Any Recommended Bridal Shops


Please please please..

can someone please share their PMB PS shoots with me.. I've signed up with them with a deposit of SGD300.00 without much thoughts..

Now am having doubts since I heard their gown collections is not so updated..

am thinking of changing to a new BS..

Please send me a link..

[email protected]


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Sorry...MIA for so long.. just finish my AD..

My BS is The Aisle n i also took their AD package with them..

these r some of e photos to share if u want 2 see their photography skill n gowns:


Actual Day:

Happy Viewing...They r a great n my hubby throughout enjoyed my journey with them..


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I just want to share my bad experience with everyone regarding a particular bridal studio called DREAMS COME TRUE at Tun Aminah, Johor Bahru in Malaysia.

I happened to be searching for a Bridal Studio around mid-July 2007 last year to do a photo shoot for my wedding album and came across this particular bridal studio. The boss is a lady in her late 40s or early 50s who comes across as someone with a glib tongue. The impression that I gathered was that she was someone who wanted to strike a deal quickly and I would say that she was quite an inexperienced salesperson, quite often struggling to communicate to customers with her poor command of the English language. However, she sounded quite convincing in Mandarin to a certain extent. Together with her son, who happens to be the photographer for the business, and her daughter-in-law, who also helps to run the business, they came across as very “pushy†people and very quick to “jump to the gun†in that sense.

I recalled the first visit to the shop whereby I was taking a brief glance at some of the wedding gowns being showcased along the displays and was unconsciously being “introduced†into the shop to visit more of the exhibits. After sitting down for a short discussion with the lady boss, she somehow managed to convince me and came up with an offer package which she claimed was worth RM$2688. It included 2 wedding gowns, 2 night gowns and 4 traditional gowns for the photo shoot. Also, she was very quick to throw in quite a number of “freebies†to entice couples to sign up for their wedding packages. When asked if I could take a further look at more samples of the wedding gowns available, she immediately told me that it was not necessary as all the gowns available belonged to the VIP category and that upon signing up with them for a package, I was entitled to all the varieties that were available in the studio. She added that they do import new gowns quite frequently from time to time and promised that none of the gowns offered would be old or outdated. I thought that it was quite a reasonable deal then and somehow I convinced myself to sign up for the package.

Subsequent visits to the place were not as pleasant as expected. Besides having to wait long periods of time for them to attend to me despite having a scheduled appointment with them, I also had to endure the pain of renegotiating the package price as the items that they have promised differ from the expectations of our initial package that had been agreed earlier on. The attitude of the staff at the studio also changed after they have received payment for the deposit and subsequent partial payments.

During the day of our actual photo shoot, I realized that all the “VIP gowns†being offered were quite old-fashioned and rather old and dirty. Just before the start of the photo shoot, the lady boss actually suggested that I do a “top-up†of $250-$300 per gown and upgrade to a “Super VIP†package which included the “Super Gowns†in which they claimed were the “newer†gown collections that have just arrived. If I were to switch to an extra Day Gown, I would have to use 2 sets of Traditional Gown in exchange for either 1 set of Day/Night Gown. The reason is that they have given me more sets of Traditional Gown and only 1 set of Day/Night Gown. I realized that some of the other neighboring bridal studios can offer me a better package at RM$2988 or less without having to incur any additional hidden costs.

To make matters worse, I realized that the studio actually charges a higher rate for Singaporeans. They try to come up with 2 different sets of prices for the same exact package and usually Singaporean customers have to pay a much higher price for the same package. The reason given by the lady boss is that there is a difference in the currency exchange and Singaporean customers have already benefited due to the stronger currency although they are paying more for the same exact package. She even tried to justify her explanation by giving names of Singapore Bridal Studios and their higher price packages as compared to her own rates. It came across as ridiculous to me as I knew that this was an “Apple-Orange†comparison.

I felt extremely annoyed as the quality of work was mediocre and the service rendered was way below average. There was no sincere attempt by them to build a long-term relationship with their customers and I concluded that they were simply going for a “1-time†business opportunity. Last but not least, I sincerely urge all couples who wish to go over to JB to have their wedding photo shoots taken to seriously consider and choose the right bridal studio. Do take special note of this particular bridal studio, lest your NIGHTMARES COME TRUE.


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I totally agree with teddy_mac posting.

Choose what you want and who you are comfy with.

Ask your self :

1. Location of BS important? Afterall I will be required to be back there for trial MU and fittings.

2. Material /cut of gown..what material is what you feel most comfortable with in YOUR WG...duchess satin will be heavier and of cos more exp than normal satin...organza usually will make the gown feel softer this creating a flowy effect...taffeta makes one looks really elegant..price wise is considered 1 of th emost expensive material. chiffon may be used on EG.from your body size you will be able to roughly know if you require mermaid cut, princess cut with flowy effects or even a ball gown.

