Any recommendation for Contractor (not ID pls)?


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Currently I am looking for a reliable and efficient contractor to quote for my new EA. Is there anyone out there who can recommend own or some friend’s contractors? Please share and list out those contractors who deserve to be mentioned.

For the moment, I have gotten 2 contacts (through this forum). I am still waiting for their quotations. Wish to find more contacts for comparison.

Many TIA


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I am happy with mine... PM me for contacts if you are interested
Homemaker Interiors
Alan Yong


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Can I know what makes you sign up with them? Can share with me? BTW is this a contractor firm or ID firm?


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heh heh, ok. It is a contractor firm.
first of all, we were comfortable with this contractor when we first met up with him. One heck of a cheerful and helpful guy.

Second, when he first came to our home, one look at the quotation and perspectives, he was able to tell you off-hand which is more practical and which is not feasible... offering alternatives instead of just shooting down the initial designs.

Thirdly, he was very straight forward in his discussions and proposal without being rude, or arrogant.

The prices he gave was also pretty reasonable, and we were happy with the workmanship of the projects his team of workers worked on.

It all boils down to whether you feel you are going to be happy working with him or not. We were, so we engaged him, and have been happy with the progress, and the works he and his team has done for our home.

the same can't be said for the aircon though... but that is another story altogether ;)


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I have just called him for appointment. Likely will meet up with him next week. Thanks.

So what's wrong with your air-con experience? Who do you engaged? Mind sharing?


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good good... heh heh... all the best in your quotations. Yong is a very jovial and cheerful guy, hope you like him as much as we did

emailed you the details on the air-con saga...


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Like to recommend my contractor too.

A responsible and easy going person. Overall workmanship are appraisable. Price quoted are among the best that I went to. Timely delivery and follow up.

Mail me at [email protected] for contact.


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I have yet to get his quotation. That day when I briefed him what we want, he told me the cost will be minimum $45K!
It is some way over my budget... Hopefully he can lower his price, keeping my finger crossed. So are your carpentry up yet?


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Recommend my contractor. He gave reasonable rates for all items, no hidden costs, so no need to worry that he'll charge some items too cheaply, and add the cost in others. Did my 4 room premium flat at less than $10k with the following :

L-box & false ceiling at living/dining/bedroom passageway
TV console
Feature Wall
Shoe Cabinet
Kitchen Cabinets with solid surface top
wardrobe in master bedroom
cabinet below vanity top
mirror in master toilet
painting for whole hse
free installation of accessories, hob, hood
electrical works
plumbing works

Anyone interested, can email me [email protected] to get his contacts.


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Hi all

Have received quite a number of mails enquiring with regards to my contractor's designs ....

Would like to clarify, my contractor does not provide designs as he is not a designer firm, however he is knowledgable on the materials and layout, piping etc...and gives good quality materials at very reasonable prices.

If you have a design in mind and do not wish to spend loads in getting an ID, contractors would be a cost-saving choice. Which is what i am doing too, i am looking at a modern sleek design that can be easily maintained, but doesn't want to burn a hole in my pocket haha... i have met up with at least 5 IDs and compared quotes, and realised by engaging a con, i actually saved a few thousands leh ..... thats a lot wow ! somemore the materials used are more or less the same.

For those who are interested in contacting my contractor, his hp number is 96363520 (Mr Seah).

He has a shop at Tanjong Katong complex (cant rem which unit) which has some nice kitchens cabinets on display, you can pop by and see the quality, type of laminates used and workmanship. Heard he has his own factory and supplies to ID firms, which is one reason I think he can give cheaper rates.


New Member contractor cum ID is vy good too..he's a vy practical and honest person. recommended him to a few frens and all had no complaints abt him. In fact, after more than a yr since he renovated my place, when i had problem with my floor to ceiling window and called him for advice, he had no qualms abt making a trip down to see if there's anything he can help even tho it was HDB's contractor's workmanship that caused it.

Those who are interested, can call him Dennis Koh at 9738 4250. He's nt the pushy type.


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I get quotation from various ID companies and discovered their quote are at least 100% mark-up vs contractor.
For instance, powder coated casement window & grilles quote was $5.5K from ID whilst I got the same thing at $2.5K by going direct to grilles specialist.

Now almost done with my renovation. At $40k I revamped the entire house, changed whole house flooring, plastering, rewiring, false ceiling, new casement windows, painting, curtains, lightings, bathroom accessories, stove & hob, new water pipes, EVERYTHING in !

I used my previous wet work contractor (he did my 1st house, good price & quality). I also managed to find a carpenter who is a sub-con for ID companies. He quoted me market price, though his price is still a few $K higher than conventional carpenter. At least I still get ID grade carpentry since I by past the middle man (ID) and went direct.

My guess is, to get exactly the same thing as what I have now, I will probably have to pay at least $80K to ID company

But bear in mind, lots of coordination work. Because I ended up as the project manager, need to manage time line between different parties.


