sure if Kim is looking for Yoo or they are both in cahoots. Kelvin Yu here says that they are sorting out finances. Whatever the story is, customers are pissed off. They have paid full payment (which from my understanding is rare in the industry).

Advice to all is to proceed with police reports and CASE filing. All the promises made to refund by the 14th Nov can be said but the +65 3487 5487 number provided to those customers who received the email saying they have ran into trouble shows how serious they/he are. Plus Kelvin Yu here has not given his contact info or any other info except turn up on 14th. I find this fishy.

There is nothing we as the customers can do now except hope his promises are met.

Advice is to seek alternative printers now. The longer you hope and wait the more stress you'll get.

Do post any updates here if your police IOs get back to you with more info.

Another Thread has been started in Hardwarezone EDMW and there are quite a few customers there as well.


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Thanks Jus, I also think Kelvin Yu's post in the forum is a sham.

I did some surfing on the net and found some sites relating to Inuboss with 'Calvin Yoo' (spelt CALVIN YOO) as the manager of the company and Jenny Son as a contact for Inuboss.

If his name is really Calvin Yoo why is he hiding the spelling of his name and creating a fake username under Kelvin Yu if he's not being shifty. He probably posted that message to keep customers quiet, give him 2 weeks to run away!

I think the chances of us getting our money back is pretty slim and I highly doubt anyone is even going to be at the office on the 14th, apart from a lot of angry people!

Have the police advised on what the likely outcome will be if they catch him?


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No problem Eve.. well no.. the NPP police guys i guess are also quite unsure of what to do.. wait till the investigating officer calls you up or something.. im really not sure abt this part ):


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Hi All,

We are encountering the same problem, we also paid full and the problem is how can we get the refund. Is there anybody received their refund? We are so worry as we cannot get any information to get our money back. We wrote them back to seek for refund but up until now there is no respond from inuboss or calvin. Any advice?


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rj - the posts above by other customers have all the info we have at the moment on the situation.. advice is to file police report first and wait till 14th when inuboss is supposed to refund us.


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Thanks jus, we will gather our docs and we all together go on the 14th to settle all the issues.

Appreciate your reply on this matter.


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I posted at hardware forum too regarding my unfortunate incident with inuboss. For us, we're going to print paperbags for our new shop. AND we also googled them and paid in full as they claim free delivery which we thought was good as we ordered 2000 pieces of paper bags, AMOUNTING to 2750SGD. And, we stupidly paid in full.


and i liaise mainly with Gary, their designer, and patiently wait for their reply, as I too, was/am a designer and do not liked to be rushed.( FYI i ordered and confirmed by the end of september !!! ) Finally I googled INUBOSS PTE LTD on a hunch that, they will not flee with the money, and yes, they did !

Immediately, my business partner and I rush to the police station near bugis to lodge a police report.

I have this feeling that on the 14th of November, we'll find nothing at the office. Quite at a loss here because, 2750 SGD is certainly not a small sum of money for us, and hopefully someone ( dealing with the law ) can help all of us in this matter.

BTW I got this number of Calvin Yoo from another forum +65 85222957

I'm also waiting for the officer in charge to call. sigh !


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I am not a victim of Inuboss but almost became one, if it is not coz' my hubby felt they did not give us much attention while we were in their office and thus he rather look out for other options..

An advice to all who have paid in full and not received your items, please do file a complaint with CASE -

You can file your complaints online with CASE. CASE will need to have a good number of complaints before they will commence investigation on Inuboss. Remember the similar T***Spa saga? CASE and Small Claims Tribunal will be more relevant than the police.


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Called up Inuboss Neighbors - the shop is closed.

Kelvin Yu or Calvin Yoo if you are so sincere with your words, give us your contact no. and how we can get our refund.


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I also post to other forums, asking if anybody go down to their office and still waiting for their reply.

I am also calling their office but no one was answering.

appreciate any response from someone who came down to check their office to give us some updates.



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anyone managed to get their refunds?
noted that the website has gone through some minor changes.. tel no. is missing on the front page now


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I also wanted to drop by that day as had paid 50% deposit. But couldnt due to peak period during year end... Had to lose it

FYI, managed to find this wedding card maker with lower charges to make up for my loss. Blessing in disguise, I guess!

They are DIY Wedding Invites at You guys might want to see if you can "cut your losses"...


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Hi all

I have been in contact with Dylan from Inuboss and am just about to make payment for them to do my wedding invitations (paid through Paypal).

May I please find out if there was any resolution to this issue? Has anyone worked with them since this incident? Should I hold off on confirming my order?

Dylan said they are a wedding card company based in South Korea and has even mailed me samples of their word via a courier. The company name is Applebag Co Korea and they also seem to have another website called Card Galleria. He has been very attentive and good at responding to emails (usually within 24-48h reply).

It all seems quite legit, but now I'm worried.

Would appreciate any advice! Thanks lots!


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Dear Mellie,

Wondering if you did close the deal with Dylan. I am sourcing for wedding invites too and do quite like the designs.
Dear Mellie,

I would to know if you have pushed through with with printing of the cards. I just made payment in full for the cards and I am anxious now.

Please help.