Any Recommended Bridal Shops


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Hi PW, thanks for ur advise, will take note of it. Hmmm... but I guess not all BS is willing to state down the detailed list,
some claimed tat there is "not enough space" to write in the agreement.


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Whitelillies> You can look see at the wedding show but dun commit so soon as I know lots of BTB they come to me telling me that they regreat signing during road show as they are too kang-chong during the roadshow or wedding show. Allow yourself & your hubby to leave the show for a while and discuss in detail if you all really like the package or not before signing up. Just to share this with you all.


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Hi Christy, from what I heard usually BS will be quite pushy at the fair. They will always try to give you more perks in-order
to secure the deal. I strongly believe if you visit them after the fair, they will still honuored the package if they really want
your business.


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I'm looking for a BS now.. Been to only 2 BS so far. La belle & Julia Wedding news. I'm very particular about make up..does anyone knows whether they do good hair & make up?


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hi joyce, personally I'm with Julia Wedding news and had used Xiaoqi (MUA) for my ROM and feedback from my guests is that my make-up is very natural. Xiaoqi is very popular among the Julia brides.


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hi joyce, i signed up with Julia Wedding News.
My MUA for PS is XiaoQi. My friend comment that my makeup is very natural and hairstyle is nice too.


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Does anyone have the Package Details for:

1) Di Gio
2) Julia Wedding News
3) White Link
4) My Bridal Room
5) My Dream Wedding
6) Golden Horse Award
7) Shilloute

Can email me at [email protected]?

Many Thanks!


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Hi all,

I am posting on behalf of my fren.. he's got this french bridal package worth $3388, have already deposited $2688, is willing to let go at a discounted price. Email me @ [email protected] for details. Thanks alot!


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hello, if anybody wants the package details for MBR pls PM me. i'd like to recommend it coz the staff are very friendly... and they have a great selection of gowns, with professional MUAs and PGs! been really happy everytime i go down heehee


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Dear all,

I have a bridal package to let go from Bliss Bridal Creations @ Marina Square. It's a very comprehensive package and service is good :)

It's worth $3388 and I paid $388 deposit.

Am letting go @ $350. Price negotiable. It's open date for 5 years.

It's a great deal not to be missed, cos for the same package now, it'll cost $3688 already.

Am letting go urgently cos we got sponsorship for wedding package from another bridal shop (which came as a surprise gift).

Do leave a msg or email me at [email protected] if you're keen on the package.

Thanks! Details are below.

Bliss Bridal Creations Package @ $3388

1)Wedding Gown: 1pc new MTM rental (head-piece, gloves and accessories included)
Additional charges for full laced
2)Evening Gown: 1pc new OTR rental + Kwa/Tea-dress rental
3)Gent’s Suit: 2pc rental + 1pc pants MTM keep
4)Bridal Bouquet: Open choice (fresh flowers + 6 corsages)
5)Car Decoration: Open choice of netting (+8 car ribbons)
6)Usage of Mercedes M210 on Wedding Day Includes Chauffeur + Petrol (7am-11pm)
*If don’t want car, can change to AD Photographer (4R, $50/roll) or deduct $200 from package or MTM Evening Gown
7)Wedding Day Make-up + Hairdo: Trial, Photography Session, Wedding Day, Wedding Night
AD (7am-11pm)

1)Album with 15R photos 30 poses (Indoor + Outdoor) with Digital Design and centre divider
Including 4 pc metallic
2)10†x 8†(8R) tabletop: 1pc
3)Portrait 20†x 24â€: 1pc with frame (canvas) or 3-in-1
4)4R photos: 60pcs (max 8 poses) (repeated photos)
5)1pc 5R mini album FOC (repeated photos)
6)Free use of traditional costumes for photo taking
6 outfits –wedding gown x1, evening gown x2, Korean x1, Victorian x1, Chinese x1
Can bring in own costumes/props for shoot

Additional charges (if needed)
1)Transport for photo shoot additional $80
2)Night scene additional $80
3)Ampoules $25 (for easier absorption of makeup)
4)Eyelashes $15
5)Surcharge $20/hour

Additional FOC items
1)Selected original photos returned on 1pc CD
2)Father’s jacket 1pc FOC rental
3)Brother’s jacket 2pcs FOC rental
4)Bridesmaid’s dress 1pc FOC rental


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can anyone send me their package list to me? I am new and just starting to find BS. Din know what to see or request. Thus hope anyone can give me advice on finding BS.


My email. [email protected]


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I am also looking for bridal shop. Anyone can share me your package price as i have no clude of anythgs at all, thanks.


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Hi, i am confuse looking for wedding packages. Can anyone send me their package list to me please.? I'm not sure what to look out for and was worried end up paying more and getting less.

My Email : [email protected]

Thanks alot !!


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Hi Ladies,

Any kind souls can send me their package details([email protected]) if they signed up with the following BS? TIA!

