Anyone can recommend a good Wedding Planner?


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Hello all. I'm a July BTB... I haven't got anything booked or settled except for the dates which is mid-July before the lunar 7th Month.

Just talked to a friend who recently got married and realize there are so many things to do!

Discussed with my HTB and we are afraid that we can't manage planning our wedding as I have handful business trips planned out for next couple months and he also has quite a bit on his plate at work.

We would like to engage some external help, does anyone has recommendation for any services that can help us? Such as wedding planners? Any BTB here is currently engaging a Wedding Planner? Can you share what do they do? Will they be able to help my HTB and I in 5 months?

Really hope someone can enlighten and help us! thanks a lot in advance!


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Hello all! thank you for your replies! Sorry I have been so busy with business trips and meeting some wedding planners. Hopefully the one I am going to engage will be good. There is one that is relatively new, but I have attended the wedding planned by them before and it was pretty well done.

I haven't sign with any yet, still looking around. Will sign with one by these two weekends.


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Hi everyone - whatever you do, please DO NOT HIRE Bridal Eternal as your wedding planners. I hired them and they caused me so much stress. I provide details in the file.


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Hello BTB,

I am here to recommend my wedding planner MS-enal Wedding Planner, Mavis Lin. My sister engaged her when she saw her wedding videos on facebook. During our 1stand meet up with her, shes so friendly and easy going. She give us a list to write down our budget so that she can help us to source for bridal gowns, photographer, videographer etc... for our wedding. I have to admit I am quite doubtful as her charges are lower as compared to the wedding planner in the market. However, my sister go ahead and engaged her anyway. And she is extremely satisfy with her service. Mavis planned extremely fun and enjoyable gate crash games and even DIY the props and ang bows for the games herself. Select songs for March in, Montage and morning highlight with is so heartwarming.

So I decided to engaged her as well and she is constantly updating us the progress and the gate crash games she planned for me are extremely fun. As I wanted to take a pre-wedding video, she even helped me to write a script and select songs to used for our videos.

Highly recommended Wedding planner. Her name is Mavis Lin. Search out ms-enal wedding on Facebook and you should be able to see her work.

BTB who are looking for a wedding planner, I highly recommend mavis to you.