Anyone buy furniture from The Green


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I went to their main showroom once 2 months back. It's quite big - 4 storeys of furniture to browse. but i din quite like the salesperson who was tagging along as me and my bf were browsing. kinda pushy too... but worth to go take a look given its variety.


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i bot my mattress, sofa and coffee table from The Green Furnishing... Quite like their service, i liked e lady who served us...


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There have one showroom at Tanjong Katong Complex Level 2. The main showroom is beside a BMW or Mercedes showroom near Redhill MRT. Usually they advertise on Fri's TODAY.


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I went there yesterday and found out tat the price there is more expensive than they advertise on TODAY paper. There are a lot of hidden cost(transportion & installation costs).


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oh? dat bad ah? i went there once... just looking at their displayed furniture. din ask abt the transportation and installation costs...


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i went there at Redhill area last sat to take a look,heard from the salesman that they actually supplied furniture to COurts and other furniture retailers..

Not too bad, they have a wide variety and the prices are cheaper compared to outside retailers.


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how come everyone supply to courts and other furniture retailer.. nova say the same thing..

i think all of them get frm the same supplier
all buff ppl one.. trick you to think that you will get a better deal with them. shld be able to get same thing frm star , neighbourhood store

however, i agreed that they probably sell cheaper than courts.


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My experience was that the prices advertised on papers is not accurate. I saw an item stated as SGD 49 but when I went down, it was like SGD 99 or SGD 169. And the prices listed are exclusive of delivery which starting from SGD 30.


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Yeah we went there to take a look n then was tailed by this female sales lady even tho we BLANTANTLY tell her politely tat we rather walk around ourselves. Guess wat she replied "yeah i have to serve!"
Wah biang! After tat,we felt soo watched,we did not even wanna shop much.


we bought 2 beds set , sofa, dining set and tv console from them , not much problem but we realised the adv they placed is not accurate esp the price


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Yup, cant stand the salesperson... the moment we stepped nearer to entrance, she conveniently walked off without even saying Bye.


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Everyone says the same things but in actual fact the products all come from China.So as long as they bring in the product than they can be called suppliers. Even small furniture shop also bring in those product.From what i know 2 small shops are doing that too one is located at serangoon while the other is at ang mo kio.


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Hi all,

My relatives had given me Brighton vouchers. We have used up quite a number of them and we still have 20 pieces of $50 vouchers left.

Do PM me if you are interested to buy Brighton furnitures at a lower price, using these vouchers.=-)

Do let me know how many vouchers you would like to buy and the price you offer.

Here's the locations of Brighton Furniture Stores:
1 Sungei Kadut Crescent (Tel: 6269 5009)
72 Geylang Lor 23 (Tel: 6744 6443)
Blk 201 Henderson Industrial Park #01-06 & #02-06 (Tel: 6276 0116)

Thanks! =)


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hi Jess, I've just bot a sofa (3+1) and my bed frame from Redhill The Green ystrday. My hubby din really like the service of the salesman. The same lor, tagged us where ever we go.. from 1st flr to 3rd flr. Din even let us up the 4th flr, he say its all big wardrobe which we wun like. I think mayb 4th flr is the cheaper range & mayb he want us to buy the more high-end range. Then keep asking what EXACTLY we looking for. So very soon we decided to buy becos I really liked the sofa & bedframe. The price show is before transportation & GST. Its only when making payment then he told us abt it. And when we wanted to pay wif credit card, the salesman request us to pay by cash/NETS/cheque becos if by cc, he will have to pay the cc charges.
They charge transportation for per item but I told him since we r taking sofa & bedframe & to same destination, then just charge us for 1 transportation mah. He agreed but I think its not a privilege, anywhere else would agree to waive 1 transportation fee too.
Er.. this is my personal experience, probably there r better salesman there.


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Yah, I think the salesman mentioned that those that they get fr their factory or warehouse no nid transport. On their label will write nil transport cost. But too bad tat those I'm getting all got transport cost. =(


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i jus got my bookshelf, bedframe and mattres from them.

service wise i no complaints, except the uncle was abit gan cheong but stil giv us time to think.n give us advises. the manager was polite too. got free gift-lamps also, which we dint know b4hand.

i saw the price of bookshelf b4 i go dwn, no dif in the price as stated in papers. but at the end i chose anther model.
nowadays most thgs from china lor. n i think the supply to courts thg(uncle told us too) did not meant al items there. eg, mayb sm bedframe is which cms frm their own designers. such item as jgal ment, no transport cost installation cost

my book shelf got transport cost, but their cost is $30 only, cheaper than sm others which charge $50


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Went to the green @ lengkee a couple of weeks back. Really pissed off by the old female sales asst & manager there. 1st day went down look for a dining set that cost $99. S.A say muz add $50 for transport. ok fine... next day went down to buy. This time s.a say total $189 coz muz add in $50 + $40 (installation). This is totally ridiculous hw come 1st day nv say then now add another $40? Manager came say if u find else where cheaper then go n buy from other. What kind of attitude is this?? Really wanna faint!

