Any recommendations for good and reasonable price for PI


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I am looking for a good n reasonable price PI to track my husband.

I found out he had an affair with another girl before our chinese tradiotional wedding. After I confronted him, he told me it was just a foolish impluse act and he is willing to change for me.

I gave him a chance.. Everything has been smooth cept a few days ago I read that girl's blog that she is expected a baby. I am worried tat the baby is my husband's cos in her blog, all she wrote was abt my husband n her. I text her a msg asking if tat baby was my husband and tat i'm willing to divorce with my husband cos the baby is innocent ( and i can nv accept my husband anymore if tats the case). She did nt reply to my msg. Instead, she posted another entry to her blog, as if replying to me.

In her blog she mentioned tat no lies will be hidden forever.. someday all truth will come to light..

I'm totally lost! My gut feeling tells me tat baby is my husband's. yesterday I purposely told my husband that ger is pregnant. He looked surprise & said mayb it's the new bf's. I find it hard to believe.

I wanted to follow my husband's secretly but I am always nt ard in sg hence my last resort is to hire a PI

I need to know all the truth before it gets too late. I dont want to end up pregnant or having kids oready then I knew the truth.. That will be too late..

Any kind souls can give recommendations?



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Already like very obvious that the baby is your husband's.

Your husband's lies to her about you all busted.

I stand corrected.

Prepare for divorce lah... Have fun!


U r trying to go prove for adultery to annul ur marriage assuming u r recently is not as easy as u think to prove for adultery for ur information....u r looking at PI cost from 3k - 10k++....u sure u want to do this....???

I can introduce PI for u...but u sure u want to do this...><"


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The girl may be playing mind games with u. Since she cant have your husband, she may feel resentful towards you, and probably towards him too.


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I dont know what I shld do!! Whenever I cried and said I wanted to divorce, my husband will cry n beg me not to. He can even run out from his meeting to wait dwnstairs my hs.

He told he he really realisd his mistakes and tat he will prove to me to earn back my trust of him..

And tat ger's blog, I dont know what she said is all truth cos sometimes some of the posts she wrote doesnt tally. Like she mentioned his mother just pass away. My husband mother is well n alive. But most of the things tally la.

I cannot move on not knowing what is the truth. My husband tells me not to go read her blog oready cos everything I read I will end up depress. I am not someone who will raise my voice n shout back. I just become depress n started crying. but the first time i found out abt them i wasent my usual me. I scream and shouted in public. I guess mayb I'll prepared for the worse now? Cos I realli dont know how to have that trust oready.

I guess I realli need a PI for a month, when I'm not ard..

Yes, I need a PI..

I am so sick of playing mind games oready.. I lost focus in my job, marriage.. all directions!


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send us the link of the blog...looks juicy news..are u guys not staying together? u mentioned " He can even run out from his meeting to wait dwnstairs MY hs."


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if only i didn't get to read her blog...


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kctan,ya we are not living together atm cos hs hvnt renovate and my work requires me to stay near airport. My hs is at the east and his is yck so only sometimes I stay over..


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piggie, I have a feeling that this woman is playing mind games with you too.

Hiring PI is one thing. How do you view your current relationship with your hubby now? I thought this is more important. If you really want to make it work, whether or not this woman has a baby, you'll be determined to make it work. Otherwise, just part.


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A woman who really truly honestly love a man won't be ready to give him up for fock reason. Why are you having a psychological instability?

Do you know why?

Because you base your relationship on a system of ifs and buts. Your heart is telling you not to go, your brain is telling you all the time he is cheating, and your soul is never about love.

You listen to these morons... so what you discover the baby is not his? If she plays more games with you, are you going to 24hrs send PI 365 days to jagar your man and that girl?

You can't.

I never said so hoping to see you and the forumers' reaction. Your only way out is divorce. You did not pass the test. You are only torturing yourself and listening to morons for advise.

And so what you send PIs? What if your husband is innocent and discovers you spy on him? You NEVER trusted him!

You entered the marriage despite of your instability, despite last min discovering the affair, despite everything... despite being even unsure. It has never been sincere when you take the vows because you have never been steady.

This marriage is an error, stupid pig. You do not marry to guess your other half and send spies! You chose a war you are destined to lose right from the start.

The min you send the PI... is the minute you declare your marriage dead. Silly gai...

If you listen to these morons... you will enjoy endless relationship pitfalls.


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Scope Guy, thanks for your contribution but what you mention is not what lead to my current situation is.

And most imptly, the reason why I agree to marry him is not based on what you feel on how I wrote in this post.

