Anyone can help- Actual Day Events Planning?


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Hi ladies,

Was wondering if you still require any templates (i hv photographer template, boutique template, actual day events, table arrangement template etc etc). If yes, pls e-mail me directly at [email protected] & let me know which are the ones you require so that i can sent to you ok! Cheers!


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Hi Coralfairy,

I will like to have the photographer template and the actual day events template. Thanks! Will email u too.


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Not sure if this thread is still in use. Can someone share with me the sequence of the actual day events?
Anyone holding their holy matrimony before banquet dinner? I am holding both my church service and dinner at the same hotel so that I save on travelling time. Is 5pm a good time to start my church wedding?
Any advise?

Can email me at [email protected]



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Hi, can someone share with me their actual day events template? I am trying to clear my work before my wedding, not really alot time left for my planning.. Is only one month away... I am starting to panic......