Any single lady wants to date my brother?


Hi Click,

I have frds who are 25 this yr and still single...

Care to send me ur bro pic so that I can show it to my frds and oso his direct email so that my frd can contact him personally.


[email protected]


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Hi Strawberry!

I didn't find your email in my mail box. Perhaps you could send it again. Called up my brother this morning and was told that he'll be working into the wee hours. So, he's unlikely to go on line today. Did you have a good chat with him through the MSN Messenger? Let me know further through my email.

Have a lovely weekend,


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Jalan Besar cc is organising a one day Singapore love temple trip and ice-breaking at minds cafe on 1st of March 2009. if you are single & between 21 to 35 years of age, can have fun and get a chance to know more people. They be visiting to the Love Temple ,then to The Mind Café (5 hours of endless gaming) - Free flow of drinks, Snacks from café after 2pm... for $12

maybe can gather a few friends to go together..


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u so sweet to ur brother, wish ur brother all the best


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Hi everybody!
It's been a long time since I last updated. Well, my brother is still single. That's right, close to 30. Still as charming and with a good nature as before. He is intending to study part time this year while still keeping his job. This is all I've to say. Oh 'em...., anyone out there still interested to know my wonderful brother? Great pal and buddy to have. Take care and lovely days to all.


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Hmmm...this is interesting. I have a single bro too. Did you get any interesting leads/prospects through this btw?


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Hi Click, before i provide my friend details, i feel that what's more impt is what your bro interests and likings? What is his expectation on gfs and eventually wifey?


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Hi all!
It's always been so nice to receive mails from people who are interested in this thread. Usually, the contacts I received from gals are send forward to my brother. And, before any attempts to meet up , it has to depend on how well they communicate through emails. I have to say, it's been pretty good in terms of new contacts.
About my brother, as I have said before, he's looking to widen his circle of friends and of course, if someone special happen to 'click' with him, why not develop that friendship into a steady 'special' relationship.
Here's a slightly above average good-looking man who leads an ordinary and no fanciful life. He's sporty and enjoys outdoor activities. The message you're about to read clearly speaks out for my brother. For a couple of years back, he preferred to pedal on his bicycle to work daily (for good health and ecology sake) which is about 5-7 km distance from home, than to his small car and super motorbike. You can call the motorbike his 'wife' as he treats it with precious care. Occasionally, he still pedal to work if the weather allows.
Last month, he accompanied our brother-in-law to NZ for the Bonita Ironman traithlon race. While there, he had his first attempt on the bungee jump and it was 'shiok' according to him. He like roller blading too. Believe me, he's really good with stunts, almost like a professional.
About his night life, clubbing is definitely out for him. Rather he'll meet up with his buddies for supper and chat under the moonlight.
I hate to say this but what you are going to read won't delight girls. He dislikes spending. To him, giving jewelleries is an extravagant and he considers it as an unnessary expense. Gems are bought and use once , then go in the home drawers or safe box to collect dust for months and years which I think this is logical, don't you think so? Hee..hee, somehow, he has his point. Has my remark deter anyone out there from further contact? Someone out there must be disappointed, right? Well, I have to state the fact for true facts are sincerity. Oh, he's also very casual in his attire. No airs, just a simple chap. Slippers is his choice of getting around. Afterall, this is Singapore climate.
In conclusion, a true typical Singaporean, who is distinctively hybrid; Teochew and Cantonese breed.

Happy weekend


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Wow... 1st time reading this thread...
I must say, im amazed!!

Click2, your brother sure sound like a 'potential'
nice husband to be, BUT in yr 2006 he's 26.
And now he's into 29-30??
And after 3 yrs, he's still single...

Just curious, no offence

Cheers, Melissa.


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Hi there!
Thanks for your comments.
Between 2006 to 2009, this is indeed a long period of time since a hunt and search romance story been told. Neverthless, despite the slow progress, we're not in despair and still remain positively. As I'd mentioned before, the main issue of this thread is to widen his circle of friends and if love strikes, this will be great. Why don't we put it this way, to find the right and compatible soul mate is as difficult as searching for the last 'golden ticket' as seen in the movie 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.
In my point of view, the choice to remain single or married is up to individual as long as they are happy.
Have a lovely week


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Hi Click

Interesting, first time I came across sister promoting her own brother .. heee.. I like that.. I have a gal fren in mind, she is cute, chatty, friendly, sociable, age 26 this year. Maybe can introduce your brother to her. Kindly email your bro's pic to [email protected] and some info about your bro, like his occupation, like and dislike etc. I would also like to take this opportunity to ask if anyone would like introduce your guy fren is welcome to send. GOOD/NICE GUY PLEASE.


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hi click,

i really admire the length you are going to in order to help your brother search for his happiness. Every brother would love to have a sister like you


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Hi click,

Your bro sounds like a great chap!
My family is also on the lookout for nice guys for my elder sis (1980 baby)..she just got out of a r/s earlier this yr. We are hoping she can widen her social circle and meet more ppl..Let me sound my sis out and get back to you!


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Hello click,
I have a fren in mind who is still single... Juz a few qns: Does age matters to your bro? Arnd what age is he looking for?


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hi quraishah,
I am 1 of the 1980 babies,same as click bro who dont smoke n drink too.but definately i am nt her bro..hmm,n yes definately i am working..


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This is very very interesting! This site has turned to become a matchmaking topic!!

I am single and available. Not sure if I will make a good gf or not.. but I definitely make a good friend! Hee... My Intro:

27 year old LAST year, working as an full time Admin asst in a MNC (Wanted to quite real soon to continue my homwbased Beauty biz) and studying part time degree on communication management (Just Completed).

Waxing,Make Up, Facial and many other stuffs have always been my interest! (A typical GEMINI, but but I am not very 'hua xin' de.. ok? Had a r/s some 3 yrs ago than I wasted 7 yrs with that guy. Then after that I am more study focus so still single).

Above is part of my intro copied from my website...

I am daring.. yeah... But if you have good man to intro to me... haha... ask them to add me in their msn. (bo liao man who are js seeking for that 'S' thing or trying to hanky pank, are not allowed.)

Belows are the link to my facebook, my lousy blog and my biz webby..

The pics you saw at the facebook are rather fat.. yeah I admit.. I am fat but the pic makes me bloody fat! lol .. anyway, on diet and still losing wt! Hope that the pics dun scare u tot..

If you are a frd of mine and you saw this post, dun laugh at me, ok? I am js trying to widen my circle of friends!

Contact me... [email protected]!


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hahaah! when I saw this topic on the list, I immediately clicked on the it. Why? I find it funny and at the same time trying to know the reason behind why you're doing this instead of your brother? Just a lil curious in a way.


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Hi is this post still active? I dun mind making more friends of same interests.btw I love running n swimming. I am a gal in my late 20s