Any recommendations for wedding bands?


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hi debbie i bought my wedding bands
& proposal ring (shhhh) from meysons
(bugis branch) when they were having
a fair there last mth. they sell
at wholesale price cause they've done
away with advertising costs now. the designs
are not bad & of course u got certs & all those.


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hi catz, if u're referring to meysons,i'm not sure but Poh Heng had a 50% sales recently.
other jewellery shop should be having their annual year end sales nxt mth so keep a lookout yeah? as for quality, we're satisfied w it, like i mentioned there's certs & laser engraving of s/no. for above certain carats.
Came across this forum and would like to share my 2 cents worth. If u r planning to make a diamond purchase at D'meyson, i suggest u go for those wif GIA certs (not even IGI certs).

Recently i almost bought a diamond ring (row of 7 diamonds, each abt 10pts). Its specified as hearts & arrows F color, SIG certified. however when i make a comparison with my other pieces of jewelrey, I realised what they specified as F is actually G color. At first i tot it could be due to their color of the lighting in the showroom, but when they let me view under white light, the difference in color was even more obvious.

i suggest to be more cautious abt SIG certification, this is the gemology arm of meyson, but i'm not sure how well-known or stringent they grade their stones. Labs like GIA & AGS are very strict, if a color is a in-between, they wud usually certify it as the lower color grade.

Although hears & arrows is gd cut, but the tint of yellow is visible under white/normal light, more so for the bigger stones. Since we are spending so much on the purchase, its only right that we are paying for real gd value.

The meyson staff told me they conducted surveys and guarantee that their price is cheapest. But i tink wholesale prices, no advertismt costs etcs are sales gimmicks, dun dey nid to pay rent for their showrooms, pay their salespeople, overheads costs etc?

Another word of caution, when getting wedding bands, make sure its not too light in weight, if the band is think but light, its hollow inside, any knocks may dent it bad and maybe difficult to repair.


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Hi.. I`m gonna get a wedding band from eClarity and they tell me that if I was recomend by a previous customer. Will be able to get a discount, so may I know who bought rings from them before.. Tks.


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Hi, I saw from eClarity's website that they are having a sale. Is this company reliable? Quality?
I'm looking to buy a half eternity ring in channel setting, with each diamond of around 0.02carat. Anyone has any recommendation where I can buy 1 at reasonable price? I got a quotation of around $1100. Is that considered expensive?
I have custom-make my wedding band at SooKee ... no extra charges (coz not much changes from the existing ones except don't have our ring size)


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Hi Garfield,

Which range of wedding bands have you choosen from Soo Kee? We got mine from there as well and we also customised for a new pair (even though they have our ring sizes at that time).

Will be collecting them this Saturday..quite looking forward to see how the engraving will be done
I just collected mine today .... so happy. My gf chosen the 1st category in the Book of Vows DW127B-C(with diamond around the ring) and i chosen the one feature on the BIG poster on the Soo Kee outlet at Bugis DW118A-C .

How abt u supergal?


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I think another good recommendations other than those mentioned in the above postings is Josi Gems at Park Mall. Its located at Level 8 of Park Mall. Can contact Simon to make appointment. U can customise to your preferred designs as well.


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yup i took my bridal package sometime in early feb this and my HTB always believed in planning early, especially for important events like marriage


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Hi.. any recommendations for wedding bandS? I lookin for matt white gold with diamond in the centre.. with 18k yellow gold and the sides.... cant seem to find similar ones....


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Thanks a lot!! tink will be going down tml to have a look. Hopefully can find sumthing that fits our budget! =)


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PrinCess> Your welcome. I got mine at Love & Co. If you want to take a look on the picture I can sent you. Just drop me an email and I will reply to you from there.


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Hello everyone!

Posted the same message on Engagement Rings, but the category not quite right ar... hahahaaha...

Fiance and I visited both Josi and Clarity in our search for the perfect pair of customised wedding bands. (Hence I am now posting in this thread! Haha!)

We were pretty certain about what we wanted and brought pictures to both Josi and Clarity and gave them the same "brief".

Felt that both the service at Josi and Clarity were really good and personalised. They were friendly peeps and we didn't feel rushed or pressurized into making decisions... =D and the pricing was about the same for both.

However, simply because of the fact that Clarity had a lot of rings on site for us to try (including quite a few with the designs we had in mind), so that we know how the eventual ring that we want will look like on our fingers, we're more inclined towards Clarity...

And in the end, I saw a design that was really unique and paired better with my fiance's band design that I kinda forgot about the original design I wanted... hahahaa...

The point I'm trying to make is not really to compare the 2 companies, rather it is this - you may not really know what you want until you try it on your finger... what you see in pictures may be something you really like, but may not be suitable for the shape/length of your finger etc...