If unsure, please do reserve on internet or visit borders books store..plenty of gowns to look at!

Once you are comfortable with the designer she/he will be able to look at modifyinh yor desired gown. Be open about it and if you are not comfortable in it you should highlight to your designer. A good designer should be able to advise if you are suitable.

A good designer listens and will make sure her brides are happy at the end of the day.

3. Comfy with designer? Coordinators ok...check if the BS has a high turnover rate for their coordinators, you dun want pay and be assisted by a different coordinator after few months?

4. Fiiting room! BS ambience..I think this is important, afteall we go back there so many times for fittings! Your dun want to have a messy fitting room and you have to try your gowns with bags of gowns lying after a PS? ;P

Speaking from what I encountered from from my many bridal shopping. ;p

5. PGs, do you have a budget? If yes, try the 1 stop BS who do have the flexibility of changing some of the items in the main package and even price is adjustable. If price is not of a concern than designer boutiques usually tied in with other PGs outside eg. Chris ling, Avenue 8, Lynn Kong etc

Rem everyone has different expectation of it's your choice of PGs.

6. MUA Have you taken on the works of the MUA? Do you like his/her works?

Untimately you are paying for what you want so best is to visit the BS personally yourself. BS thread is for reading knowledge.

Rem the more you visit the more experience you get..

1 stop BS, please rem to pen everything black and white.

Designer boutiques they are quite open with the pricelist so everything is iron out the day you signed.

Happy shopping gers!


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Hi ladies,

Just to share, I just had my photoshoot session last weekend. Managed to capture some candid shots with the help of my sis and bro. I have posted the photos in my multiply (swee11).

In case, anyone interested in my BS (Sg Bridal from JB), do PM or email me. I can share with u my package.


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Hi ladies,

I'm a Sep 08 bride and i would like to share with you ladies my exprience with my BS, Julia Wedding News at Tanjong Pagar Rd. Although its abit more pricy as compared to the others along the street but their services and beautiful gown compensate all.

Just had my PS in Greece sometime in May and went to view the layout of the ablum today. Was very impressed by the outcome. From the point i signed up with them till now, their service level has always been very consistent... and of course not forgetting their georgous gown. No regrets at all.

If you are still searching for a BS, do consider them in your list...

They are going to hold a wedding show in vivocity from 23 Jul 08 to 27 Jul 08 after their 1st show 10 yrs ago. Do visit them.

If you would like to know more can go to their website or email me at [email protected] for pkg details.

Happy searching!!


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Hi, i'm new in this forum. needs some advise.

Anyone tried "Fi*ri Bridal"? (nt able to post the fullname: the * means "o")
my fren has this package she got & wans to transfer to me.

Located @ Liang Seah St, previously heard was @ Tg Pagar.


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me has sign e package wif f---ri... realise that their thread was remove a few times...

e last time i read it was tt it has shifted from tanjong pagar to liang seah st..

tis s e 1st BS tt we went n has sign up wif them without comparing wif e rest...

mayb angel33 wld like to chk with ur friend y she s transferin e package to u...


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Dear sisters,

Need some advices from all of you in this forum. I had my photo shoot take on 28 and 29 July. But I received a call today from the bridal shop, telling me that my photographer's laptop has been stolen. They had requested me to go back and re-take all the photos again.

I had told them that it is a hassle for me to re-schedule my time. What will you do if you were me?


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Dear all,

I have taken up my bridal package from Julia Wedding News at Tanjong Pagar. The staffs there are really nice and friendly and they are not pushy at all.

They are planning for 3 overseas shooting at Greece, Hokkaido and Taiwan next year. For those who have missed their Greece trip this year may consider signing up with them for the overseas shooting next year.

If you want to know more details of their wedding package, do PM me and i will be glad to share the details with you.


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Hi Pillowbao,

Actually there is no fix rule on when u can book your bridal package. Because normally bridal shop allows u to open date at least 5 years. so u can book and place deposit first in order to secure the package and the price. You have to inform them that you have not fix a wedding date.

Better to book early coz you don't know when the GST will increase again. But better to book those reputable bridal shops to put your mind at ease.


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Hrm.. After much googling, Volan & The Aisle Bridal Boutique have raves on their services..lotsa happy brides. Personally, dont like the photography..too traditional for me
Precious moments seems to hv much rave too.. except having not much of gowns to choose.
For those who hv higher budget, can consider Amanda Lee..

