Anyone did rebonding at Snip Avenue?


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hi friends, i tred b4 not bad they using shishado product... my hair is damage n dry at first i'm scared willmake my hair worst but wont leh hhaa their is cheap not like outside ...


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Thanks Rachel. I went to Hougang Br to check the price... They told me it's $88. thot it's too good to be true ...


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Yap..not bad... Didn't take the package with treatment. Only Rebond plus cut using Loreal Lotion. Cost me $99 nett..


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Hi gals, I went to the one at Hougang and did my rebonding for 88! I was one skeptical person at first too but it turned out to be really good! It includes treatment and cut, it is the shiseido rebonding package.. Last week I went back to color my hair too!


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Spent hours and close to 80 bucks for color and I bet u dun even get a decent cup of tea or at least plain water, right?
Disgusted spoiled hair by poor service.


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I did mine in Hougang branch b4 CNY 2010. But I didn't take the $88 offer. Instead, I paid for $120. The effect is smooth and silky =)*Satisfied.


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Went to housing central. The shop is overcrowded and I am very disappointed with their extremely poor service and my rebonded hair. My hair is frizzy and spoilt after rebond. Guess they are only well known for cheap haircut. Will not recommend for advanced service.


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I'm planning to get my hair soft rebonded soon but can't decide which place to go.
Hair Affairs is a home salon, btw. I found it at

Really can't decide at the moment.
Anyone who has tried rebonding at these places, please share your experience here


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my sister cut her hair for a few times at the jurong east outlet and she seems satisfied with it.
she did thinning of hair and also cut her bangs there before. she said the auntie who cut her hair was friendly.haha.reasonable for $3.80. :)


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from what i understand Snip Avenue charge cheap but not sure if quality is there
Cheap means no good quality
I still prefer quality over cheap price


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Hi I did try the $3.80 hair cut before after recommendation fr fren in toa payoh branch... I got long hair.. Just trim n layered.. I would say the results came out is satisfying. I would say their price is value for money.. N recently perm my hair at the new branch at marine parade. Pay the better one-$120 which include treatment.. Quite ok too.. Very natural perm which I like...


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don't ever go snip avenue for rebonding the price u paid is not worth as they will asked u to get a high package but not up to standard esp the hougang central mall branch. not only that the hair cut pls do not buy the package as you will not used it and there is a expiry date that they didn't informed us head. they will not tell u is that the haircut cannot exchanged for money or product. they are a group of liars. Before my card expired called them and then today I goes back they said cannot be refund and exchange for other things.