Any shoppping addicts here?


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Are there anyone here also shopping addicts like myself..? I need to shop like 3 times a week at least to get rid of my itch! Need to buy things, any thing, clothes, toiletries, makeup are my favourite purchases.

Not sure if it's bit obsessive but is anyone here also like me? How do u stop the crave to shop...


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i can't believe it but every month when my credit card + isetan bills come... always a few hundred dollars.. EVERY MONTH...

shoes + bags + clothes..... die-hard fan of sales events. never fail to turn up!


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Hi Trix,

I am not so much a fan of sales, but I generally like shopping, things that I don't really need or can't definite if I really need them like cosmetics, bags, more and more clothes...everytime I tell myself I have to shop buying clothes as my cupboards can't offer more storage space, but when I am at the malls, I go crazy, walk into almost all the retail shops!

I am not sure but there are some ladies but adopt habits like 'just get what I want and leave', I can't seem to be like that...


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Hi Sinny!!

I love shopping to the extreme!
Just like you as in crazy into make-up and clothes!

I just simply can't go home with emptied handed.



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AND ME!!!!!!!!! :p
simply loves to shop.from morning to evening..


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YUP ME lor... Shopping and spending $$ at shops especially @ Orchard and oso Online shopping..can u imagine?!?!..really a shopper gal addict.. Nobody can STOP ME!!! wahahahaha


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hello guys

yes i am one of you guys that super shopping addict

i just cant sleep when i cant buy the things that i love

mostly i love buying bags, clothes, and gadgets


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me too i am a shoppaholic i love buying stuffs namely: sandals, bags, clothes..

This is one way of releasing my stress specially im going shopping with my friends.


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Hey a true blue shopaholic!! i wrk in a bank and have to shop at least 3times a week to release stress!!!!
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used to be even worse when I was 16. I was always either shopping or making plans to go shopping. What helped me stop was when a tragic event happened to me and I realized no matter all the expensive things I had I still was not even close to being happy. But since I wouldn't wish such a bad thing to happen to anyone, I would say maybe try seeing a psychologist if you really want to solve your problem? It's good that you realize that you do have a bit of a problem, though.


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I have the same problem, but I use my own money and I somewhat control it. If I REALLY don't have the money, I don't get anything, but I'm always looking and wanting new things. If I go into a store, I never leave without a bag. It's not a TERRIBLE thing.. but I would suggest getting a job and stop using mommy and daddy's money, and then you'll change your habits.. believe me.


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Self discipline for starters. Also, figure out what is really going on inside. This voice may cry out "buy" but it also sounds like it's saying "feed me", I'm not good enough as I am. You claim to be confident, but everything that gives you this "high" is superficial, a cry out for attention, to stand out. Someone who is truly confident doesn't have to hide behind price tags, designer labels and so on. It also would not hurt to seek help concerning OCD and anxiety issues. Some of the most insecure people judge others to be inferior to them and go out of their way to prove it.


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Yes, me too.

I always go to now.

They have all the online shops all under one roofs! haha.

Online shopping more cheaper. hee.
The website can help me earn $$ too if someone wants to buy my dress. It's a free website by the way. Ha


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that is not good to shop 3 times a week though. the ending, no more money. hehe.. but what to do if that's what you like doing, ayt? hehe.. good luck on that!