any suggestion of veune for solemnisation


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Dear all,

On 5 aug 2016 i going ROM. Now i amd bf is finding veune for 50 pax at budget 4k with everything included buffet plus derco and veune for rom.

Somehow we are struck at veune. Hope you girls can give some advice on it.



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If you want something different, you could try 1925 Microbrewery at Jalan Besar, if youre looking for alternative venue. I attended a friend's engagement party there, and everything was so awesome. Not sure if they do the decor but I know you could customise your menu. Hit them up for more details. It's really cool place though.


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Hi Sagua,

How about Imperial Treasure @ Chinese Swimming Club? They have a very high ceiling and pillarless ballroom! Perfect for a memorable day!