Any recommendation for good make up remover????


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i use DHC Cleansing oil for removal of makeup. Shu Uemura one broke me out badly as it has got mineral oil content!


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hihi valen... yup actually fancl one does remove lip n eye makeup but i think it is very damaging for the more delicate skin around ur eyes if you use the same remover too, so i recommend the loreal one too
and also my take on the fancl oil is that it does not completely clean off my mascara (i use fiberwig mascara) but the loreal one does it very fast, just a few wipes after resting it on your eyes

gervynne: heehee... i love the DHC oil too... too bad i din get enuff bottles when i just came back from taipei... darnz! yup... i hate the shu uemura one... i also got break out and i thought i did not clean properly... the worse is that my mascara was still not cleaned up after i used like 5 pumps... so disappointing... and the worse thing is that it was sooo hyped up..
but a lesson learnt though


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galwholikesbeautifulthings: haha seems like we're raving about the same thing! Yeah its a pity SG does not bring in DHC. I love DHC and will always stock up when i go to HK!


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im interested in getting the dhc oil..
but so sad its not in sg..
is it possible any of u to get it for mi?


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I strongly recommend Fasio's Oil Cleansing gel. It removes my mascara and traces of makeup totally, and my skin feels really smooth after that.


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Highly recommend Shu Uemura cleansing oil, itz very gentle on sensitive skin... i've been using for 6yrs... thumb up!


Chanel Eye and face makeup remover, best that i've tried and it remove mascara very well.
Perhaps can get a sample from the counter first before buying.


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i think body shop's cucumber make up remover thingie is good. very cooling. for eyes i use mabelline eye make up remover.

just wanna check : anyone tried the fancl eye make up remover, the one that was 'tested on an egg' in the advert?


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i think i can't use Fancl's cleansing oil.
now my face got so many pimples. espcially eye area.
i stopped using liao, still hunting for the best around.
anyone using fancl's cleansing oil, keen to purchase my 3/4 left over? =(


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i have oily skin, so i don't use cleansing milk. for me, i have been using L'oreal eye and lips make up remover and Dior cleansing water to remove my make-up for 3 years. Good! Dior cleansing water can be used to remove oil and dust effectively even you don't have make-up on.


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Dear all,

I have tried tons of make-up remover in the market, from cheap ones to expensive ones. Cos I put on make up everyday. This one that I bought from my current beautician is fabulous!!! I love it soooo much. Its water based and its very gentle on the skin. Just a bit can dissolve all my make up totally. Best of all, not lotion based, so not sticky & oily. PM me if you want to know the contact details.


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Had bought d popular fancl cleansing oil.Verdict of d cleansing oil is super gd whereby even thick n water proof mascara will be able be wash off as adverstise.However,aft using for abt 2mths..d cleansing oil cause my face ti haf lotsa pimples!!Initially I tot is due to hormonalchanges for d break-outs lo..consulted my frd who is also using d same product, cos w bought d oil tog.She also had d same problem!So is all d cleansing oil giving us d break-outs!We decided to throw away even though we haben finsh up d whole bottle.Definitly will not buy again


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Im a fancl supporter! So far I dun have any problems, have been using for a few months now..But I dun put on makeup everyday, so I go for the smaller bottle. Shelf life is less than 2 months as it contains natural ingredients..


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I've been using the cleansing oil for the past 2 wks. So far all is good. But I always double wash my face. Round 1 with the cleansing oil, and Round 2 with Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Bar. All is good. Personally, I think cleansing oils, should be washed over again. Because, water doesnt wash off oil! So, if you dont rid of make up and oil, pimples will come! But without a doubt fancl cleasing oil is fantastic as it dissolves waterproof mascaras. Love it to bits!


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I have never tried seikisho. Now using artistry's gentle action make up remover (finally! coz last time lazy to use remover, just use cleanser). Not expensive but quite effective in removing my makeup and daily grime.


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Hi grape,

Where did you buy the artistry make up remover? How much is it? How many ml? Is it suitable for all skin type?


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hi i used to use fasio make remover but i find it not so good and i also need to use cotton pad for it.but after recommendation from a friend,i started using enyouth clearing gel and beauty oil cleanser,its a make up remover.its very good as it acts like a cleanser.just apply on the face directly and massage it,then apply warm water and massage again then rinse it off.alot of my friends used it and it really works.just sharing my thoughts with you cost $70.00 for 200ml.can last for quite long.


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Hi Ruby,

Artistry makeup remover 125ml costs $33.80 it's suitable for all skin type.
Artistry eye & lip makeup remover 120ml costs $26.40 (it can removes long lasting and waterproof formulas)


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I tried Shu, Lancome Bifacil, Clinique, Kose range (From Sasa), Shiseido (oil type) and other cheapo brands. But I think Loreal (blue and light blue liquid) is the BEST! As good if not better than Lancome.


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hi hi
I am always on look out for cheap and good beauty products. Don't believe in branded stuff that spend big bucks on marketing.
Proud to say that I found one for make up remover.
Maybelline make up remover (half transparent and half blue liquid) only less than $10 and available island wide.
Shake the bottle and squeeze into cottonwool. Put it over eye and hold for a while. Do not rub. Eye area and eye lashes are delicate.
Gently remove any residue make up. I use it for entire face although meant for eye and lip.


