Any recommendation for Contractor (not ID pls)?


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I can recommend a good Tiles Supplier if any of you want it. Please PM me if you want his contact.

I got my entire tiles from him and is cheaper compare to other shops. I also get samples tiles from other shop and ask the tile supplier to quote and he quoted me cheaper than the shops


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I am looking for a contractor for my resale 5rm. I appreceate if someone can recommend me a contractor who is good with designing skills as well.



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I'm looking for a contractor for my 5rm flat. If you have any commendable contractor, pls pm me their contact.



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I did not use ID for my house. I design myself and engage a contractor. The price is resonable. And the workmanship is good.Give me good advise when i am buying my furniture. If you want his contact you can email me. Have to say he is not from those famous contractor and he dun do adver, thats why its cheap.


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we are looking for a reliable contractor. We have some designs in mind... but is it as simple as us pointing to a pic in a magazine and the contractor will know how to recreate the same look? Pls share ur experiences. Tks



Just to feedback, I read the postings here and told my hb to give Andy a call, based on the recommendations here. When he told him the stuff to be done, he became quiet and rather hostile. My hb sensed that he was not interested to come down to look at our house, he left Andy his number and ever since then Andy never even bother to call back to fix appt with us. Its been more than a week.

He must be getting so much biz based on the recommendations that he became hao lian lor. Ours is just minor reno, if small biz also not interested, then how to trust and rely on such ppl. tsk tsk


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Hi Pink Icon,
ya, this happens all the time. I also need to do minor renovation. I wonder if these contractors will be interested to take it up.

Any good finding so far?


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I got so many quotes from different IDs and contractors.. apparently all of them told me that starting May 1st there will be an increase in price for windows, grilles, gates because there is an increase in price for metal.

If we sign up early with them, are they able to contain the increase? gosh it's a $40K project leh.


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ID is a liar! Everything is possible and smooth sailing before signing the contract/invoice. Their service and attitude change after the signature. Just to name a few how bad their service was: Poor workmanship, Lousy service,Bad Painting & Poor Materials/Parts

Str*tegic D*sign at Ubi advertised their service on 18 jul and 23 may 2008. promising well train supervisor, handover on time, good materials, etc. these are all b*llsh*t, all lies...they took 3-4 months to handover to us. and furthermore, we need to push n push for it then they handover. otherwise, all the reno work will be stagnant. the supervisor M*lvin T*n is worst! never even bother to come and look at the progress till we complain to him. painting was not done and wanted to handover to us. pen ink can still be seen all around the place. good material is also another lie. my tiles colour is starting to fade within 4 months..and they charge extremely high, no lowest price at all. do not be cheated by all their gimmicks!!!
And why they have a brand new showroom because they close down another branch which they can?t afford to maintain. In fact their business is not good therefore, they will charge very high. They used to have financial issues which can checked out with their boss Jos*ph


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Hi there, so coincidentally that i just met a couple recently and they used Str*tegic D*sign at Ubi as well. and they share the same sentiments as us. and heard from them they like to use the trick of filing a complaint and made you pay extra that we as the consumers do not know till we suddenly received a letter. at the same time they can save up the effort of after sales service therefore the warranty of 1 year is a lie since they already on bad terms, consumers will definately won't approach them anymore, right!!!


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hi there! i'm looking for good contractors for tiling, carpentry, false ceiling etc..

if u have any, pls pm me, thks!


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Hi Joey,

I am currently in the midst of renovation. So far I have been very happy with my contractor as he has been very prompt, easily reachable & had shown willingness to spend time searching for stuffs that I am looking for.

So far, the only thing that have been completed is the tiling & installation of toilet items. False ceiling done but not yet painted.

Some minor changes had been done but I love my toilet tiling a lot as it look very spa-like & cozy. In my opinion, his tiler is very good compared to the work of other tilers that I had seen.

You may email me at [email protected] if you want his contact number.


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hi everyone,

My advice is not to trust 100% what the ID told you. I also engaged an ID, Wea Design @ Toa Payoh. The co-ordinator basically hardly go on site to moninor the job and when i highlight to him, he will "issit, then change lor"

Now when got so many things screwed up. I told the boss, then the boss told us their "salesperson" sometime too tight up, with alot of project on hand ... bla bla bla..

SO as to say, we are not engaging a ID, is sales person only. My HTB and I were very upset, we said your whatever sales person or you called yourself ID cannot so irresponsible, this will spoilt ur company reputation, and in service line is all about service and referrer if u have done a good job. Guess what he told us?

We dun care abt reputation.. then he realize he said something wrong.

We like "huh?????" Service line dun care abt their company repo? means what? Con the customer once, hit and run??

Really upset.. Dun know how long they need to take to complete our house, and our custom marry is next month..


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I guess no matter how good or reputable a company is, there will hardly be prefect renovation; coz there are so many people involved along the way. Even if the ID is super good and monitor everything, he still depends on the "workers" to complete the job. So, what matter most is the ID's willingness to rectify mistakes / imprefection or prevent them from happening in the 1st place.