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HI All,

I am interest to get your contractors contacts,pls email me at [email protected]
I got a quote of about $6k for the false ceiling + light. Breakdown as follows :

False Ceiling whole house (Living, Dining,walkway to rooms, 3 bedrooms, kitchen) $3,255
(About 1100 sq ft)
Lighting Square type PLC with Glass Cover (35 pieces) $1,190
Flourescent light ( 2 x bedroom) $40
To run 35 lighting point $1,440
Labour for 3 light at yard & WC $30

Is this very expensive? I was quite shock cos thought that it will cost about $3-4k max.


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my actual price for electrical work

SCV point 3 $90 $270
power socket (double) 16 $40 $640
power socket (single) 2 $30 $60
heater 2 $70 $140
light point 17 $20 $340
looping (A) 3 $10 $30
looping (B) 1 $10 $10
looping (C) 3 $10 $30
looping (D) 3 $10 $30
looping (Kitchen down) 2 $10 $20
looping (Kitchen ceiling) 1 $10 $10
circuit breaker 1 $250 $250
telephone point 4 $30 $120
testing 1 $200 $200
2-way switch 1 $30 $30
installation 30 $3 $90
audio cable 1 $30
sockets & switches (buy our own) $(200)

Total Cost to electrician $2,100

17 down light & 12 ceiling lights $945
Dining light $268
whole house sockets & switches $200

Grand total $3,513

I did partial false ceiling for living room at $700


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lightings you can buy from Jalan Besar. So that part of the cost you can control. Buy in bulk to negotiate better disc. But your PLC seems very ex. I bought 3 types of PLC light, all less than $30

electrical work can negotiate. the price above is after negotiation

your false ceiling a lot, can't comment on whether expensive or not since I only do living room area


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Hi Hippo2002,

Your is really a lot cheaper than my current quote.

Can pls e-mail me your contact for the false ceiling and lights ? My e-mail [email protected].

Just to check , is it the same guy that did your other carpentery work/wet works? Wondering if they charge less cos they alreadye arn from other areas that they do for your palce.

I only doing false ceiling + lights so many contractors/ID not very keen to do my business.


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I just scolded him yesterday so I'm not too sure I should recommend him

His subcon acid wash my floor yesterday and water were dripping from all sockets & switches in my kitchen
the meter box even tripped ! I was so furious

he said it is expected some water get splashed on to the switches & sockets. What nonsence? I ask him beforehand and he said they only wipe the wall, the switches will not get wet. If he forsee the switches getting a shower, then he should have wrapped or I don't mind wrapping them

even tried to push the blame to my electrician and said if i engaged his electrician, power will not trip. what nonsense again? I did PUB testing and pass PUB testing for all rewiring work in the house

engaged my contractor the 2nd time for my 2nd house because he did a good job 1st time but not so perfect this round


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I have engage contractors for some of the renovation works. Doing all the renovation coordination all by myself.

Want to get a cheaper quote for my electrical and plumbing works.


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I need to find a contractor to do some renovation works at my parents place.

Basically just to remove one old wash basin. Install a new wash basin at a new location, with new pipes.

Anyone knows of any contractor who does not mind taking small jobs like these ?


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just get a plumber will do

if you buy your own basin, installation cost is only $40 per basin

stainless steel pipe for whole house is $380 so for small section of new pipes, should be much lower. get a quote


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Hi all,
maybe u might want to consider my contractor from impress 21,who is doing my flat at the moment..
His workmanship is great..
PM if u would want his contact..


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I'm in the midst of renovation. Quite impressed with my contractor. (btw, he is both ID & contractor but doesnt charge for design) Previously got his contact from this forum as well. He's responsible, very detailed and friendly. both me & husband v satisfied with him.
pricing else is ok, maybe not the cheapest. but reasonable. (can try to neg also). quite glad that i didn't select purely on price. i think attitude & responsibility more impt....
may be can post my home pics after renov is completed.
oh ya, forgot to mention his name :FRANKIE CHAN
email:[email protected]
can call 98560984


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Hi All,

I will be sourcing for contractor/ID soon. I would appreciate good recommendations from you. Kindly email their contact details including their Company name,website address to [email protected]. Thank you.


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Hi, you may wish to contact Johnny Lim at 96894498. He has been in this line for more than 10 yrs and has practical advice for your budget.


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hi ppl, just in case any1 is interested.My contractor is a great guy.very open and honest if things can be done or not.Most impt to me and hubby,no HIDDEN COSTS. (Like most young couples,we got budget constraints but lots of ideas-ha)
His clients are all from word of mouth.So quality and workmanship speaks for itself.
after searching endlessly,i think sharing this info might help fellow forumers somewhat.
He is Jason Sim from Joyous Home Design (Hugestone Construction). His hp:93855798.

From this renovation thingy,we realised that very imptly,u must feel comfortable with whoever u are working with (cos also u are paying!).For us,our search ended with Jason.

We are very pleased with his advice,attitude and service.The reason why i felt i should mention his name and contact is too many a times we write only the baddies,forgetting the real good ones.So this is like a pat on his back !Giving ppl credit where it is due...isn't that impt?Good Quality and service that is worth mentioning at all.....

Just say it's sheryl who recommended him.

Wish all u luck in your contractor search.


