Any Recommended Bridal Shops


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Hi all BTBs

I have an attractively priced wedding package from Thomson Wedding to let go.. If you are interested pls leave your email address here.


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I just know, never use Bliss Bridal Creations, it's located in Marina Sq. my Bf and i had very bad experiences with them, but we are left with no choice as we have already put a deposit of $2k with them. Their staff is always very busy to entertain our questions, and the timings can suddenly change without us knowing until we called to check on some other stuff. The designs of their gowns is also very limited.


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Hi all btb,

I got my package with this new gown rental company my fren recommended called Bridal Affairs cos of the number of pictures they return and the photographer. My photographer was indulgz photomoments, so my package is as follows. They say they might also work with avenue 8 and one eye click but still in mist of discussion, but i prefer photomoments cos luke got good attitude. Paid $3688 for this. Haven't decided if i want to upgrade my AD gown. Hope it helps!


Here's my package:

1 Bridal Gown and 1 Evening Gown for the Bride for pre-wedding photography (Basic)

2 sets of suits for groom for pre-wedding photography (Basic)

2 sets of make-up and hair-do for Bride and Groom (ampoule and fake eyelashes exclusive)

Free alterations for all chosen gowns and suits

Free rental of accessories to match your chosen gown

Free laundry for all rented gowns and suits

No limit in changes of personal clothes for pre-wedding photography

1 pc A1 size canvas poster

1 pc Photo Album + hard cover designer box with 60 chosen pictures (artwork to be determined by photographer)

Min. 300 soft copies of pictures returned in DVD (with journalistic editing) (I got 600+ back)

100 pcs “Thank-you†cards FOC (1 chosen picture)or 1 pc Kua for tea ceremony

Photo montage for actual day screening

FOC rental of silk flower hand bouquet for pre-wedding photo shoot

8 hour session of photography, inclusive of transportation for up to 2 venues

(i used my own car, so no limit to no. of venues)

Actual Day Items in Package:

1 pc Bridal Gown and 1 pc Evening gown for the bride (Basic)

2 suits for the Groom (Basic)

Free alterations for all chosen gowns and suits

Free rental of accessories to match your chosen gown

Free laundry for all rented gowns and suits

1 pc basic hand bouquet for the Bride

2 pcs corsages for the Groom

4 pcs standard red roses corsages for the parents

Bridal Car Decoration, with max. 6 pcs accompanying car ribbons

Day and Evening Make-up for the Bride (Ampoule and Eyelashes exclusive)


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I had so much trouble with GHA, every step of the way. First impression, insisted I confirm my dresses for first try. I haven't even been to their shop before, yet they want me to confirm the dresses when my wedding was more than half a year away? AD expect me to accept rotten flowers in my bouquet? Also, a lot of attitude issues with the staff. How can they talk loudly to customer as if it's customer's fault. Very rude and lie some more. These are just some minor issues I experienced.

Nothing good to say about them. Extremely disappointed and regretted signing with them. I will advise family and friends against signing with them.

I want to create awareness to those who are considering or have signed up with them. Very terrible service and end product.


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Hi can i possibly get some bridal shop recommendation on their ROM packages and roughly how much do they cost? as i not very sure where to start and which bridal shop to look at.. kinda lost.. tks!


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no, but their photographer is freelance 1, u may want to contact them to check. I forgot how much they quoted me already last time.


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I had very bad experience with My White Wedding in JB, very aggressive salesperson, and even gave us used shirts and pants when it's supposed to be new when we bought from them. Even found curry stains in their supposed 'new shirt'. Terrible service. Pls dun go for My White Wedding in JB..
As for photographer, better to find freelance, and not frm bridal shop, coz they usually charge lesser than bridal shops..


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Hi gals,

I just went to Graceful Image, package price from $2.9k onwards, but package selection quite w

>price reasonable, based on the quality.
>services, very good and very friendly.
>gowns design, cutting, chices are very wide.

Located @ Tan Quee Lan St (near Bugis) (o) 63389839

Hopefuly it can help BTB.


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Hi anyone with recommendations for Bridal Studio Package? Preferably photoshoot overseas. Pls send me the full details of the package if possbile with price. Need some help to start with planning for AD in early 2013 with my fiancee. Appreciate and Thanks. Email me at [email protected]


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Just want to share my experience.
Me and my husband are more than satisfied with Yvonne Creative Bridal.
Yvonne, herself, designs and makes all the gowns,so there's nothing to worry when it comes to choose your wedding/eve gowns.
Each of their staffs are excellent in their field.
My coordinator knows what i want without i tell her so much.
The make up artist is great, and so does the photographer.
My husband and I also are very impressed with the touch up done by the in-house designer for our pre wedding pictures.
They're very generous, you only need to tell them what are your concerns.

Probably the only negative thing is the waiting time. Be prepared to wait a little longer on your appointment time, as i think they have too many customers to handle with.

