Anybody try YESS salon at Raffles Place b4?


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How come everybody does perm or rebonding?

Can anyone give reviews on coloring? Any stylist who is good at highlighting in streaks? Whats the charges for shoulder length hair?

Whats the operating hours for both oulets?


shoulder length hair should be 80-100 or lesser.. cant rem though but i know their highlighting are not very exp ...

operating hrs mon to fri should be 10 - 8 or 9pm, sat and sun 11-7 i think.


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Both Outlet Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri >> 10.30 - 8.30PM
Sat >> 10.00 - 7.00PM
Sun >> 10.00 - 5.00PM

For Cineleisure outlet ONLY, they extend their outlet on Sat & Sun.

Every month there is PROMOTION going on so call and check lor!


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Hi gals,is the rebonding veri gd...?Coz me thinking of doing rebond at YESS..My hair now is quite dry,due to my previous rebond..Will it be beta after a rebond?Can Gary save my hair?Coz i liked a soft & straight hair.Pls advise


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I did once at yess at cineleisure. personally i think the rebonding is good
if ur hair is very dry, u might need to do treatment. Just ask gary for advice, he is quiet frenly


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Hi girls,

I'm having a dilemma, always had rebonded hair but now thinking of doing curls but my FH dislike curl hair, god knows why. Went to YESS Salon, the price he quoted was $150 nett for all hair length but then later gary said I need to add to $205 for perm. In the end, didn't do. Any suggestions?


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Hi Ladies,

I read thru this thread and i find that most of you are "experienced hair rebonding customers"

So I appreciate some advice. My hair is thin (fine) and little. Its dry and frizzy with some curls. Its long (almost reaching bra strap). What happens now is that I don't comb my hair in the mrgs, i just use my fingers and srcumble it a little and comb back to tie is a little. So from the back it looks like my hair is being set with the messy look. Can't leave home without the little tie-back.

Thinking of doing rebonding to get the soft, silky, straight look. Any advise please.



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Hi all,

ya, my sister is a regular customer at YESS RP. I just went on last sun for a hair cut. My sister recommends her hairstylist Willie to me. He's friendly & he has been with YESS salon for quite long too.


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Noticed this thread has been quite dead for sometime...Just an update in case anyone is interested...I called YESS Orchard yesterday..they are having a promotion of $180 regardless of length for their rebonding. Gary and Koko have already left. Now, the manager is Vincent.


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Koko had actually started her own biz with a few of the Yess hairstylists at Far East Plaza.

but last year, she died due to overdose of pills after quarrel with bf. I found out about it when i saw her pic on Lianhe Wanbao.


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Oic, sad news. What about Gary? Any idea where he is now? Thanks tambourina. Didn't expect any response as the last thread was in 2007.


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Hi snower, Gary is now at the following hair salon at China Square:

Headlines Hairdressing
Marsh & McLennan Centre, #01-15
Opening hours: Monday to Friday (except Wednesday) - 10.30am to 9pm. Saturday - 10.30am to 7pm. Sunday - 10.30am to 5pm.
Contact numbers: 6221 6866


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I would like to do a rebounding at Yes in Cineleisure with the new method ( dunno what it's called). How long do you think to do the whole process?

Also, who do you recommend for hair cut?


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I did my rebonding there about 1 month ago ( at cineleisure)... I didnt request for any stylist so they gave me Edwin (if I didnt remember wrongly).
I think he's not bad.. Hope it helps.


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I did before at YESS salon and found it alright. It was my 4th rebonding and stayed straight for 6 months. My hair length is about 2 inches below shoulder.

If you want the effects of rebonding to last longer, Kimage would be a better choice. I did 2 times rebonding at Kimage and it lasted me 9 months to a year. However the price is really much more expensive compared to YESS.