1) Di Gio
2) Julia Wedding News
3) White Link
4) My Bridal Room
5) My Dream Wedding
6) Thomson
7) The Aisle


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Dear all,

I do have a bridal package on hand with Bridal Concept which I am giving up due to personal reasons.

The original package consists of the actual day wedding arrangements, accessories and local or overseas bridal photo session. It also includes different gown choices, tea dress, father's coat, 2 made to measure suits and 1 pants to keep, and many other throw ins.

The good news is that your partner and you will be able to choose your own customised wedding package from the many that they offer if you intend to save a considerable amount of money through this offered package.

A deposit of $1588 has been made and I am intending to release it at $1000.

This is the link for the bridal shop:-

I can be reached at [email protected] for sincere couples who are interested in this offer.



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Anyone has package of The Aisle Bridal to share? Saw their gowns at Vivo and on tv, one of my shortlisted.

Also interested in Julia wedding and WW, are they in any road show?


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Can anyone send me their package details([email protected]) if they signed up with the following BS?

1) Di Gio
2) Julia Wedding News
3) White Link
4) My Bridal Room
5) My Dream Wedding
6) Thomson
7) The Aisle
8) Precious Moments
Hi everyone,

I have a wedding plus solemnisation package from Jazz BS going at $3k (usual price $3388). They have very beautiful and artistic photography skill, and elegant gowns plus tuxedos.
If you are interested, I can let you know more about the package that they offer. Feel free to email me at [email protected]

Have a blissful marriage


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Hi all, here's some of my thoughts of our bridal shop visits, in the order we visit within 2 weeks

1) Golden Horse Awards
Nice gowns, ok price.. but gowns don't feel modern enough and the location is at Yishun, too far for us and we visited the shop not knowing that the Tampines shop is close already

Pics ok, quite standard. But some of their album cover have diamond crystals, look quite cool!

2) Graceful image

Gowns ok

Pics - Did not leave a deep impression on us

3) Liang Seah street 2nd floor

Gowns - Not quite what I am looking for

Pics - Fantastic in softcopy form, but actual album not too impressive

4) Rico a mona
Super nice princess-sy gowns, but they look really long for me, and knowing they won't alter the length, i kept them top of my list, but not 1st choice

But i would say their gowns are very nice and new

Pics ok, quite standard

5) French bridal
Gowns - Some of the gowns have crystals are very blink, but i feel their evening gowns are limited..

Pics - Album not impressive, soft copy of pics more impressive

6) Y(the next character) wedding
Super nice princess-cy gowns, lots of choices

Pics - ok, quite standard

but they don't accept / don't encourage gown selection on weekends

but their selection of gowns is very good, quite well-stock on good designs. but their package is a little on the higher end so we kept them on the top of list, but not first choice as well

7) Thomson
Good collection of gowns

Pics - ok, during our visit most of their works are out for their roadshow, so din really get to see their works

8) My bridal room
Gowns - Nice gowns, mix of different style and materials but quantity of gowns not as many as rico and (bridal studio 6 - see above). but it's the only shop i see a gown with satin as the skirt (which is more possible to alter the length) and i feel it's modern and pretty

Pics - quite impressive

Sincere service

9) Aisle wedding
Gowns look a bit worn, but can see their gowns are not so long, and some of them are suitable for M-L brides

pics - not the style we are looking for, but they can accomodate the style we prefer with some samples

their package is the most value for money

sincere service by the designer and the ladies who talked to us

one of our top choices if we can find some fresher looking gowns

10) La vie
Very beautiful gowns

pics - most of the pre-wedding shot is taken overseas, local ones are quite standard

but they are the only one who are confident they will alter the dress length regardless of material


I am 1.55m only and a L size one, so the length of the dress and flexibility of altering is quite important for me. We prefer to go for gown selection and pre-wedding shots on weekends, and we realised not all bridal shops can accomodate to this.

Some things to take note, my thoughts

A) Length, for some materials such as netting and silk chiffon, some of the bridal shop won't alter the length, so something to note if most of the dresses is longer than what you can carry even with heels....

B) View their outdoor gowns, be comfortable with the selection

C) View their tea dresses, we realised some of the bridal shop have very limited selection for tea dresses

Price wise I think the range for most shop is about 3-4k.

some of our thoughts, in simple and a little singlish expression....


hi everyone,

i have gone to 6 BS so far and this is what my thoughts on them:

1) Bridal Zone
service wise very good, i am a very demanding person, but my coordinator, Ted, accommodates my needs and very generous as well, he even stand at the entrance waiting for us during our appointment. that is why i love their service, photography wise is superb but for gown wise, i did not get to look for more, but it is ok for me as i am sure i will get to find what i like. they even have traditional costumes like japanese, victorian, korean, chinese etc. basic full package is $3088.

2) Golden Horse Awards
Service wise is good too. I was served by Kent and May. they are very nice and no hard sell. kent is a designer and he knows what i want for my gowns and may is very friendly as well. For photoshoot, i find it so-so to me but for gown wise, they have many of them and i actually love their gowns very much, but they only have 1 traditional costume which is chinese, if i'm not wrong. full package price is flexible but for my case is $3388.