Hope my info will help you all, newly brides...


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Hey all, I'm a BTB in Sept 2012 and am in the midst of confirming my BS. I am quite sure to go with Di Gio. Anyone has any negative or positive feedback to share? preferably recommendations of MUA from Di Gio if possible. Thanks all in advance!

Btw, maybe some of you may have known this - I was reading news from Channel NewsAsia today and realized that the MediaCorp actor, Zhang Yao Dong is the owner of Bliss Bridal Creations! They have even removed all comments that past customers have made on their thread in this forum. Suspicious ain't it?


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I have a MDW package to let go. It's local package but can convert to HK or retain as local. I have paid the deposit. Due to personal reason, no point Holding on to the package.

Willing to absorb $(NEGOTIABLE) long as I can release the contract.

My package in contract consist of local PS.. PS and AD gowns, car deco, thank u cards, fathers jacket.. A 7 seater vehicle along w 1 PG and assistant and a MUA out for photoshoot... (after much bargaining..,)
Quite good deal.

Do let me know if u interested.


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Hi all BTBs.. just sharing my personal experience with Bluebay. I just finished my ps in Taiwan and it was a really unforgettable experience.. and I still miss them all now.. haha..

I actually heard about Bluebay few years back through my friend whom engaged them. It left a deep impression on me be it their photo albums and my friend’s AD gown. Since then, I briefly mentioned to my other friends about Bluebay who also signed up with them in the end. Their experiences with them also turned up very well. Thus, when it was finally my turn, Bluebay was on my No. 1 list as both me and fiancé prefer to take ps in Taiwan too. ïŠ

As such, through my friend, I was in touch with Maggi, the manager in charge of Singapore Branch. She was professional and is a very good sales woman. We signed up upon first meeting taking the PS with AD package. That was only this year end May. We actually planned to take ps this this oct. And she advised us to make an appointment with them a month before leaving to discuss which route we prefer to take etc. I had actually plan to book 汽车liew guan for ps in Taiwan. Thus checked with Green Tea on the reservation and the costs involved. Her reply was very prompt. I did not replied to her email because I was still deciding on whether to do ps in汽车liew guan. She was concerned and called me a few days later and even advised me its too expensive, better don’t spend that money. So thoughtful of her.. Before leaving for the ps, Maggi even reminded us what we should bring there. She also called the night before in advance just to ask us to enjoy ourselves over there. A staff from Bluebay Taiwan also called my fiancé to inform him that Lawrence would be in charge of us in Taiwan.

We discuss what style and route we want a day before ps and took abt 4 hrs to try the gowns. Aileen was very nice and you can sense she is very sincere in helping us to plan the best route for the style we want. Xiao Wen was the one whom helped me in gown selection. She was very patience and friendly despite me trying a lot. Haha.. She also give advice and recommend her choice suitable for me. Lucky got her, cos otherwise I’ll take whole day to choose.. too many choices.. before we left, even told us to sleep early, get more beauty sleep for ps..

And finally on the day itself.. my MUA was baby, photographer was Daxiong and his assistant small E. Baby was late that day due to accident, but luckily she was fine but need to repair her car.. what I wan to say is that she was really pro, and within a short time she make me and my fiance so pretty and handsome.. No wonder so many people ask for her.. and she was very friendly too, in fact everyone of them treat us like a friend of theirs.. During the first ps, we was worried as we are camera shy.. thinking whether our facial expressions would be ok and how to pose etc.. but luckily Daxiong instructed us how to pose and slowly by night, we were like quite natural and we totally forgot about the many bystanders around us in ximending area(1 of our shot area). What’s more, the style of the ps is really what we want unexpectedly (I just briefly told Daxiong and leave it to his creativity). At yang ming shan up the volcano area there, it was very cold and windy. Everyone was like wearing thick jacket.. And to my surprise, baby bought 2 cans of hot coffee for us to keep our hands warm. So touched! And Small E keep on throwing jackets on me once I was off camera. They are really very 贴心.. We had fun the whole day throughout. Most importantly, we
had a hard time choosing the photos.. It turned out so pretty and the style was exactly what we wanted!
Those who are looking for a professional team of people to leave your beautiful memories can really have a look at them.. hope you gals get the right 1! Have fun on the process!


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Hi LZS, I am getting married and starting my planning and search. Bluebay seems good in your feedback, but do they go other countries than Taiwan?


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Hi Jessica, yup they do!

U can browse their website below.

I still have the refferal voucher that entittles u 6 free photos. Normally it cost $65 to top up a photo. By right if got anyone signed up with the voucher, I got 6 photos free too. But I've already finished my ps so not much use. But just really think they're gd from the bottom of my heart.

If u interested find out more, can drop me an email at [email protected]. I can pass u Maggi's contact & the voucher.


