Any suggestion for honey moon place?


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Hello! I went to Poland (Warsaw and Krakow) -> Hungary (Budapest) -> Slovenia (Lljubljana) -> Croatia (Zagreb) for my honeymoon. It was amazing!

Lots of people say Poland is really dangerous now due to the Ukraine situation but personally I didn't experience any issues whatsoever when I went. I visited from early May to end May 2023 (about 2.5 weeks). Polish people were really nice and the environment overall felt very comfortable. I went to Poland to see the salt mine. Hungary felt abit wilder because there were more bars and nightlife. Hungary has lots of beautiful buildings so I'd suggest it if you like architecture.

Slovenia was lovely, I felt super safe there. It has a gorgeous natural attraction called the Predjama Cave - which is a very deep limestone cave system that is really cool and interesting. Lake Bled is also stunning - great for hiking and relaxation. Zagreb is a bit of a letdown because all they suffered two earthquakes in 2020 so most of the historical buildings are closed for restoration and renovation. I saw lots of scaffolding and construction, which takes away from the beauty of the city. But, Plitvice Lakes (short distance away from Zagreb) is downright stunning, so if you like nature you can consider that.

Hope the above helps :)