Any recommendation where to take photos for outdoor?

Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by joannelim, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. joannelim

    joannelim New Member

    where to take outdoor photos? any recommendation?

  2. tenten

    tenten New Member

    Botanic Garden is a must go place. Although alot of ppl taken at that area but it totally depends on how well your photographer can capture the moment. Do go.. no regrets. . . I had mine there too.
  3. xiaozhi

    xiaozhi New Member

    maybe u can go to places which means something important to you and your husband...

    may not be a fantastic beautiful location. but it will be very meaningful...

    try looking at some photographers works at unusual locations... some of them do it quite well...
  4. lobanglobang

    lobanglobang New Member

    hey...i took my pictures at Republic Singapore Yacht Club.

    The sunset is beautiful together with yachts.

    Call and ask them for permission before going in.
  5. happy_penguin

    happy_penguin New Member

    Hi LobangLobang

    I am interested to take my outdoor PS at Republic Singapore Yacht Club. DO I need to pay?
    Mind to share your photo shoot with me? My email:

  6. howin54

    howin54 New Member

    Lobang lobang; Really? I would love to see your picture when u got them [​IMG]
  7. yukifire

    yukifire New Member


    I am interested to have my outdoor PS at the Yacht Club too. May I know if we need to pay?
  8. chiffon_cake

    chiffon_cake New Member

    i am interested to have my outdoor PS at the yacht club too but for non member will need to pay $250.
  9. yukifire

    yukifire New Member

    Thanks, Chiffon Cake.

    You called and checked with the yacht club?
  10. weddingdoll

    weddingdoll New Member

    yes ! I took my PS at Republic Singapore Yacht Club too.. i was a member, hence its free for me. if public, $250 for bridal shoots...

    i m a alacarte bride (no BS).. so i had a lot of PS.. the places I been to are

    bontanic Garden
    Arab Street
    My Condo swimming pool *underwater shoots*
    hort park
    Republic Singapore Yacht Club
    York Hotel..

    Piew. thats a long list.. i had 6 different PS.. haa
  11. mosquito

    mosquito New Member

    i took my wedding picture at one marina sentosa yacht club too, and the rate is only about $150 even when i am not a member. hehe.. if u wan, email me i let u know their contact.
  12. yande

    yande New Member

    How about outdoor pre wedding photography in Bali. You will have something unique and beautiful for your memorable moment. Please check this link Pre Wedding Bali
  13. coxi07

    coxi07 New Member

  14. lovingjul

    lovingjul New Member

  15. coxi07

    coxi07 New Member

    this place was a park behind potong pasir mrt station. it's just at the back of geylang. many people are jogging there now.
  16. lovingjul

    lovingjul New Member

    I see. Thanks bliss. [​IMG]
  17. coxi07

    coxi07 New Member

    you are welcome. And, congratulations! [​IMG] enjoy your outdoor shoot.
  18. lovingjul

    lovingjul New Member

    Thanks bliss! Enjoy your marriage life blissfully! :D
  19. rojak

    rojak New Member

    doll: that's alot of different shoots u had! who did you do it with? Do you mind sharing your photos? i'm interesting in seeing those you took at York hotel and underwater shots. Hwy york hotel of all hotels?
  20. yahyaawal

    yahyaawal New Member

    Iskandar,JB near Gelang Patah

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