Implusive BUY today at Suntec Bridal Show with Bridal De Couture : $3388

Day and Night Gown (MTM)
Mens Outfit x 2 (1 x MTM, 1 x Pants to keep)
Tea Dress
2 pc suit for both father-in-laws
Bouquet (Open choice and 6 corsages)
Car decoration (netting)
Car model - MZ10 KW-200h or $200 off
Make up (Trial, Day, Night, Photoshoot)
- Studio and outdoor photography (3 locations (including night), 6 outfits)
- 15 R x 30 with CD Rom
- 1 X 20" x 24 " real canvas or 8R(Digital MT)
- 1 x 8R table top
- 150 x thank u photocard
- 1 full day photographer for actualday
- 300 x actual photo (with slot in album, edited)
- 1 CD of actual day photos (not edit)
- 1 x Guest Book (with pages of photos included)

Verbal Commited : 1 bridesmaid outfit, Montage, More corsage for the nos of sisters..

Oh, btw, i am btb Nov 09


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Huh.. really implusive meh? Deal not gd??

Anyway, i hv provide a wrong information..My Bridal De Couture package was $3388 + $300 (Photography)..
Hence, total was $3688


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Any BS offers service like only these:
Wedding Gown (MTM or PTR)
Mens Outfit x 2 (1 x MTM, 1 x Pants to keep)
Tea Dress
2 pc suit for both father-in-laws
2 pc outfits for both mother-in-laws
Car decoration
Make up (Day & Night)

Cos don't intend to do any PS.
Hi Kerin, i think your deal sounds pretty good, since there is AD photography + car included.

I am not too sure about the verbal commitment though.. it is best to get everything stated in the invoice to avoid misunderstandings.


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Just want to share information. My sister used whitelink for her BS, she felt satisfied with their services. I'll PM you whether you want to know more and hope it help..


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Hi all, I have a White Link package that I'm willing to let go at a good discount...original package price $3988, willing to let go for $3388 (nego). Pls email me at [email protected] if you're interested. Thanks


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Hello. Does any body have any input on French Bridal ? I would like to know what you think of their photography and service
Thanks !


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Hi al, i made an impulsive buy too with Sattine. without doing any research. are there anything i missed out bargaining??

Sattine Bridal Couture $3300 nett:

1 WG (OTR, free MTM if cant find suitable OTR)
1 EG (OTR)
1 Tea Dress
2 sets Groom suit (OTR)
2 suits for FILs
Make up - Trial, Day, Night, Photoshoot
Hair do - 4 photoshoot, 2 AD
Accessories – provided for photoshoot only
Outfits - 5 (studio & outdoor)
Photoshoot - indoor & outdoor in 1 day (if rain & have to arrange other day muz pay)
1 Bouquet (Studio & AD)
6 corsages
6 wrist corsages for bridesmaids
1 Bridal Car + 4 accompanying cars deco
1 BMW 5 series + driver + petrol or $200 off
- 18R x 36poses, 28 pages hot press, digital
- MTM album cover (open choice)
- CD Rom w selected photos
- 1 X 20" x 30 " Portrait
- 1 x 10R table top
- mini album (duplicate copy)
- additional pose $50

optional @ $400:
- AD photographer
- 300 photos in CD rom

After paying, went online to search for reviews. found tt al had been deleted. haiz..was so worried

Just went down to try try a few gowns, my coordinator v nice n sweet so far..hopefully remain so..

gg for the actual gowns selection in feb...


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Anyone can recommned any BS in heartland places?
so no need ERP, expensive car park charges etc...

hehe.. Thanks..


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I am looking for BS now...Any good BS to recommend?
Have been to a few BS. So far Julia wedding news's gowns are the best I've seen but the price is too steep for our budget. Considering Sattine but not much reviews on their services.

Anyone signed with Sattine?


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Hi all, let me share my worst experience with everyone here. :*(
I just had my wedding in dec and my BS was Julia wedding news. I was attracted to them by their gowns and knowing they are reputable in taiwan. But i will nvr expect to have such bad experience with them. To me, they are unprofessional, rude, pricey, bad quality..................
Just to name 1 incident, when i went for my 1st AD gown fitting, one of the lady staff ask me; what kinda gown u lookin for, and i said i'm not too sure but i would to try the gown on the mannequin. Guess wat, she replied: ai yah, that one very difficult to take down leh!
OMG! i was so damn shocked at the moment. However, end up she really did not let me try it, only after i've insisted again and again after i've tried abt 4-5 gowns.

