Any recommendation for dvd home theatre system ?


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we not too familiar with this, would like to get one ~$500- $700. any recommendations pls.

yesterday went to best denki, being recommended a model Teac PLD-2100, sound effects all right but asthetic wise teh speakers are awful. other brands include pioneer and panasonic. he says pioneer better than panasonic in sound effects. best is sony but must use only original dvds.

any help pls, what system if you are using ?

thanks !



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Hi neth&dear,

I am not an expert, just giving you my 2cents worth.

I have also been to Best Denki and guess what, they were also recommending the Teac. I am not too sure with their recommendation, which I believe is often driven by profits.

I bought the Panasonic SC-MT1 (due to budget contraints) for less than $600 at Parisilk Electrical Shop (tel: 64521593). Performance is good for that price. This shop, you can get all electrical items there, is definately cheaper than Best Denki or all major electrical shops, the catch is you have to pay cash or nets to secure a good price. The advantage of major electrical shops are that they offer credit cards flexi-payment.

I have been told that Panasonic offers much lesser commission, hence major electrical shops will not 'push' their product. I am not sure how true this statement is.

Sony models uses passive subwoofers wherelse Panasonic uses active subwoofers, which I have been told is preferred for the general listeners. However, Sony provides a clearer sound when I did a comparison using original CDs.

Conclusion, I think Teac is acceptable considering that it is a Japan brand. If you are on a low budget, then consider Singapore's own, Enzer, which I believe costs around $300-400. The Creative Gigaworks S750 is highly recommended, but is retailing at $949. During sales, it's sold as low as $600+. Visit their websites to check out the specs.

Hope this helps. Happy choosing ...


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My dad just bought a Pioneer home theatre from Courts the other day cost $599. I find the sound effects are pretty good. The DVD player can play pirated disc. Saw another Sony comes with a speaker stand, quite nice but expensive about $1000 plus.


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I believe Pioneer is good too. If you intend to play pirated CDs, you have to look for players which can support CD R/W format or DVD R/W.

Sony comes with various models with different speakers. There's one model that costs only around $730, I was actually choosing that model with my Panasonic one. Sony is more expensive because you are paying for their R&D and branding.


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Hi, i was also looking for home threatre sys some times back and did went around doing some scouting, below is my findings:
1) Sony is one of the best systems in terms of sound and image, but i know/heard that some Sony higher series cannot play pirated CDs.
2) Sony's loading/unloading of CDs get spolit easily. This is due to the different design from other brands. For most other brands, there is a plate where it would slide out for you to place your CDs. For Sony, you insert the CD into the system.
3) A alternative to Sony is Pioneer. I try them out and their sound is very good. It is also known to be able to play pirated CDs.
4) Out of 4 shops that I visited, 3 recommend Pionner.
5) Tried Shinco before, but sound not clear, not sure is it because setup no good. In that sense, a bit doubtful on those other cheaper brands, Enzer, Akira, etc. The only plus points on these brands is that 100% gurantee can play pirated stuff.
6) Does not recommend to buy from Best, Harvey or Courts. These are places good for trying out the system.
7) I assume that you will try the system before buying. Suggest that you bring your own CDs instead of using those demos disk. This is my personal experience from buying my TV. The demo is fantastic, for they used to best DVDs and best gold plated wire.


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I also aiming a set for my new hse. Been waiting for the price to drop, Harvey and Best are selling $899/-. Outside electrical shops selling around $780/-.

The model is JVC Q-PES-1, which comes with a active woofer (a real active one). Many brands called thiers active too but theres no control knobs for frequency at all.

The DVD player and Amplifier is seperated, which means in future u can replace your DVD player when spoil without changing the whole system. Sound quality is clear and powerful.


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I've tested the JVC QP-ES1 model also. The sound quality is very good. Where did you manage to find it for $780? Have you tried out other brands?


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Those electrical shops nearby my estate which is Bedok. But my new place is in Punggol.

Every shops outside does not carry a wide range of products like the big one does (Courts, Best, Harvey etc.)

However, you may juz enquire and they will make a call for you to the supplier and quote you on the spot. Regardless of any products like fridge, tv, hifi, washing machines. What you need to have is only the brand and model no. to provide them.


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I got a very good deal at Best Denki recently when I bought my hi-fi system....previously, i was aiming the Yamaha $1099 series that included a AV receiver/amp, 1 centre speaker, 2 standing speakers and 3 rear surround speakers. Eyeing it for abt 6 months...then recently, went to Best again and saw this unit by TEAC that is selling at $799. It included a TEAC receiver/amp, 2 standing Robertson speakers, 1 centre Robertson speaker and 2 Robertson surround speaker. So i tried the sound and found that the sound is actually better than the yamaha as the voice and everything is more rich and not so bright as compared to the i asked the salesman how much, he said $599....i thot i heard wrongly so asked him again..and he said that it is part of a promotion where people who bought plasma tv can actually buy this unit at a discount of $599 but bec not everybody bought the set, he has some extra vouchers left for this, so he told me to get this cos it is definitely more worth it as compared to the yamaha set...and i totally the end, bought the set for $599...

It is really worth it in my opinion..think abt it, where can u find a system that is only $599 that has standing speakers? Even those home entertainment systems cost at least 800 bucks and they give those lousy and small satallite speakers which the sound is really hopeless...all base from the woofer and no clarity as well...really..if u like to have a little bit better sound system without blowing your budget, try to invest in a proper AV receiver and speakers set rather than a home entertainment system...a home entertainment is for those who want everything into one and definitely quality and sound has to be doubt abt it...look around, am sure that u can find a AV receiver with speakers at abt 1000 bucks..