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Hi everyone, just wanna share my experience with Fexxxx Bridal.

Was recommended by hubby's frd to the shop. Initially quite nice wen signing the package. After signing, it is a different story.

Made to pay the balance before seeing the album layout. Guess what, some pages of the layout looks strange to us but the guy said there is no way to rearrange. In the end we had to just take it as it is. Including a photo where my gown is not worn properly!

During a call when I was arranging a date for gown selection for AD, I asked if there's design that can cover my arms slightly as I am plus size. The make up artist said yes.

When I arrived as arranged for the gown selection, I was told by the female designer, Ms R, that the person in charged is still out for a photoshoot and will be back soon. I waited.. And waited. After 25mins, still no sign. I asked if the person will be back soon. Ms R said yes. I told her I will look around first and proceeded to look through the gowns on my own. Ms R continued to sit there. After some time, she pop over to see what I am doing and help abit. After another 20 mins, the lady who is supposed to help me is back. However she is engaged with helping the couple who went out to take outdoor photos to search for gowns.

I asked Ms R if there are designs that can cover my arms. She looked at me and said there were none. I prompted her that I have checked with the makeup artist before coming, but Ms R said there's none. In the end, I choose back the two gowns during photoshoot. Both lace up from back cos they do not have any other designs for me. As both gowns need to be amended, I askedcifvshe needs to take measurements. She said no need.

Ms R arranged to make an appt for me in early sep and said they will be getting more gowns in sep in view that there were two hot dates coming up. Hence, I would be able to see if the new gowns are suitable and I can change. I was thinking - wow, finally some customer service!

However, it was a totally different story when I next visit. Ms R asked why I came so early for my fitting when my AD is late sep? When I told her I came to see the new gowns as arranged with her previously, she said it is mpossible. Said once a customer confirmed the gown, it is impossible to change. Totally pissed, I gave up talking to her. I just did my fitting, which they had not amended to my size. So it is a completely wasted trip. I asked the makeup artist who was around, what are the avenues to feedback on such service lapses. She said there was none. Ms R is the supervisor in charged and the boss seldom comes.

The whole event is indeed traumatizing.. A happy n joyous event turned into dreaded trips to the bridal shop at River Valley Rd.

You really need to be thin, rich and have a strong heart if you wish to engage their service.

Btw, I am size 14, wearing size L -XL clothes.


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My HTB and I booked our PS package in a wedding show in Oct with Maggie from Bluebay. Other than the package inclusions and pricing, we decided to book from them because there is a branch in Singapore and makes coordination easier. Also, their HQ is in Taipei where we want the photoshoot to take place. There are some Taiwan bridal shops which has branch in JB or HQ in Taichung.

We went to Bluebay office in Orchard Towers in Nov and Maggie planned the itinerary for us.

Day 1 Arrival in Taipei and proceed to the bridal shop for gowns and route selection. As it was raining for the past few days, they pre-empted us that we will not get the blue sky and white cloud kind of pictures which we wanted initially. So, instead of going to the costal areas, we change our plan to go to a Children Amusement Park, Yang Ming Shan and a farm which has different settings for PS e.g.chapel, boat in a river, swing etc. The lady who assisted me with the gowns selection (oops....I forgot her name)is extremely helpful and patient. She also analyzed for us which location to wear which gown so that the gown will not be overshadowed

Day 2. PS. MUA - Xiao Can, Photographer - Da Xiong, Assistant - Xiao Yi. All of them are super wonderful! It is extremely important to have your MUA to be with you throughout the PS. I had 5 different hair do to match my gowns
. Da Xiong is very good in catching us in our most natural pose and Xiao Yi is always ready with my coat when the phototaking stopped. The temperature is around 15 degrees and I'm in off shoulder gowns.....cooooolddddd.

Day 3-4. Free & Easy.

Day 5. Photos selection. The photos turned out very nice and we love it!!!! Lawrence gave us his advice and leave it to us to make decision on the photos selection. He is not pushy at all unlike some of the bridal shops which will persuade you until you agree to add lots of photos in addition to the package.

In addition, they also explained the timeline on album completion clearly and encourage us to send them emails when we have any doubts.

Before we take our PS, we heard from our friends that it will be a very tiring day. However, due to efficient and professional services rendered by BlueBay, we don't feel tired and in fact we enjoyed ourselves so much that we kept talking about it though we are back from the shoot for a month now


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Yvonne Creative Bridal was quite ok. The coordinator call Jean is very accomodating and helpful.

Yvonne the boss is a very nice lady. We are pleased with their service


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Hi, I have Bluebay referral vouchers to give away. You will get 6 photos (worth $480) directly if you use my referral voucher when you sign up at Delphi Orchard. Since I will also be getting 6additional photos if you use my voucher, I will be giving $50 cash upon successful referral.

Feel please to email me at [email protected] if you're interested to use this referral voucher. Thanks!