Anybody's PC infected with "Advance Antivirus 2008" before? Pls help!!


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Last nite, I was trying to look for some songs online n see if i can download n listen to them. Suddenly a message appeared that my pc was infected n e damage level was high. It oso prompted me to download a few recommended antivirus software, Advanced Antivirus 2008, Windows Antivirus 2008, Ultimate Antivirus 2008. Becoz I dunno much abt I.T., I downloaded Advanced Antivirus 2008. At 1st, it pretended to "scan" thru my pc n found loads of infections, such as Trojan VX something, Trojan downloader something, and virus that ended with .exe like that. As I was reading thru e 'infections' tat I had, suddenly it prompted me tat an attack was detected n asked if I wanna block it. Of coz I clicked OK. It then changed to another window, n said "Loading, Please wait..." Of coz I waited lah.. But after abt 10-15mins, I found somthing amiss. Bottom right hand corner of my screen came out another balloon tat said a INetworm was detected n suggested me to download a "malware" to protect my PC... I suddenly had a very weird n uneasy feeling abt this, n quickly click "Start->Shut Down". Surprisingly, it can still shut down as per normal. After that I pull out all the plugs of my computer...

Today I reached my office n quickly search on this Advanced Antivirus 2008 and found out that its a rogue security software that uses scare tactics to trick u then claims to offer remediation in exchange of payment, and its symptoms are exactly the same! Luckily i did not make any purchases...

But now, i simply cannot trust those websites that offers to download their program to remove the virus. Anybody can help???


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My wife encountered this on my laptop, but luckily i stopped her before she clicked "Ok". Not sure abt the removal as of now, but i am certain that pulling out all the plugs surely doesn't help much..
The safest way is to backup your data to elsewhere, and reformat your hardware. The key commercial antivirus softwares like Symantic, McFree cannot block ALL viruses. Every 1-2 years, my laptop still get infected.


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I can suggest that u download the avast home edition ( free ) and ThreatFire ( Free ) . Avast has memory scan after u install and ThreadFire is good one too . Best is that u scan with avast and threadfire then after that log in as safe mode with networking option and use online scanner ( just google and search ) and choose the top 2 of search will do . Hope its help.


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Hi, you can use AVG anti virus, it is free and frequently get updated. I have anti spyware (from windows) and anti virus (mcafee) software installed in my machine. I have been using it since 2003, so far it has never been infected with any virus. Never click whatever offered thru popups or auto launch website and do daily scan. Hope it helps.


I had it too.... so I resotre the pc to 1 week before infected..
cant remember now what the actual word ...
its somthing like backdated the system to before it happened.


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goldfish, AVG only allow to clean 20 virus, and u need to purchase the s/w rite
I do encounter some virus issue too, I can't detect anyting with Norton scan, but when my friend use my thumbdrive, their pc are able to dected it.. sigh... still trying to find out how to minize those stupid virus


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there are many many types of virus, malware, trojan horses, etc etc etc etc..

Normal anti-virus software can detect some but not all. Some of them even when you scan them in safe-mode..

The most important thing is not to anyhow click on any link - however innocent that link may seem to be.. the worst are those that promise to help you clean up your computer.. avoid at all cost.

There is no one single magic anti-virus that will help you protect against everything all the time.

This can be really serious. I once spent a couple of days cleaning my daughter's notebook computer - using various scanning/removal.. almost on the verge of formatting and re-installaing


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Hi all...i hope this will help...but i guess this only can cure minor virus la...strong virus if still cannot be solve must try to go to ur PC or laptop registry to delete..if not the last choice is to reformat...but most of the link below maybe broken or outdated so pls go search online for the name of the software.

On Access Real Time Virus Scanner

1. avast! 4 Home Edition


2. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition


3. Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic


4. Comodo AntiVirus 2.0 beta


5. PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition


On Demand Virus Scanner

6. BitDefender 8 Free Edition


7. ClamWin Free Antivirus


8. SpyMove AntiVirus Program


As for free Anti-Spyware programs, there're plentiful outside, so I can only
list the popular ones here:

Anti-Spyware Programs With Freeware Licence

On Access Real Time Scanner

1. Windows Defender (Only Free For Windows Users)


On Access Real Time Scanner / On Demand Scanner

2. Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition


3. Spybot - Search & Destroy


4. SpyCatcher Express


Anti-Spyware Blocking Tool

5. SpywareBlaster


Here is the answer to your "the best Anti-Virus/Spyware".