We were upset with Wea during quotation stage, thus thank God that we didn't end up with them.

All the best to you, BB & LB.


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thank you nath-adrie,

we also done alot of research and several quotes with both renovators and IDs, i tot i have done enof home work.. end up still bad luck. ha ha

by the way, i appreciate that the boss is rectifying the mistake his staff has made. but his attitude also as bad as his staff.

I asked the boss so do u hav any better suggestion? He told me "I don't know, i cannot read ur mind" I said, u claimed u have done over thousand house, my one just 3-rooms standard flat, no funny shape, standard layout leh.. he leaned against the wall, "I can't read ur mind, u tell me wat u want to do we do"

Yes he willing to rectify the mistake, but he want me to pay for the cost. I said NO WAY. Ur staff made mistake i pay for the cost?

One more advice, before sign the contract better discuss the time line. Cos my one sure delay liao, and the boss said u never put in the contract u must complete within 6 - 8 weeks. so delay he will not compensate. he said "U never put in the contract what... we follow the contract"

Talk to the "sales" or the "boss" also blood boiling..

Very sianz.. now really got to pray hard that no more thing screw up again.

if not i got to pay 1 more month for storage space, 1 month for my HTB & myself's room rental, future MIL also tumpang at his auntie's house now...


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wea is not an id firm.its a contractors its time to get things just tell him what u want and ask him to retify them.

hope u still have not paid them totally.put the balance if any,till they retify everything.onces complete ask for further discount for your loses.


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Hi Friends,

If you want to renovate your house, I can recommend one whom have renovate my house 2 yrs ago. I'm pleased with his services. Worth to contact him.


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wana know if anyone go direct to ask quote rather than go tru one ID or contractor? can save quite alot, just that we have to come out with the designs ourselves...

anyone got contact to share? can u email me: [email protected]



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any one have good reliable contractors to recommend to do up whole house reno for 5 rm pls pm me, thanks. Sub- contractors contacts also welcomed


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i have some contacts that are recommended by the tiles supplier. they do contracts from ID firms and they have show flat to show us.

my current contact is doing tiles, i am doing tiles for my whole house. so i was wonder if we have enough people, we can all ask for discount together..

the price they quote is about $6psf for living & 3 bdrm - can choose tiles up to $3.20, homogenous, 60x60. price includes haulage,cement, labour and etc...

i tried calling newspaper one, those DIY one, but alot of them not very sincere to quote, keep insisting must see the place first. the price they quote is about $2-$3.20 labour only. don't include cement, haulauge or tiles. also dunoo their workmanship good anot....

if you want the contact can pm me. I am still in the search for direct carpentry, direct ceiling works (for Lbox and false ceilings).


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i am still deciding between contractor or direct - if the price difference not much, i will go to contractor -- easier to coordinate and resolve issues..


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Dear all,

Any of you have the contact of any trustworthy contractor who can helps to do hacking of wall for condo? I tink they must apply for approval from the mgmt which I am clueless... Thks for your help!

Dear jrt gal,
can I have your contact for tiles? Thks!


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hi guys,
can consider trying out sim @94510390 formerly frm Everlink.He is on his own now and presently doing my dad-in-law house.You be surprised at his quotation especially this economic downturn.


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I think contractor is the "in between" option. I have done my homework when I renovated my 5 room resale flat recently. It is a major overhaul so the renovation costs to me was quite substantial. I saw 2 IDs and 2 contractors, all based on recommendation. I was very impressed with one of the IDs, but he charged $25k more than one of the 2 contractor I went to. After thinking through, I decided to opt for a contractor.

I think, as long as you have an idea what you want, and you work closely with your contractor along the way, things can be done quite well. I like this contractor of mine because he is very motivated and responsible. If he didnt like what the sub-cons did, he would tick them off. And more importantly, he was open to ideas, and was not calculative.

But at the end of the day, it really depends on yr personal preference. Cos, for contractors, you still need to have more inputs esp. on the aesthetic parts.


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Hi Mae,

Can i have the contact of your contractor? I would like to engage a contractor to reno my 5rm resale flat. Can u pls PM me the contact. Thank u


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Hi Mae, Alice and Zig,

If you manage to get the contractor contact, are you able to PM me as well.

Many many thanks


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Don't get

10 Defu Lane 1
Singapore 539497

The boss is Mr Lee Chye Guan, a super lousy guy who doesn't know the process of renovation well, don't know how to give proper instructions to his workers, don't know how to be punctual, not honest. In conclusion, he can't deliver what he claimed. If you don't want to be victimized, stay away from Hoe Guan. His territory is at Sengkang.


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Hi all, care to share with me on any good contractor?

Need to renovate my 5 rm resale flat and hope to get good and reasonable contractor here.

Kindly PM me for the contacts.

Thanks in advance;)