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I am using this makeup remover from renaissance. excellent product. remove waterproof formulas effectively. You can try their small bottle first before investing on a big one. Think is 60ml for $13


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MAC Cleanse Off oil, $40 i think. Melts everything and no oily residue. I find you need to follow up Shu Uemura with another cleanser, unlike MAC.


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Notredame: How much ml is the MAC cleanse off oil?

Elyn0208: Where did you purchase the Artistry eye & lip makeup remover 120ml which costs $26.40?

Hi. Have u heard of Bio essence cleansing milk? I tried only once, at my friends place.. THe bottle states that it not only removes waterproof makeup, but also helps whiten the complexion.

Well, what do u gals think? COs im thinking of getting a waterproof remover.. I used loreal and maybelline waterproof makeup remover before, now trying to finish my maybelline waterproof makeup remover HOWEVER, these two are very drying for my skin and when removing mascara, i had to swipe many many times for it to come off and damaged my eyelids --> it made my eyelids painful and had dry skin there which were flaking off...which made me avoid eyeshadows for a long time..

Yea so was thinking of switching makeup removers. By the way, wat about the Biore pink color bottle makeup remover? ANyone tried it before? is it good? Thanks


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try this alternative,

Get yourself wet tissues that are suitable for cleansing the face. Sure remove makeup. Cos some make-up remover, though u use it already, but when u wipe your face with tissue, there are still traces of make-up.

Try the wet tissue followed by facial wash, toner, moisturizer & sunblock (day only).


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Hi!! Im a great fan of Missha and Im glad I found this brand. I really love their products. They work wonders and the pricing is friendly to our pockets. To remove stubborn eye makeup such as waterproof mascara, try their 'Lip & Eye Makeup Remover'.
It removes till the slightest trace is gone. What I do is dab a few drops on a cotton pad, then I pat it above and under my eyelashes and it works wonders! If your mascara is too thick, just repeat the steps on another cotton pad till its clean. It costs only $10.80! For face remover, I use its water base remover. It is called 'Clear Cleansing Water' which has a pleasant smell and because it's waterbased, it's very light and refreshing. By the fouth (normal sized cotton pad), all my face applications is gone and my face is ready for cleansing. It removes your face and eye makeup (ie eyeshadow). And it's really cheap, only $7.90 for a full size bottle of 280ml (more than Simple Makeup Remover) One bottle lasts me about a month (I use it daily on 4 - 5 cotton pads, 2-3 pumps on each) I previously used Simple which costs around the price and it's not as good as Missha. I got hooked onto their Cleansing Water because it's cheap, really cleanses, smells pleasant, the light feeling on the skin (ie 0% oily) and the refreshness it gives you after a tired day of work or back from shopping.


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Hi gals, i have 3 bottles of Body Shop Cucumber Cleansing milk.

Retail $21.90. willing to let go at 25%. Self collect at Raffles Place or Lavender. Bought last dec. Best use w cucumber freshener

Interested email me at [email protected]


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Hey Adrella,Ohstrawberry! Great to know another two people loving and benefitting Missha's products.
Love it when people share the same sentiments with me - it's all about satisfaction of sharing something good I know. So far, four of my friends (the only four I introduced Missha to) have started using their lines of products ever since I brought them into Missha's boutiques. Now some of them have started using the full range of Deep Sea Water.
I haven't tried the Rose range though. Is it good?


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Hi, Everyone...

I waz very fasinated by the advertisments of Fancl cleansing oil, the tv commercial that shows the Fancl cleansing oil applied over the egg with 3 colours remember? So I brought the small size bottle to trial, I totally agreed that Fancl cleansing oil no good, after usage, I got pimples breakout oso, same as "jan (jsim15)" and the friend. Somemore after u use the cleansing oil, yr face still feels oily oily, not totally clean lor. Guz muz use another facial wash or cleanser to cleanse again.

Now I dnt buy ex. brands anymore, so I do not know how good the SU cleansing oil that so many gals here are raving about. Cos now I use the cheap brand and it can produce same and good results as the previous cleansing oil lor. Anyway, I believe its not the brand and price to judge how good a facial wash or cleansing oil is.


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for those lazy days.. try - purederm make-up remover cleansing tissue. one large pc of tissue.. enuf to wipe away your foundation, eyeliners, blusher n point is that it has very fresh smell and skin is really clean after use.
gd verdict from 'simply Her" mag and its priced very reasonably. avaialble at watsons


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missha's cleansing water good n cheap $8.90 only n it even remove waterproof mascare easily n non oil based. ettusais,laneigne, shu, lancome i tried but it caused millis. haiz. simple's eye make up remover very good but at the rate i m using,it become exp$$$. haha i used for whole face,its friendly to skin,non oil based.


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Clarins makeup remover is not bad. Mid-range pricing. Quite economical. Does a good job in cleaning out even those hard to reach areas.


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Hi makeup remove of cos get it from loreal the 2 layer remover. Its rated the one of the best and its cheap. and i am using it. Its really good . you hold it on your eyes for 2mins and its clean.