Any recommended printer to print insert for wedding invitation card


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I am collecting my wedding card given free by the hotel. I am going to source for a printer to print the insert.

I remember reading somewhere in this forum that recommend Hi-tec or Hi-Tech for reasonable price for printing service.

Can any kind soul give me the printer contact or address?

If anyone have other recommended printer, pls share with me too.



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U can try my printer. I have done some research and check out his quality. Pretty standard like all the rest but relatively cheaper.

JSP Art Industries Private Limited
6745 8854 (Jackson)

Hope u can print urs soon!


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I went to Aisin Printing at Blk 1002 Toa Payoh Ind Pk #03-1427 Singapore 319074
Telephone: 6251 0712/ 93821636

Paid $80 for 200 pcs and got 10pcs free.


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hi there

just send my insert for printing with jsp art.

they charging $45 for 200pcs normal printing.

they charge additional 15cents for string and tying service.


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Hi adozen

Where is jsp art located? Do they have a website?

When u said normal printing do you mean printing directly onto the card?


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if u dun mind the hassle of going to JB, i would highly recommend this's cheap and good quality...also, it's fast...

T&T (JB, City Square 4th flr)

- RM60 for 1st 100 card inserts
- every 100 cards, add rm20
- Add graphics: no extra charge and can add as many graphics as you want.
- Add Map RM20 total (one time off. Can be provided by you. if dont have, they will get from internet)
- Add gold string RM15 per pkg

T&T only needs one week to print the cards.

T&T Instant Printing services:
Lot J4.04 Johor Bahru City Square, Jalan wong Ah Fook. Tel: 07-222 8862 Fax: 07-223 8862 Email: [email protected]

Note: this is taken from the other thread for wedding cards in sgbrides forum


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i just got my card from:
you can just by online or they got a showroom at jb city square, jusco terbrau city, tmn u skudai
the charges very reasonable price


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I think normally many couples go to T Dragon to print inserts. They are considered cheapest in Singapore...


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only when i went to choose my wedding card to realise we haveta pay $120/200 pcs of inserts... & that shop is offering generic i found my own printer, at the price of $90/200pcs & had my own insert designed!


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Hi all, i recommend AXXA Printer. Look for Mary.
Their service was good and efficient.

I have my wedding invites (postcard kind) printed by them and they were able to give me the printouts in < 2days after i confirm my order. =)

Interested parties, can email me at [email protected]. Thanks


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hi Happy,

How much did weddingcards2u charge you for your cards? is the quality good?

I'm deciding between weddingcards2you and T&amp;T


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Personally I think T-dragon isn't that cheap after all.

For insert:
A4 type of paper - 1st 200 pieces costs $100 + printing & card

Better card material (colour cream / pearl white / pink) - $0.3 each for card itself without printing
Normal printing: $170 per 200 pcs, $0.4 subsequent pc
Shining gold stamping: $190 per 100 pcs, $0.8 subsequent pc