Anyone bought from Lights Arcade in Balestier?


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you are lucky


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i bought lights and ceiling fan from Jane yesterday. Great service and reasonable price. She is very approachable, patient and knowledgable.

Very happy with the service.


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i also got my lights from LA and this is based on recommendation from sgbride forum. there is another uncle who is funny funny type de. i dunno whats his name la. that time ,my dad and him talk quite good.
we were served by jane too. andrew sound 'stoned' over the phone. but they are flexible in letting me to change some items. so i am quite pleased with their services. my dad will went back to buy lightings from them next time, especially the uncle who tok to him.
even i went bk LA for 3rd time, the uncle asked me where's my dad( surprise he still remembers him) hehe.


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hi all, just to share.. i got all my lights at lights aracde and they were really good esp after service. I exchanged my dinning light because there were some defects. I didnt check it properly on delivery, and my hubby called the shop up to ask if possible to change. The sale woman (Jen-e) said 'yes, can', she was so nice and fast on her service that she managed to get a brand new light for us within 2days.
Keep up the excellent service!! thumbs up!!


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Hi, I would like to commend on the good service that Lights Arcade offers. Me and my wife went to Lights Arcade today after hearing good reviews about this shop on sgbride. Indeed, we left the place very impressed by the good service provided by one of their staff, Jane.

We were looking for square downlights and Jane promptly showed us what she has and even set up the light with the required wattage for us to see. She was very patient in explaining the different downlights and also that they are providing ATCO ballast (which is supposed to be better) with OSRAM tubes. She told us not to worry because the brand of the ballast and tubes will be clearly written on the invoice.

We were also looking for a round downlight 6inches in diameter but there was only a sample that was not attached to their lighting board. As I wanted to see the actual effect with the lights on, I asked if she can set it up. No problem she said and she did the wiring, attaching the ballast on the spot. I was very impressed by this. Other shops would probably have said the effect is the same as those on display.

As we were not sure what kind of lights is suitable for our bedroom and dining table, Jane asked about the colours of our walls, our theme and make recommendations to us. She is very knowledgeable and throughout the whole process, she did not display a single bit of impatience. In the end, we bought downlights, dining and bedrooms lights from her. The price she quoted is definitely reasonable as we have checked similiar lights from other shops.

It is at 321 Balestier Road. Diagonally opposite Shaw Plaza.


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just a casual comment from doubt the service at lights arcade is good but they aren't the cheapest around...i saw a light selling at $180 over at lights arcade, it's selling at $110 at another perhaps, you all can bargain abit if you all are getting your lights there...


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Hi all, just to share my experience, my hubby and I just bought my lights from Lights Arcade yesterday. Was served by Jen-e and found the service good. She's a friendly and patient staff and is able to offer suggestions of lightings to fit our house's theme/colors. I do agree with sushibabe they might not be the cheapest around, can try to bargain a little, but prices are average-reasonable. Other than Lights Arcade, my experience with LightZone was not bad too, in terms of service and pricing. =)


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I bought my dining light from Lights Arcade (LA) more than half a year ago. Agreed that the staff are friendly. And they promptly gave us a call when they have stock for our lights.

I had check out my dining lights at several shops before purchasing at LA. And yes, LA lights are generally slightly more expensive. But their quality is definitely better than the other shops with cheaper pricing.


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i had bought their lightnings abt a month before.. served by Jen-E too.. nice lady...
hmmm...spent 1000plus in the store, buying partically all the lightnings that we need for our new house... thumbs up for the service by Jan-E..

however,there's a man in the shop (duno his name) seemed impatient to serve customers, not much customer service drive.. my recommendation-look for Jan-E to serve u should you need to buy from the store


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We went to this shop Light Arcade last week to source for lights. Kana served by a guy called a_bert. Ask us to sit down and discuss the layout of our living room. He asked us how u all get to know this shop ah? He say his shop is very famous in singapore bride website and keep saying his stuffs is very cheap and i hate the way he talk. We feel he seebay haoliao like singapore onli his light shop is selling cheap stuffs. We dun feel this shop is cheap but is resonable after comparing with other light shop at gelyang


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Hi Im a newbie here. Just want to know does LA also sell socket/plug? Any1 bought it b4? im looking for a cheap and reasonable price to buy it.


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I recently walked through Balestier and been to a shop in Sembawang. I bought a few lights here and there, but I could not find everything in one shop.

I also chanced upon an online lighting shop. (thats their shop name and domain). Their prices are excellent and their service is the best so far, albeit through emails. If you just email them and ask, they will give you a 10% storewide discount code! At least that is what they did for me.


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Hi which shop is better and cheaper? I have went to light aracde they charge me PLC (double tube) for $28, is it expensive.
Please help. Thanks