3) Precious Moment Bridal
Service wise, i feel that it is the best among other BS. i feel the warmth from them. Roland is a funny chap and he is the boss from there. No hard sell and they even spend 3hrs entertaining us, like showing us the various flowers, gowns and evening gowns, photography and raw photos as well. it feels very relaxing and nice to be there. for gown wise, they do not have much variety but their quality is good. as for photoshoot, personal view is i do not really like but then again is different people point of view. full basic package is $2388 but the details are not as much though.

4) Graceful Image
Service wise is good as well, was served by jacqueline and the lady boss. very nice and no hard sell too.she even ask me to look around other BS before deciding them. very good service. gown wise is very good as i love their design as well. they have the designs that i want. for photoshoot wise, is very nice as well. but the full package is a little steep.

5) Whitelink
i do not really like their service coz they hard sell, want me to sign on the spot, which i find abit annoying and turn off. gown wise, i am not quite sure but i know that they have alot of costumes which i find them quite attracting for photoshoots. for photography wise is good and nice too. full basic package is $3260, if i'm not wrong.

6) Selatar Broadway
i actually stumble upon this BS, coz i went to wedding fair at suntec, and the BS is this. Service wise is not that good, hard sell. photography wise quite standard, so-so for me, gown wise not quite sure, did not see much. full basic package is $ 3288 at wedding fair.

these are all the summaries of what i have experienced thru bridal shopping. hope these tips are helpful for all brides to be. cheers! =)


hi poison pot,

after going thru many pros and cons, i choose bridal zone because my main objective is to get all the photos in the CDs and some adding up of photos in 15R album as they are consider cheap compared to the rest and my coordinator is very nice, friendly and accommodating. it is a tough decision though. =)

what about you?


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Hi Pammy

I chose my bridal room in the end, mostly becoz of location, design of their gowns and the no hard sell attitude.

glad you chose a boutique that can meet your needs.. btw when's your actual wedding date? Mines on jul 2011, and i started shopping for a bridal boutique right after i confirm the hotel booking.....


hi poison_pot,

my actual wedding day is nov 2011. me too, i book the orchard parade hotel as my wedding venue. what about u?

i actually try to go to my bridal room but there are so many ppl in this BS and it seems like they are quite busy so i skip this BS in the end.


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mine's will b @grand park city hall, we only hav about 25 tables, so din hav much choice over locations as we always wanted to hold it in a a rectangular type of ballroom w/o pillars..

for my bridal room, there are certain times which they whole space on level 1 is very crowded, i feel it's because they are a relatively small set-up, so the only space they hav for consultation, men's suit selection & two of the gown fitting location is the level 1 space.

I have been to other studios in tanjong pagar, they actually hav 3 stories, so more space to accomodate consultations.. so a different feel lar....


i see, no wonder when i went there, there are already 2 couples negotiating. then i was actually waiting outside looking at the photos, but no one came to me so i assume they were busy. the BS (graceful image) beside it is quite empty though and they pull me in.


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hi everyone,

i am new to this forum. currently i am doing BS shopping but there are so many pros and cons in selecting the BS and i seriously do not know which is good. my main objective is to have lots of nice and beautiful photos with all the soft copy back and good service as well. can anyone reccommend me any BS? and are there anyone that can share with me their photos and packages details and price as well?

preferably $3k+ with many photos and all the soft copy. thank you very much !! =)

my email is:

[email protected]

your reply will be very much appreciated. thank you. =)


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Hi Mrsloo, you can take a look at these BS:
1. Divine Couture
2. My Bridal Room
3. Rico-A-Mona
4. Emmanuel B
5. Di Gio
6. Golden Horse Awards Bridal

These are my opinions though :p


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hi jingying,

than you, may i know the price range for all these? and do you have any package details or photos to share? really appreciate your help.


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Hi mrsloo, I don't have any price range for this year. Perhaps you can go to other forums dedicated to the BS and ask the other btb for their package. For me, I took Rico and my price is $3388.


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There's one at Sims avenue.. block 848 i think.. depending on wot you choose.. $2500 should be attainable.. Find them under Celestial Wedding


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Hi all, I am a bride-to-be. Am starting to look around for a bridal package. Any kind soul out there who can give me some recommendation or share her package details with me? Thanks so so much in advance! (^_^)
My email address is [email protected].


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Would appreciate for some advice/comments on Bridal Concept and La Belle Couture? Their service, wedding gowns and make up skill? There is a bridal fair at vivo.. any addtional advice wad should i bargain for OR ensure that the basic are there? Pse email me at [email protected]

Many thanks in advance!!

Hello fellow BTB,

I'm 2012 BTB & am sourcing out BS now. I am trying to find a pkg to suit my budget range between 3-4k. I prefer princessy style gown with tulle skirt.

My current shortlisted choice are: Rico-a-mona, La belle couture & Whitelink.

Would appreciate if any BTB can further advise on these 3 BS. Thank you.