anyone disagree with GUO DA LI?


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anyone here disagree with having GuoDaLi?

i just feel that why must we make a marraige/union of 2 people in love be like a 'business contract' where the parents sit down to ask for certain items.

and if they rly want to fulfil the other side requests (eg, pin jin, zhu jiao etc)
shouldnt it be the parents who do the planning and purchasing.

i just find it quite meaningless to do such stuffs. and things like the basket n everything arent even useful -.-
(maybe the teacup for tea ceremony)

Betrothal (Guo Da Li) is a formal state of engagement to be married. The groom's family will present gifts to acknowledge the parents' efforts in raising the bride and by accepting the betrothal gifts, the bride's family pledged her to the groom.

so ur husband's love for you is assessed through the amount of pinjin he puts down for u. (the amount he is willing to pay to redeem u, sounds pretty much like buying a prostitute's freedom)