Anyone do Japanese Perm before?


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Hi anyone out there would like to purchase the following products:

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I would like to sell it off cse I am not using it. Let me know if you are interested. tks.


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Hi Ladies,

I'm also thinking of perming this mth. Most likely going for digital perm (big curls).
Is there any salon to recommend?
And how much will it be?


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Hi girls, just to share my 2 cents worth. I did my curls at Komachi the Hair cult and have been with them for almost 1 year already for other services. The curls that they produced are fantastic and the stylists are very particular with the results. The attention and service they gave are very good but the downside is that 1)Liang Court is not exactly right smack in the middle of town area and 2) the prices are quite steep. I have longer than shoulder hair length and it costs me about 180 ++ for the curls. But thankfully they last long and I only have to "service" my curls every 3months which makes up to about 60 per month. Oh and also the stylists are all Japanese which also means that each time I go down, I will either have to ask the receptionist to help me translate or bring my own pics down to show them. Other than that, I am a very satisfied customer =)


Hi Isabella,
So glad to see your post cos I'm kind of lost.
So after cutting and perming, wat kind of treatment is good for the hair?
Some salon told me they r jus gg to use protein treatment but my friend say it's not good enough.
And can I do the treatment on the same day or another day?
I'm not willingly to spend too much.

Anyone been to J salon in far east?
Any hair stylist to recommend?
What r the charges?
Please go for digital perms.

My friends and I who did digital perms, still have our curls after 6 months. My two friends who did jap/cold perm lost their curls after 1 week.

Don't worry if your curls look small and tight after the perm. After washing hair for 1 week, the curls will loosen to become prettier.