2nd incident would be when i asked for cheong sam for my tea ceremony, they actually only shown me 2 initially, quoted they are the best they have. 1st one was white with big black flower print (which looks exactly like for funeral) and 2nd one was a fully sequin cheong sam. The sequin one was not bad but most of the sequin had came off and it's frayed on the sleeves. I asked if they could fix it for me, but the guy said: sorry we dun fix it, u'll have to accept the way it is. This is way too ridiculous!!!!!!!!! How could they expect me to wear it for my AD!!!! :*(
My hubby and i will end up quarreling, after every single visit to Julia. He'll keep blaming me for choosing such an expensive and lousy BS. Their package are steep and many things are not included or able to meet the minimum expectation like no bridal car, no transport during pre-wedding photography, not even a nice cheong sam for tea ceremony, no right size for my hubby's suit and shirt, very little photos, very limited accessories for AD..............and many more............
They are the worst experience we've encounter for our AD. Traumatic indeed!!! They takes no pride in their service and no respect for ppls one in a lifetime's big day! :****(


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Hi Krissy,

I have signed up with Sattine today.
And I am very worried now too.

There aren't many reviews on sattine and it seems like they have been deliberately removed per the request of their management.

BTW, you got yourself a great deal..
I paid $3399 for my package and din get such a good deal as you.However, it includes a rom package which I will need since my rom is only a month from now.

So how's your experience with them so far?
And who is your coordinator?

Hi Snowwhite09,

Did you sign up with Sattine eventually?


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Hi Rach,

I have signed up with Sattine because the salesperson is sincere and comfortable to talk to.

Lets hope for the best!


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hi all brides and brides to be....

i'm new here.
getting married this year end.
was wondering if there's any bridal boutiques to recommended. i'd read postive comments on PMB. does anyone have the link? cos i just can't seem to find it.
thanks in advance...


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HI Joanne,I would like to recommend My Bridal Room if ur still sourcing for BS. What attracts me is the service and friendliness of the staff. The moment I stepped in, my co-coordinator, Sandra spent almost 3 hours explaining to me the package and to see the gowns. She is very patient.

The people there are very sincere and honest and they explained things without hidden cost which i like. I think price do plays a part, but the service is even more impt.

Form our conversation, sandra noes what kind of gowns i like and she recommend some of the gowns that she feel suitable, I immediately fall in love with the gowns.

My Bridal roomis the 1st BS i went to and i have no regrets about it. I have bring frens to MBR and they really like the place and service too. They are very flexible too. Once I bought one of my frens down, she is keen to sign up with MBR. But she has some financial difficulties. Then I discuss with Sandra and Uncle Quek. They allow her to place initial deposit of $500. Then, subsequently, they allow her to pay like installments of 300-400 each time. Their services are very good. They will really listen if u have concerns and will try to sort out for us. That is why I like about their services. Like other BS, for crystals and beads, they have additional charges but for MBR they dont charge us. Main thing they are honest, sincere and no hidden costs.


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Hi Meikuan,

Do you mind to let me know your package details & price? Where is it located? I'm in process of hunting BS now ^o^


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Hi Brides & Brides to be

MY AD Is Jan 2010. Any suggestions where shld i go for my bridal package?? Till now i got nothing in mind..


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Hi Fiona if ur sourcing for BS, I would greatly recommend my bridal room as u an see me post. If u like more details i can email u. My AD is 11.10.09. Cab I have ur email add?


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Hi Joanne,

R u interested in Julia Wedding News?? Their gowns are very princssy and detailed. If u are interested, i can share my package detail with u.


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I'm a BTB on the chubby side who has just started shopping for a bridal boutique. Could you please share your experiences while choosing your bridal shop? How did you decide that the boutique you have chosen is going to be The One?

Could you please also share with me what is your package price and what does it include please? Thanks! ([email protected])


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Julia boutique is not bad, unlike Bliss Bridal Creation.
Their follow-up service and attitudes are pretty bad.. Oftenly scrw up my appointment timing..and rush me due to their next appointment...


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hi all, if u r interested in Julia Wedding News, you can consider signing up this weekend at Vivocity (12-15 Feb) at the bridal fair. It is definitely much cheaper than signing at the shop itself. Compared to my package, it could even be almost 1k cheaper and getting almost the same things.

I can share my details with those interested. email [email protected]

So far, I'm a happy customer of Julia Wedding News


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Hi all, im new here. Am looking for BS. Shortlist La Belle, Di Gio and MBR. Their gowns are nice.

Could anyone advise on their photography and make-up services? Thank you!


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Hi all, if u are interested in Julia Wedding News, you can consider signing up at bridal fair at vivo city (13 Feb - 15 Feb). I have signed up with them at the previous bridal fair. It is cheaper compared to signing up at their shop. I can share my package details with u if u are interested. PM or email me @ [email protected]