Any recommmended salon to straighten hair?


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100 Orchard Road #01-69
Hotel Meridien & Shopping Center,
Singapore 238840

China hairstylist, nice but a bit ex, call to make reservation, slight cheaper. you can look for Leo or Frankie if you want.


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Do you mind going to home based salons?
She is quite famous in flowerpod forum as her skills are superb. I've been to the home twice for rebonding. Friends, family and colleagues recommended that place to me. If you would like her contact, can email me at [email protected].
My hair is very thich, 3-4 inch above waist, only cost $75.


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If you don't mind home based salon, you can try hair werks at CCK. I went there once (1 month back) and was very satisfied. Ivy charged a very reasonable price for my new growth (think $78) inclusive of ozone treatment and washing. Very friendly lady and no hard sell. But she is not so good at hair cut, thus I decided to go back to my usual hair stylist for it. The more important thing is that I was able to save coz I usually spent >$200 for rebond.


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hi mrs beast, u can try this home based salon, i heard she's pretty good (gg to book an appt for next mth
) and her charges r very cheap, $68 for all hair lengths.


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Hi, I suggest u can try Kimage. It is quite a major salon in Singapore.
Generally, there quality of Hair Straightening is quite good. Consider the one in Toa Payoh central.
That's where all the experienced hairdressers are.


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i usually go to kimage, the service and experience is good. also went to home salon before, but the waiting time is very long even thou it's much cheaper.


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I had my straightened and colored recently in Sg, must say, I was impress with the outcome and services rendered to me and my whole family. Would highly recommend this salon, Arches Hairspa + Nailbar, at City Square Mall. The prices are reasonable and best is, they have Kerastase treatments and products which I adore and use extensively in Paris before coming here.


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The treatment involves coating your hair with keratin and then using heat to seal it into the hair. As far as I know keratin is basically the protein that your hair is made of. Cost ranges between $350-$450 or so. I have med-long hair that just comes to around my armpits. I was quoted $400 at le papillon, but they had 15% for new customers so it worked out at $340, even better. I guess it'll depend on the length, type and thickness of your hair.

Although the brazilian blowout is a 'smoothening' rather than straightening treatment, it pretty much calms and straightens your hair if you have waves. If you have tight curls, it will relax them. Check out youtube or google it for more info and heaps of before and after pics. I only got it done 2 weeks ago so haven't tried to curl it yet but I think I could prob curl it really easily. As for being able to wash and go, that is the idea and my hairdresser said I should throw my straightener out for a few months, but I still use it for around 5-10 mins to straighten it so it looks a bit more polished. If I blow dry it after washing though it doesn't become an afro like it usually would and stays pretty much straight without any frizz- pretty incredible. I can sleep a little longer in the mornings now Another thing though, you won't be able to use your usual shampoo or conditioner and would have to purchase special products.

Anyhow, hope this helps! I would totally recommend it There's a tonne of info on the net but here's one link: