Any Recommended Bridal Shops


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Halo to alll, I would like to gather the info of the bridal shops as I am now new to this selection. Pls email to me: [email protected].

What will be the items included in the bridal packages? Is it better to get freelance photographer for actual wedding day?


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Hi Li Nah,

Probably just to share with you a little of my experience in selection of a bridal studio (BS). To be honest, I have yet to pick one, as my future husband (FH) and I have yet to decide when we want to have our Actual Day (AD).

But it's always good to browse early and have in mind what we want. What I did was to browse through bridal magazines to get a feel of some of the BS in Singapore and their styles. Then, visit forums like this one where they have reviews on the various BS.

You'll be able to read genuine inputs from Bride-To-Be (BTB)s and there is nothing more truthful than that. Sometimes, BTB may even recommend you good coordinators or Make-Up Artists (MUA)s or Photographers from that particular BS. If there is a BS that you are keen on and not listed here, just feel free to start a new topic thread.

You'll never know, there might be previous customers of that BS who didn't post up their reviews. This will give you a good feel before you actually decide to go down and visit the BS and understand their packages.


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To those couples who are considering M&M BS, please think twice!
This is my review on their services:

Sales: they can promise you alot of things but please make sure when u sign the contract, have everything stated in full sentences and in black and white. I was conned by one of the sales staff, from China who claimed he could convinced the manager about giving us more provided we pay the full payment upfront but in the end, they denied that they would give us such a good offer.

Post-transaction sales: The other Chinese saleslady was especially rude to us which made my finace so upset. All she cares is not to service you but to meddle with her hp, busy messaging someone.

Design: After the PS, they would offer to let you top up another $1000 to get better effects. If you refused, they would indirectly "threaten" you by telling not to expect quality products from them.

Overall review: M&M services really sucks big time. We regreted our choice.


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oh ok.. tks i'll take note


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Hi gals, i would recommend Signoria. I took up a package fr Signoria last Dec and so far so good. They hv given me the best service. My hubby and i always feel very welcomed during all the visits at Signoria. Had went thr trial make up and photo shooting. Currently waiting to choose my pics and my AD next mth. Can contact them at 62206385 for booking of appts. Cheers!


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Yup, I agree with fairlady. I am with Signoria as well. Good service and helpful even though I keep pestering them on little little things. They are still very patient with me.....heehee.


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Phew....finally ended hunting for our BS;) Err... I personally was very much attracted to what PMB offers us and...Haha...of course.. PMB is quite honoured coz we chose them as our BS after so many other BS we visited... no matter how gd offers those BS cld offer us, my FH just refused to sign them on the spot... errr... can't "click" with their ppl...the way they talked didn't impressed much...

Importantly, we think service and BS stuff is our priorty to consider wor...

Nevertheless, must thanks for the recommendations we spotted from this forum... glad tt we found the right click with PMB and just signed with Roland on Monday - on the spot thou!!

Indeed the boss and the staff did a great job in making everything upfront and frank and fun...we really like tt!!! Pkg is not bad thou even after paying some extra photos. Furthermore, we found ourselves liking their stuff more. Nice albums, nice gowns, plus they have given us more faith in providing us all the way with better positive service attitudes

Planning to go for our 1st appointment only in June...keep you all posted=)

This message was cut and copied from my previous thread with PMB...they have many brides sharing too...just my 2 cents worth to share thou.


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Precious Moment Bridal Studio Pte Ltd
2 Sin Ming Rd #01-06 Singapore 575583
Tel : 6562-5486


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I was married last year on 30/5/06 and had engaged my bridal pkg at Precious Moment bridal situated at upper thomson rd. Being an ex-bride with them, I think their package is not only just much affordable but also very reasonable...seriously, no hidden cost. 2 of us spent loads of time scouting ard for BS during those the end...hahaha...we got blessed with our right choice to sign up PMB.

Over all, marvellous experience at PMB and also received loads of good comments on my gowns and our albums.

Lastly, we really have no hestiation of recommending this BS to all BTB as their attitude in service is definately commendable.


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Hi there

I heard lots of favourable comments about PMB. Am very keen with them as well.

Err..cant seem to find their website leh.


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Hi gers
I would strongly recommend Sattine Bridal Couture. Very patient & professional services with excellent desginer like Danny & Mandy & photographer like Yen!! Not pushy yet very helpful.. Thumbs up to them..


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Hi gers
I would strongly recommend Sattine Bridal Couture. Very patient & professional services with excellent desginer like Danny & Mandy & photographer like Yen!! Not pushy yet very helpful.. Thumbs up to them..


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Hi all, i have been a guest here for quite some time, and have decided to share my experience about Z wedding with u girls.
Z Wedding was signed up at the end of last year and my MUA cum co-ordinator is Candy, previously from GHA with good comments.
She has done a great job, from choosing my gown, doing some additional work, advise on design, etc. Everything i requested have been done. TWO THUMBS UP FOR HER GREAT SERVICE.
Everyone who attended my wedding says my gown was fantistic and have refered a few friends there, who have became happy brides of Z wedding too.
I will strongly recommend Z Wedding


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Hi there...

No hestiation to recommend my ex BS, PRECIOUS MOMENT BRIDAL

Truth enurf, they are a safe BS to engage for GOOD AFTER SALES SVC

I had a great process with them

Everything turned out so well for my wedding



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I heard good comments on Golden Horse...anyone taken up their package?

Hws their gown and photography techniques??
Would u recommend?


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We went for Precious Moment Bridal. We enjoyed every single trip then. With them, no hidden cost and everything just so wonderful for us. Everyone likes my gowns and our wedding albums are simply well done. Seriously, their service is worth commendable. Strongly recommended.


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im a precious moment BTB also.. me too love my trip down to their place. realy glad that i have made a rite choice to gv up my previous bridal pck and took PMB.. i will strongly recommend PMB!!
Hi Apple

You've mentioned that you've gave up your pervious bridal package. I was wondering did you get a refund for your deposit? Do you mind to share as I'm caught in a situation that I can't get my refund back for cancellation of my package.

You may PM me at [email protected]


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i'm transferring my French Bridal wedding package due to some personal reasons, i'm letting it off at $2788 (the pkg is worth $3688) & most of the bride is paying at least $3188 which has the same stuffs as mine. I've already pay $1200 as deposit so u jus have to pay me $1000 to take over.Pls e-mail me at [email protected] if u r interested.


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heidi, ive done my MTM but i realized that i dun get to keep the gown. is it ethical? ive paid for all the materials, workmanship and even provide the design. but it wasnt stated in the contract that i cant keep the gown.


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hi all,

i would recommend M&M... as it is just an point of view lor... in market M&M might not be the best but definitely no the worst...
everything was all judge by our own sight... there good and bad, i don believe that other BS will give 100% services. Of course there good and bad comment in anywhere at any place... If they don have the quality, all celebritries of course wont go there right? if M&M really that bad, why not take a chance to go there personally, see whether from the thread wat they say really an fact?

No offence, i telling in fact

Lastly, when you go anywhere sign a contact, make sure it stated everything clearly. be careful of hidden costs.



Haha... I can understand the confusion. It really depends on what you like, what you prefer and sometimes... your luck.

Do you like the style of their photography? Retro? Traditional? Journalistic? Daring? Adventurous? Do you like the photographer in the first place? Can you click and communicate with him? Is he able to understand what you like? Their DI? How is their skill? Do the pictures look fake? I know some couples love those fanciful DI which makes them look like and angel flying in the sky but I am more down to earth and destest those pics. How about you?

What kind of albums do you prefer? Matte? Gloss? Gloss with Matte lamination? Sides & Edges, plain or covered? Rounded or sharp?

