Anybody know if 2009 Tong shu is out or not?


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Ya .. I asked the shi fu and he say Sept. N i also heard from some coordinator that usually is out in Aug.

I am also waiting for the book.


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are you all waiting for the tong shu to be out to select ur wedding date? then, have u gals started preparing anything?


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deerixp, i think each yr tong shu is if u plan ur wedding in 2010 then u have to wait till 2009 august time...unless u & ur family dont believe in this...
i'm also waiting for the book to be future MIL says have to thou' my HTB & i planned to have wedding in apr 2009...we may have to change if the date is not suitable...


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hello min, actually we are now "dateless" becos his mum wants to "consult" the tong shu. Our initial chosen date 080809 was rejected. We cannot do anything except wait until this tong shu is out.


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i have been told that the tong shu will only be out after the (lunar) 7th month this year but don't know if the info is accurate.

does anyone know if there's an exact date that we know for sure the tong shu is coming out or is everyone (including the fengshui guys) just doing guesswork on this issue?



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seriously how do ppl book banquet for first half of the year if it is only out now? most of the hotels tt is hot will be booked already isnt it?
hello... heard that not many couples hold their wedding couple of weeks before CNY. Any inauspicious reason?

am looking a dates like a week before CNY to have my wedding.

advice pls.


I dun think that it is inauspicious.. if e date is good, it's good.

i think it's more of ppl busy to get ready for Chinese New Year.. so plus wedding will be quite busy..


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if anyone needs to look at the good dates for wedding, actually, it's necessary t go to a good fortune teller.

coz, the fortune teller will combine the couples' birth date and the informtion from the tong shu to provide a date.

for example, the year i got married, there were sooo many available good dates. but fortune teller will tell me this date is curse for me, the other date curse for my hubby, or another one bad luck for my parents or PIL etc.

in the end, had to settle for a weekday.

and when i checked with another friend of same chinese horoscope, she too had to have hers on a weekday that year. Coz the weekends ones are harmful to those born in that year.