Any recommendations for sink?


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hi kenny,

i heard teka not good...
blanco is good...
oliveria... i dont know abt this

fyi, if u want to shop and get a best price for sink, pls shop a jln beser... there are lots of shops selling and u may ask their opinion...


mg fan

Most important is that it must be thick enough...if its not, then you will have a lot of noise when the water hits the sink....I bought mine at Poh Joo at Jalan Besar. 200 plus if i remember correctly. Its a 2 and a half...But this does not have a brand


I got my teka from Sim Siang Choon. It is cheap and working ok. But then i agree that it does lose its shine after some time. i have used it for around 8 mths.


Sim siang choon is not very cheap after my weeks of survey and research. It can be a good place to walk walk cus its like an exhibition hall. The one in Changi (tenah merah) is much bigger than the one in IMM. The cheapest place to get is Jalan Besah. so many to choose and compare prices until you xiao. very unlikely for a sink to spoil so all should be working fine.

To MG fan, when you hear a rhythmic sound, tap your fingers, clap your hands and sing a song with it. You will find that you will have become a musician.


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I bought a foster sink at rhyxon. not cheap but it fits my dimension. I wanted 2 bowls - one big and small with less than 900 cm for length.


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kenny , get stainless steel cos things break easily on granite surface. my mom's using granite surface and regretted. cleaning is not easy too


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i am not sure which is more costly as i did not compare the price cos i am not interested in Granite ones. the stainless steel sink which
is one of the more expensive ones around. abt $400.


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i got my teka sink from Sim Siang Choon (2 same size bowls) for abt $115. think it's cheaper than some i saw at Jalan Besar.


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Mine is an Oliveria from Sim Siang Choon. Cost above $200 for a 2 & 1/2 Bowl, very shiny stainless steel and very deep, very happy with it. Have not started using it yet but looking forward to it
Heard from my designer that stainless steel is the safest choice, others stain easily and not easy to maintain. Also get one big enough to wash your wok if you do cook.


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Mine is Reginox...1 and a 1/2 bowl. Comes with a stainless steel drainer. Quite good if you need to leave your food out to thaw etc...


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Hi, Happily,

Your 2 & 1/2 bowls is a corner sink. Two big ones and a small ones? I looking for corner sink but want 2 big bols and a small one in the centre.
Anyone knows where I get it cheap cos I check out most places, they dun have, Those who have selling near to S$500.


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Dear Min,

Try Adamas along Sungei Road. I got my Elite sink there at $99 (a 70cm two small ones) but self-transport.
You can call Ray from Lian Joo Hardware (IMM) at 65631311. Say you are recommended by Brandon. Tell him what you need, then maybe he can give some good recommendation. I find him rather sincere and customer orientated. Ultimately, you still have to make some comparisons.


May I know which part of Jln Basar sells a lot of these items, how do i get there? Thanks


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Talking abt sink, i am also looking for one.
Olivera seems to have the quality shine.

Just to check if it is more practical to get 1 big and 1 small sink or both of the same size. Having a dilemna on this.

Any advice?


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Hi bookworm,
I got mine from Sim shiang choon, just a big deep bowl cos i need the flat side for chopping. I wanted the i big i small initially, but chg my mind as i dun really need 2 sinks. The shine will decrease due to the scratches from the sponge, mayb i washed too much, he....! I also die hard fan of stainless steel sink cos it's easy to maintain and will prevent bacteria growth if washed properly.

It depends on ur preferences, do u prefer to thaw in the small sink, or like to dump into a basin of water like me? and i lazy to wash 2 sinks after eery cooking session so i choose the single sink one. Hope this helps.


I just bought a granite sink called Astracast at Hoe Kee in Jln Besar. They're now having a sale. Usual price of the sink (1 big and 1 small) is $330, and they're now offering $270+.

Worth to take a look.


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I have bad experience with Hoe Kee. I bought a sink from them at $250. Unique in design and the brand is Ouijia or something like that. Only found out when they deliver its made in China and the quality was not very good. The stopper at the sink rusts after using the sink for a few days and rusty spots will appear on the sink and when they deliver my hood, wrong model and then my built in oven that I ordered was out of stock on the day of delivery.


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can i recommend hemsley at singapore shopping centre (near park mall). they have nice looking sinks and mixer, rather italian looking.


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hi gracious,

I'm oso getting a granite sink. but dun wat brand..
seems like many reccomend s/s sink instead of granite.

jus like to know wat makes u choose granite sink?

for my case, cos it matches my kitchen top, oso i dun like s/s sink...


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ID recommended teka sink.. is it any good or is it no diff from other ??? and which is better 2 bowls or 2 1/2 bowl?


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im also going for a granite top from sim siang choon....looks better with my solid surface top.

think its the latest trend...


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I just got my single bowl measuring 690L x 510W x 220D from Universal Union at 710 Geylang Road. Paid S$180 for it. Came with a drain basket and additional partition basket like those for Franke basins. on top of that, it has the 3.5" waste trap with basket, stopper... Made in Korea. Learnt this from Steven at universal Union, those unknown brands with the blue bottom bases are made in Korea. Those with the white bases are made in Taiwan. The thickness of the sink is not an issue. It is the purity of the stainless steel. Some polished surface turns dull after some time as the stainless steel content is not as high. This sinks are more vulnerable to staining, scaling or even rust in time to come.


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Hi Dennis,

I purchased Franke too. They hv some models tat hv a coating on the base of the sink to avoid humuity in the cabinet. Meaning when ice stuff is pour into the sink, sometimes the base may leave a layer of vapour, this coating actually prevent tat. actually i think this seldom happen but we choose this model. overall not bad. i realise now sink tends to leave behind water mark compare to the olden days sink. the distributor told me it could be the chlorine(??) as found in the water. from what i know not only franke sink encounter this, i think many also. for my franke, it can be wipe away lor. my solid top contractor told me by using a stainless steel spray, it should helps. i hv not try yet cos i simply wipe it away. anyway overall it is not bad. it is not those very dull looking nor very polish type. i dun like too polish type cos when scratched, it can be very revealing. the one we bought is near to matt but not very matt type (if u know wat i am saying)... btw i bought a double bowl. i got it from a distributor. Cant really rem the pricing, but i think it is below $170. bought a franke chopping board + drainer + tray separately. it fit nicely on top of the sink. hope this helps.


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Hi AK,

i would like to have the contact of the distributor that u get yr sink from. and how much did u pay for those accessories?

would u be able to find out which model u got? because i am also interested in a double bowls sink.



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To those who has gotten the contact from AK of the contact of the distributor, can you pls share with me at [email protected].

I need to buy a Franke sink urgently and hoping I can get it cheaper from the distributor.

Thank You.


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sorry to those who asked for contact, i miss the thread. hope i am not too late to reply. u all got mail.

huey hong, pls provide your email.