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Hi Mc,

I bought that set too but in apr at price of $899. Ai yoh... i only had it delivered to my house on last Monday. Heart pain now.


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Hi MC,

So u recommend those home entertainment system with small speaker which is ard $300-500 is better for the Master Rm lah? But when they play the CDs or VCDs there, effect ok leh. Any checklist or things to look out for when buying these stuff? (Newbie)
Recently bought a $199 mini hifi with DVD. Wa lao the effect everything very lousy n very bad. Therefore i believe one dollar for one goods.
I find pioneer not bad also cos old brand if got KENWOOD better. Any good pioneer model to recommend? Im staying in the WEST area. Tks.


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Hi MC,

I am quite interested in sound system. but like you I oso hava a certain budget. Can anyone explain why is it better to have AV receiver with speakers than normal speakers. Any technique to check whether the system is good. Is TEAC a reputable brand for sound system?? What is the model number, maybe can also look out for this brand.

We saw a system at the major departmental stores and saw a Panasonic system which was selling around $800. We thought that the system was quite good until I saw your posting.

Willing to budget not more than $800 for more system...Anyone who has other models to recommend


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If you wish to invest slightly more and keen on sound systems, why not check out at The Adelphi, opposite Funan Centre where wider range of models and brands can be found there.


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i am not very techy but then happen to hear the sound effect of jvc (if remember correctly, is something like the Q series?) and panasonic, jvc sounds better. even hubby thinks so. the sales assistant tried out on music and DTS dvd. Price i can't remember..


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Ken bro...
Bose usually classified as overpriced by those 'sound experts'....
The only Bose product I would recommend, is this front center speaker unit which can give you surround sound.
It is useful if you have constraints putting up 5.1 system.


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Does anyone knows where to get cheap 'frames' that can hang the speakers on the ceiling or walls? I bought sony DVD system but the original ones from sony is too ex. any reccomendations for those that can adjust left and right, up and down?


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Hi bertbert,
I have seen those in HomeFix.
You can also try neighborhood DIY shops.
Some shops in the Sim Lim area might have too.


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Anyone using the Philips home theatre system selling at $1299 now at courts? I am interested in it becos of the design of the 4 standing speakers is quite nice and 2 of the standing speakers are wireless. I had brought my pirated dvd there to test and it can play. However, i never heard of ppl talking abt philip sound systems. Is it gd? Any comments?


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Pioneer came out with a new system which costs less than S$800.. model is something353.

It's a DVD home system with 2 digital wireless speakers. Have not heard the sound yet but am considering it


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I've just bought a 5.1 home theatre system (HTS) recently. As I'm a newbie to HTS, can anyone tell me when I'm using the radio/tuner function, does the sound only just come from the front left and right speakers? There is no sound coming from my centre, rear left and right speakers and subwoofer.

I've read through the manual but it doesn't say anthing.



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Just brought a DAV-FX900KW, DVD Home Theatre System Wireless Juxbox Entertainment System for about $1150


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mine is a Pioneer HTS.. with harddisk recorder.. so far so good.. even my ID and vhive deliveryman when he assembling my study table commented that the sound's good... the radio is onz then... hee

btw, BC Wong, the sound should come from all the speakers. not only the 2 front speakers... you check your connection???


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hi, any advice for hi fi system? cos i'm trading in a old hi-fi system for a new 1 as Audio house is having a trade in promotion. Trade In old home theatre system to receive $500 off the new home theatre system and dont need to bring it down to Audio House, they will collect it from my hosue.. lol
Trade in old Mini Hi Fi system to receive $300 off the new Mini Hi Fi System.


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hi S.C, im interested in the audio house hi fi trade in offer you mentioned. can the old mini hi fi system be any brand and model? or must be specific one. $300 is quite alot, sell to gurung guni also i think can get $50 only. haha.


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I'm looking for a HT system and has a budget of about 2k. i have been thinking about Onkyo SR606 as the receiver but not sure what speakers, subwoofer and DVD player to match with.

Could you give me some advise/ recommendations? Well, it is not a must to have SR606 though.

You guys helps are very much appreciated.



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i recently set up the HT system in my room with marantz and denon, with a HD LCD and HDMI DVD Player.. amazing sounds.

went down to audio house, they have alot of sound rooms there where you can compare the brands and different set ups, then the salesguy helped us put together a whole system. very good service and they had alot of brands there.


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I wouldn't recommend HTiBs which have the speakers connected to a main console that is also a DVD player - this main console tend to lack other inputs so you're stuck with DVD for 5.1, and when it spoils which it usually does quickly compared to audio equipment which last 5-10 years you'll be stuck with passive speakers that need an amp yet of too poor quality to warrant getting a proper AVR.

You might have some luck at the Akira warehouse sale today and tomorrow.

5.1 systems for computer are designed to cover a smaller area than 5.1 systems for the living room.

Oh, and one more thing, you won't get auto-calibration with HTiBs at these kind of prices.


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Check into the Onkyo TX-SR607 receiver as well. The power difference is insignificant and the feature set is better. In the US you can find them for under $400US.

$600 for speakers? Easy in a space that size. 3 pair of Behringer B2030P bookshelf studio monitors - yes you'll have a spare but these rock in a small space. These sell in the US for $130/pr. You'll find some cheap and simple mods on here that WmAx developed that really make them sing.

Assuming they ship to Canada then Parts Express will sell you a good enough sub for that space for $150US. If you have somebody below you then I would probably buy a front-firing-front-ported or sealed sub and set it on a subdude.

Cables can come from if they ship to Canada.