Any sample wedding speech for the big day


hi, im getting my friend to be the MC and she is gg to converse in mandarin. need help. anyone do u have any sample speeches for the big day on stage!

thanks a million


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Anyone do u have any sample speeches for wedding day on stage which in chinese or english.Thks...pls kindly email me if there have any sample..coz my wedding day is coming soon on Oct 2005.My email address is [email protected]


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do u have any samples speeches for wedding day on stage which in chinese or english???

cos i'm afraid of gettin e wrong speeches 4 my

any1 can help??


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Hi Winnie,

Can I have a copy too, pls? My email is [email protected]. Thanks


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i want a copy too thank you! the hotel gave me one in fan ti zhi, traditional chinese...cant read some of the words!!


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Wong..I kanna to be emcee for my girl friend's wedding next month...I got the emcee speech..any idea..if I can add additional to say "saboh" the husband do something???


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Hi Winnie,

Tks i have received ur speech, shall be using urs(so no nd to crack my head) ha ha! check wif u do u say thank you speech?


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Hi Winnie

Do you have any emcee speech which is not the traditional one, no march-in, no yum seng etc? Mine is a oriental dinner but more like western style as I have only 9 tables in a warm cosy place and the place doesn't permit my FH and I to march-in, neither do we have the yum seng. If you have any to suit our occasion, appreciate if you could send the speech to me at [email protected]

THanks a million.