Of cos, after 6 years of relationship and 1 yr of marriage, I discover he had this affair even before our traditional chinese dinner and had even lasted for almost a yr, do you tink this trust can be easily build up again?

To err is human, I had given him a chance too. but if this baby is really his, dont you tink this is too huge a mistake he had done to let me forgive him again?

There's certain limit that everyone haf to fogive someone you love the most in your life. But there are also certain mistaks that are unforgivable despite hw much you love that person.

PS : Thank you sad_ending for the email.


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That's not true. It's not whether you forgive or not, it's whether you understand the relationship or not.

It's very hard to understand what I am saying now, but I hope by experiencing and later on after all this you will understand.

The problem comes because you don't engage a man proper. If you need to send PI you should have sent before your marriage. Which is, in a relationship with a man, you need to understand the man then you marry. See?

Yours is upside down. Many women do this, then when the test comes, they claim love but they cannot forgive and are prepare to give up, then marry again... after they made the same error, then divorce again.

You have to learn the lesson. If after he apologise and you cannot trust the man but trust that blogger more... You have NEVER understood the man, which is why you are hesitating, you are unsure, and you need PI. See?

I have counselled women as you in the past, and to force them to realise that the whole issue is with themselves and not the man. The reason why I told you to divorce is because this marriage is really a mistake, and this man is not yours.

Like I said, so what you sent the PI and found the baby is not yours? Can you be sure as the blogger blogs that you won't 'believe' that your husband may have returned to her secretly? Are you going to send PI again and again? You are torturing yourself for a man you never understood.

Tell me, Piggie... is this a relationship?

It's not I don't get you... it is the way that you and most in this forum's view on relationship that is freaking me out.

Do you love this way through thin and thick? So if this baby is his... you will give up? Is this love?

Piggie, you have to learn from this test of God.

This is a long term relationship labelled as marriage. ANYTHING can happen along the way. You cannot just pick the first man who comes into your life and start a marriage, then discover a flaw and you quit.

Your husband is working... even if he is not seeing this blogger, he will be exposed to many other women... if you don't divorce him, given your relationship situation with him, will you be steady with him? Won't you want more PIs to check if he is 'eating outside'?

Again, my dear... is this relationship to you? Is he the One? You should know why you should divorce. It's not the baby, it's you. He's not yours.


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scope, you are right. Some time it's not the matter of the extra-marital affair, maybe the guy/girl is not the one that the person is looking for. Even both of them are together for so long then married, that doesnt prove anything also.


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I can recommend u to lookup Internet for spy phone.. It is a software tat u install in yr hubby phone n can record his SMS, calls, track his location n even listen to his surroundings up to 15ft. Abt $ 300-600 per year. Flexispy.

Personally I nvr try but just read abt it.

I understand sometimes engaging a PI is not abt wanting to divorce hubby. The trust is no longer there becoz of a wrong n normally man tell lies to protect tat trust not knowing that actually it damage trust further. Hubby may b still friends with the girl but nothing else but he hides it n wife got paranoid.

Mayb spy phone can help to discover the truth.


crazy9, u should try it yourself. My friend ever bought it and was cheated. it's not truth, those are scams


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I think I understand her predicament. When trust has been violated, a woman doesn't feel safe. For me I found ways and means to ensure that safety, checking up on him etc. but at the end of the day, I agree with scopeguy, it's your issues. Bcos whatever he did, he cannot undo it. Do you feel that he has made amends for his mistakes, do you believe what he says, do you believe he loves you?

If not, all the checking will drive you crazy, you will lose sleep, lose health. I did that and all I found was more and more lies. Eventually I chose to end the situation, by removing myself, he can no longer lie to me. But that's me. What do u really want?

If he only did it once it may really be a moment of folly. If u believe it is then forgive him and move on.

You have to decide if u find what you found would u be ready to leave or stay before you do it. If u choose to stay and need trust re-establish, then ur husband must participate in re building that trust.

Listen to your gut and ur heart. What can a PI give u that u cannot find out yourself? Unless u want to divorce him on grounds of adultery, otherwise it's a waste of money, time and energy.


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I agree, get a PI. Its better to find out the truth for your peace of mind. Just be ready to accept what you will find out.


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Getting a PI cannot prove your spouse isn't having an affair, what they may be able to do is get you evidence if he is indeed having one. Even if they found nothing, it doesn't mean he isn't having an affair. So, one should be clear with their expectations. Don't expect the outcome of the PI to give you a peace of mind, it doesn't, PIs don't follow the target 24/7.