Gowns: Are they of your liking? Is it you in the first place? Can't imagine Joycelyn Yeo to put on a princess cut gown! She is too sporty for that. What kinda gowns you like? Some BS are good in emboderies, some good in trains, some in french lace... others have everything, specialize in none, others make what you like (provided that it is his style).

You must also have the luck to get a good salesperson who is patient, not pushy, attentive to your needs and not just after your wallet! They may be nice when you first walk in. After you sign and you are not willing to pay extra for the things she recommends you, she show you a black face...

Therefore, choosing a BS is not that easy. My 2 cents worth.


Also... some of the 'BTB's around this whole forum may even be employees from the BS! They are just pretending to be BTBs to influence people to their BS. So choose what to believe.


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Hello lateforeverything,

I just saw your post on Singapore Brides.. =)

Check with ya: are you interested in Bridal de Couture? If you are, actually I have a package for transfer. Cos the package is well bargained. I got it from a book fair [a mistake for BDC to be there keke] at expo, and they didn't managed to clinch any deal for the whole day [of cos la, book fair leh], hence we could squeeze them a lot for the package.

Anyway if you haven't been to the boutique [We checked the shop out the next day. The gowns are quite nice] you don't really have to worry that you don't like the the gowns OTR, as this package offers MTM for both WG and EG =)

My hubby and I later on found that we have a distant acquaintance working with another BS so we 'jumped ship' to show support. We will convert our deposit with BDC to a family photo shoot if no one is interested [but of cos the perks will be wasted].

I am not hard-selling la, maybe u can go there and find out what they can offer you. If you find my package better, then u can consider taking over mine =)

The original package price is $3388 but we slashed it to $3188 nett.
The bargain includes the following:
- Wedding gown: MTM (accessories included)
- Evening gown: MTM
- Tea dress: OTR
- Groom's suits: 2 pcs & 1 MTM pants (free)
- Father's jackets: 2 pcs
- Best man & Bride's maid's clothing: 1pc each
- Bridal make-up & hairdo: Day + Night + Trial
- Bridal bouquet: 2 bouquets (for photo shoot and actual day)
- Corsages: 4 pcs (but can ask for more if required)
- Bridal car decoration, including ALL following cars
- Bridal car (Mercedes E200): can deduct further $200 if not needed
- Photo shoot:
- 6 sets of costumes
- Free transport + above-mentioned bouquet for outdoor photography
- 15R photo album: 24 digital poses
- Hotpressed photo album (seamless) worth $200 free
- 20" x 24" digital (aka. "3-in-1") portrait with frame
- 8R tabletop photo with frame
- 5R Mini album (same poses as big album)
- 4R photos for relatives: 48pcs (6 selected poses)
- CD-Rom of selected photos (edited) in big album

If you are interested to find out more, you can email me at jivebunny@gmail or call me at 9878 0370 =) price is negotiable.

Hope you will find a good package soon!


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Hello there,

Happened to drop as my wedding just over...hehe.. on 2-12-08. I'm a satisfied ex-PMB bride and would like to express my contentment at PMB. They are commendable for their imoressive gowns and photo albums. Together with my hubby, we had enjoyed their service pretty much.

No doubt to recommend this BS here & all the best in getting your good BS soon. Cheers!


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Dear all,

Im a Julia Wedding News bride and I strongly recommend JWN for their lovely gown and good service. I have signed up their pkg to Greece for photo shoot coming May. For those who are interested of going overseas for photo shoot, they currently have affordable pkgs to taiwan and Greece. Do act fast as they now only have limited slot to Greece in May. Do visit them at tanjong pagar to find out more.



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Hi all,

You may also want to visit JWNs forum to have a look at all the tread posted. So far, their comments are all quite positive.


Hi ALL..
I'd actually intend to Sign up for Precious Moment bridal Studio..

My wedding will be next yr.. but I hope to see the photos of actual BTB.

Can someone please send me the link via email?


[email protected]