Anyone can advise how to choose a GOOD & RELIABLE Interior Designer or Contractor


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hey guys...i'm using Earnest Interiors now. ID is Jonathan. Started work on 16 March and estimated date of completion is 16 april. But we're already one week ahead schedule now. I'm very satisfied with their service and efficiency!! Jon is a very nice person to work with...very sincere and responsible. we dont even need to supervise the workers or worry about the reno. if you're looking for stress free and responsible ID, i'll recommend jonathan.

anyway i'm not active in the home and deco thread here anymore. more active in renotalk. so just pm me if you have any questions! =)


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Hi Hippo2002,

Now trying to get a contractor to do up my new flat in sengkang. Can you give me the contact number of the contractors and the direct person to do all the renovation works.


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I am looking for IDs to do up my 5R resale unit.
These are the IDs I have talked to.
Rezt&Relax, Veg*s, Intradesign, U-Home, Artrend and The Living Edition.
So far only 2 IDs have got back to me, Rezt&Relax and Veg*s.

Anyone has comments on them?

For Veg*s I feel that their quotation is very high with not much stuff done up. Most probably not taking up with them. They marked up a lot of the items.

R&R quotation is more than my budget too. But at least the things that I want are in the quote and the ID is willing to help us cut down on the costs without sacrificing the design.


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an interesting quote i heard:"there are only 2 good contractors in this world. one of the them is dead and another is yet to be found"

in another words there is no good contractors.
personally i think, its the kind of gut feel you have on them, and how reliable you feel about them. different ppl have different views on the same contractor.

of course, the rule of thumb is they must be honest enough to give u a "no hidden cost" contractor. as for customer, we must be clear to give them the right directons so that they may prepare a quotation according to what we want.

good luck.


Hi All,

There is no standard guideline or procedure as to hw to choose a reliable & gd ID/ contractor. My personal opinion is by "Guts" feel
Must feel comfortable with the ID as reno will take a few mths time n must be able to communicate well. A lot of misunderstandings & probs occur if miscommunication arises.
Of cos there is other factors to consider, like budget, design etc...

Cookies95, I also got ask R&R for quotation as my colleague's hse is done by them some yrs bk. He told me their worksmanship still ok but he find their after sales service rather gd so tat's y ask me to get quote fr them. Their quote is over our budget, even thou I quite like their design. Finally we sign me with this ID whom is reco by my hubby's frenz. Is a husband & wife team, they ever work in ID firm bef n intend to operate on their own. Their quote fits our budget n most imptly y me & my hubby like them is cos they will design in a way that they take practically into consideration, unlike other ID firm we visited which stressed more on design. Now waiting anxiously for our 3D drawings to be out, hee...

Gd luck to all


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Hi Cutie gal
Which is the ID that your colleague deals with at R&R? Want to check if he is the same ID i am dealing with.
If not convenient for you to type the id's name here you can email me at [email protected], thanks

Glad that you found an ID you like. But remember to check that they are able to provide you with all the relevant hdb reno permits, since they are kind of like freelancers.


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No. We still not yet decide.....
any recommendation?
we have PLus, HC interior.......already ask quote from them liao


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Hi cookie95,

I agree with you that Veg*s marked up alot!!! i asked them for a quote to do full kitchen and 2 toilets renovation, built one platform, featured wall for TV and design the bedroom... wat do u tink this would come up to be? i wrote that my budget is 16-18k.. and the quoter says itz impossible... then she said minimum is 40K..cant believe it... they really marked up alot...


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the best bet is thru word of mouth. ID cannot trust, but u certainly can trust ur frens's recommendation.


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need advice here, i have short-listed a few IDs
can anyone share with me experiences with them if any

(1) Arts N Thots
(2) Chew Interior
(3) Classique Design
(4) Home Success
(5) ID Concept



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beware of Inges dezign Pte Ltd at Little road as well. Always delay the renovation work and irresponsible company


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hi chiling, hv talk to art n thots and chew interior.

after some discussion, i dun reali trust the id that i talk to in arts n thots.
as for chew, find their quote expensive.

we hv went to a few popular ids and hv engaged an id from ideal hse. his quote is the lowest so far and he is the only one that keep within my budget.

ideas and workmanship are not bad. he is able to proposed new ideas unlike other ids that i met. also very easy going and will try to give foc...

if you want you can email me at [email protected] for his contact to see if you are comfortable with him.
or maybe try sourcing for more ids if you are not in a rush. its best to get an id u are comfortable and can keep within your budget.


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Hi, just to share my experience.

From my experience it s good to check out on feedback on ID companies or ID.

Have met up with IDs from Chew Interior, Homeguide, Orange Cube, Interior Place and I*age C***tive. Anyone who is interested in these ID companies, can contact me for further details. Hope this will help in your search too.


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I would like to get a customized wardrobe, TV console and a dressing table for my temporary room. But not willing to spend too much as i will not be staying there for long.

Does anyone here have any good recommended contractors for doing these 3 items?

Thanks in advance.:)


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I just renovate my house at punggol.
There are tons of ID waiting for you when u collect your keys so don't worry.
I went to a couple of showflats design by them and slowly choose my own design and ask them for quotations.
Finally settle on 1 very honest and reliable guy. If you want i can pm you the contact as i duno is it ok for me to post his contact here. When you collect your keys do not engage those ID in the book given by HDB coz they paid a high advertisement fees for that ad in the book and it will be charge to your renovation fees.
I ask around about total 6 id even a very big one at turf city. All give me sh-t quotes the turf city one even more power when i told her my design she say normally thier prices range 30k ++ i said i was quote 20k + then she ask for my floorplan and she will get back to me. 2 weeks gone never even receive thier call. Make a wasted trip down. In the end i opt for my current contractor due to fact that they are cheaper and easy going. When i told them i wan this and that they try and do unlike some they disapprove and try to change my mind about the area. I choose this guy also because he told me that he will be station there for about a year till all punggol flats are done up now the only place for the contractors to lingle around only left punggol as new flats only that area alot. My reno fees total cost is 24000+ other quote me 27-30k+. right now still renovating but he's good in 1 sense where i already choosen the colour for my study room and he has painted once already.To my horror the colour is'nt what i really wanted..but it was me who chose the colour therefore i ask he whether is it ok to repaint he say ok just pay for the paint money will do as they need to rebuy the paint also. Thats what i like about this guy because he is gentleman unlike other contractor when u had a change of plan they make u pay this and that. When looking for a contractor be very sure he dun charge you too low then in the end when u say wan this extra power point etc he charges you sky high for 1 point. Take your time to choose 1 now time is bad alot will want do your business one except that turf city sh-t reno shop. I think that one mainly do big project like landed property and condo thats why they ignore me cause i lived in HBD


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maybe i can recommend my contractor to you..... currently my home is been renovated

he's good. i can tell so far and he's very efficient... wont waste time. uncle type, but he knows what the young generation wants

so far he done my hacking and now started to lay floor tiles..... carpentary will be last.......


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Hi Patricia can pm me the contacts for your contractor? Looking for a affordable and reliable ID as well.. Thanks!


Hi Heart,

The thread has been inactive for some time. Would appreciate if you could PM me the contacts of your contractor.


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You can visit some showflats for you to have an idea on what theme you want to have first and then choose the firm that has the perfect model that you want to be the inspiration in your home. =)