Having said all that, we haven't made a decision yet and will visit one more jeweller before we decide.

Hope my experience at both Josi and Clarity helps brides and grooms in looking for their wedding bands!

Will update when we have decided... =D


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Fiance and I have ordered our wedding bands from Clarity.

Amanda's customer service was great of course, and gave us recommendations based on our budget, preference and also gave us suggestions on how we can make our bands look like a pair.

Bands will be ready in 4-8 weeks time, will update then! =D


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Dear All,

I am trying to customise wedding ring box as well...

Any idea where i can get buy the box to put the 2 wedding bands together, if possible, i would also like to have our names embroidered on the box as well...

Any recommendations ?


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Hi everyone!

After reading thru' all the recommendations on eclarity and josi, FH and me went down to eclarity yday and decided on the wedding bands even b4 visiting josi.

The main factor in making the decision so instantly was the fact that (1) there were a lot of sample rings for try on and (2) amanda gave us lots of time alone to make our choices. We selected 17 pairs of rings and took our own sweet time in shortlisting. We went to lotsa of big brand jewellery shop before and its either lack of design, beyond budget or sales person being too aggressive.

We finally narrow our choices down to 3 pairs which she gave us her opinion and the prices for us to finalise the design we wanted. In the end, we picked a pair of white gold+rose gold with some changes to the diamond setting on my ring. No additional charges for engraving up to 14 characters too.

Those who r interested to get from them can just say that you r recommended on the forum. She will give discount too!


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Hi Bryce

You may visit the website of

abit xpensive...but it is for wedding..why not.. and they also have overseas delivery.

You can put the date, name and choose the colour. I will definitely order later for mine next year. Hope this helps


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Hello everyone, I would recommend WB from Love & Co. Great & wide selection there
Prices r ok too. Besides bands, they've got interesting proposal ring designs too. Their shops r in Raffles City and VivoCity. I heard they just opened a new shop in Suntec recently.


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Hey all, i recommend wedding bands from Love & Co. Service is good, designs are excellent and I must say they have taste in their wedding band packaging.


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Bree > I agreed with you. I just ordered mine from Love & Co last weekend.

I was being served by Thin Thin. She will give opinions and suggestions. She will also calculate all the pricing for you and will not mind if you tell her that you need to consider. Will recommend to look for her.


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I was served by Thin Thin as well. she's friendly and nice, but i was pretty unhappy on one thing - i left my ring for re-size and she asked me to place the ring box with her for safekeep, and to collect together when my ring is ready.

guess what, she lost the box! even though she replaced with a new box, i cant help but be pist. if she is going to lose the box with sentimental value, she should just let me take back my box and not keep with her.

anyway.....overall comment is still deemed satisfactory...


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sigh, just be more careful loh

did you leave your ring box with her as well? if so, suggest you go take it back rather than wait till you collect your order. also, double check your ring size on the spot cause she made it one size smaller for me, and i wonder if i should resize again
not sure if the ring will beoome any vulnerable???


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i bought mine at SK ~ my HTB was so happy with the design.. as the diamond on his is allocate inner layer. At least he can wear it to work.. (working in logistic department) The SA not too bad but appearance like very blur =x
He even suggest us to try on the ring for a few days to see if the ring size is fine. If not, he can help to change for size before engraving.


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lovenco > Had yet to get my rings. Looking forward to July to collect it. Will be careful on the ring box. =D

Okie. Will also check on the Ring size. Thanks for the information.


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wat is the average price for wedding bands ?
mi and hubby kinda like on budget and wanna have rough guage b4 going down to see.
which shop cheaper pls?


Dear Vanessa,

If you are looking for hmm ard 800 per band, can try love and co.
Then also got Frank & co which just started their operation in singapore last month at Mandarin Gallery @ Orchard.

They have really nice diamonds and bands which are different from outside.

As for hmm a lower budget can try Citigems, their design is much more for you to choose and the price range is like 800 per pair.

Hope this helps.


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You can consider Vivo Diamonds, Larry Jewellery, Jose Gems for wedding bands. These jewellers usually offer customisation services and value for money diamonds.


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Anyone know where I can get thin wedding bands? I am looking for something approx 2mm, anything bigger will look too chunky for my finger...

Hoping to get my rings during this GSS though won't be ROM-ing so soon...


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Im new here. Can anyone share with me the address of Josi Gems, Clarity, Vivo Diamonds and any customised jewerelly shops? I went to all the major shops like lee hwa, soo kee etc but fail to find an ideal band which both of us like!

any kind soul pls email me the address to [email protected] or PM me pls! Many thanks in advance!


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Anyone here who bought wedding bands from Frank & Co?how much is their price range?what diamond grade they are using in their wedding bands? Thanks