Pls DO NOT buy from them.


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I was there too sometimes in June..
my friend who stay near there recommended me there to buy the mattress etc..

but when I was there, I was quoted a more expensive price for a lower range model, and the sales like anyhow promote items...

spent 2 hours trying all the bed...and left the showroom without hurting my wallet..

I suggest you guys to get from vhive...good quality and free delivery...


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Hi, I have a well negotiated package at 4.6k nett for the following items from Furniture Club:

1) Techno-leather L-shape sofa, custom made according to your own design
2) Coffee table
3) Dining Table (1.6m)
4) TV console
5) 4 dining chairs

Am letting go the package as we received a sofa set as a housewarming gift. We also realised we can only accommodate a smaller dining table in our living/dining area.

Interested parties, please email to [email protected].


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I just bought a storage bed from The Green... it's a horrible experience..
To cut a long story short, the salesperson did not tell us everything when we bought the bed. Initially they promise that we can change the headboard, the height, etc.. along the way, when we requested for changes, they only limit us to ONE type of change. In the end, when the bed is delivered, there were holes in the bottom... due to poor workmanship... we called them, and they explained that this is the way it should be.... How can a storage bed has holes in the bottom??? We gave up....
Hi epollia,

which outlet did u purchase from? i wanted to buy a storage bed from them too.. what hole do u meant? sad to hear that, abit worried wonder if i sld buy anot... :-(
can email mi as i seldom come to this thread...
[email protected]
Thanks ya
I just ordered a L-shape sofa from the outlet at Civic Centre. The salesman's attitude was quite nice although we told him that we were looking for cheaper sofa on discount.

I posted him a few questions. His replies: He told us that we don't need to foot the full payment; if the piece we received got defect, just ask the delivery man to exchange another new piece at the warehouse and remind us to withhold the outstanding payment until we are happy with the good hehe.

Hope my sofa will be delivered in a good condition! :p
Hi everyone, We bought a bedroom set from The Green (Woodland) as we are only free the following week, we schedule our delivery a week after we put a deposit. The salesman serving us is call Eldson (if I rem correctly), really good and sincere seller I would say. We actually went to Courts too (which is nearby), but to our surprise, Courts have a lot of hidden cost (fixing and delivery cost are not included) and the salesman we don’t really enjoy talking to him and feel abit uneasy when he following us all the way w/o giving us some personal space to whisper with each other regarding our opinion. o_O

The Green prices are all included, no GST, no Fixing cost, no delivery cost. But I won’t be sure if you are only buying for one or two items.

During delivery, everything was in good condition, nicely plastic wrapped and with cardboard. Upon arrival they ask where we want to locate our furniture and we just direct them. They took awhile to assemble the furniture (some screwing and fixing). Only two people moving and fixing everything (thumbs up). Once done, we offer drinks for their hard work. I even enquire their number too, cuz I will be moving to my new house in two years time, will need them to move and someone who know how to fix too. He told us that we could also get this service from The Green directly but it will cost higher, so I just safely keep his number with me now.

After everything is set up, we are due to pay our outstanding payment but there is no trace of our mattress. He said the mattress will arrive separately by the mattress vendor but they will come soon. With our twelve sense worth of trust we make our payment. At the mean time, we clean the bed frame so the mattress can be place on top once it arrives. True enough, the mattress vendor call and said they will arrive in 10mins time. Everything went well smoothly. Highly recommended.


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I'd booked bedframe + matresses from The Green @Woodlands Civic Centre lately. Does anyone has any comments with the track records of this shop? Is this shop reliable? I'm planning of buying a sofa set from them. But just curious whether this is a trustworthy shop before making more purchases from them.



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we do buy our furniture at Ashley in Green Valley. The only issue is that Sam Levitz in Tucson owns them. I refuse to deal with Sam Levitz directly, but working with Ashley we have not had one issue with them. The prices are outstanding and they have great financing available. I hope this helps!!!