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Oh by the way he has a website

Another tip ,if i may offer,is dun be fooled by the simplicity of his webpage,from this renovation experience,i have learnt that many a times,ppl copy ideas from other webpages so that kinda of put off ppl from putting real nice designs online.

Meet up with your contractors that u have narrowed down.U will have a better feel of the person,if u know what i mean.
All the best ppl


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Hi Meimei
Is ur house brand new or resale?
Do you do a full reno with him or jus partial?
Dun mind can i know how much u spend for ur reno?


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I can also recommend what starcom has recommended on the contractor as he really did a good job in our renovation. Email us if you are interested to know hs contact.

I also met starcom online and saw his recommendation. And now he has just finish our project.

[email protected]


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hi myk,

my house is a walk-in-selection one......
house lease from 93 but has been vacant for about 4 years....before hdb released for walk in selection.

we do a major renovation.coz i can't imagine walking on other ppl's tiles.ha....moreover...vacant for 4 years.....(hdb officer told us it's a divorce case)...

actually i tell u the gauge for your renovation cost.....really varies because of what u may want and materials u choose....for us we do alot of carpentry throughout the's no point ppl telling u how much their renovation costs me...

most impt it's your budget.and negotiation with your contractor..the other words,how much are u willing to spend on your ideas for your house



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generally so far from the quotes friends give me for their house renovation varies....esp flat just an eg.....EA can start from 40k onwards.....dun forget it's bigger area....hacking and retiling costs quite abit....

get the pix?depends on how big your area is also your kitchen is very big,then u most likely have a longer kitchen cabinet...which means more materials which means more $


my friends staying in EA all did a major facelift and average cost i gathered is about 50k....
again like what i said ealier,depending on what u need and what u want....

the more things u want,the more $ lor.



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also. another tip is rem..emailing ppl your floor plan will not very accurate...closest quote will be from physical assessment by contractor....

sometimes ppl give u quotes in email like quite cheap......actually alot of hidden these things costs really u should start arranging to meet your list of contractors that u have narrowed down...

very impt your chemistry with the person u are paying too....

good luck


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Dear All,

i am new to this forum as well as thread.

I got a EA unit standard at Sengkang,Anchorvale. Started my reno in april. My reno package abt $40k+. This contractor who I am referred by my friend, he is very sincere in his price and no hidden cost. I choose him because i am impressed with my friend's house and now more convinced after he has started work at my house.

From the beginning till date, he will keep me posted daily on my reno progress and he will bring me to his lobang places to buy lights, sanitaryware and many.

Flooring workmanship also excellent as the workers he employed are skillful and experience. Can see the way they do and the speed.

Carpentry work also good in his design and material used.

To him, he focused a lot on Lighting and Color of the house to bring out the homely theme which you like. I like his design concept. My theme is balinese cum modern contemporary

So, new homeowners who is looking for Contractor price but come with design and advise. No harm calling him for quote. Just tell him your budget and he will work within your budget with no hidden cost.

On hand he has many jobs like the new commonwealth blocks(new to mrt) and also compassvale bow areas.

His name is Daniel Tan and you can reach him at 9686 7798.

Another partner of him call Jeff also very good in proposing ideas and designs. He has contributed ideas to my house too. Thank to him.

However, if you need any further help, you can reach me at [email protected].

I will try to assist. Cheers! Enjoy your renovation search and process. Is fun, I enjoy a lot though is quite tiring.


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Forget to add in his company name.

Homemaker Design at Tanglin Halt. He has a showroom and few of his completed projects to show.



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Hi all,

I need some help here!!! i am going to renovate my 5 room flat... just going to do kitchen, bathroom, TV console, master bedroom... can anyone forward me the contacts of good renovators that you have worked with to my email at [email protected]?? now very stressed and excited about my new house...

Your help is very much appreciated..


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Hi, just wanna share my personal experience.

When I renovated my house exactly a year ago, I hired an interior designer (they do strictly designing, not contractor job) and a seperate contractor. I paid several thousands for my interior designer who very unfortunately did a BAD job (I forfeited his last payment in the end) but my post is not about that so I wont go into details. :p

But very thankfully I found an excellent contractor (thank goodness! If my contractor also screw up then I think I would really be inconsolable!) who not only gave me a reasonable quote (I compared his quote to 8 other contractor's and his was one of the most reasonable and detailed) but also did an overall good job for my house. He is extremely hardworking and hands-on, he personally checked all the work almost daily and would willingly redo any imperfections I pointed out, regardless of how small or insignificant they might be (I was quite particular hehe). Not only that, when my incompetent ID measured some of my carpentry wrongly and the item has been made and cant fit well, my contractor did me a huge favour by sending it back to his carpenter to rush out the right measurements without even charging me an extra cent (we paid in cash and he knew our budget was v tight). And all throughout the reno works, whenever we request for new things to be added, he gave us extremely reasonable prices considering that he could have charge more since partial payment has been made to him.

And the reason I feel compelled to come here to post about this is because just last week (bear in mind that my reno was actually completed almost a year ago), I called him because my bathroom sliding door was slanting a little and he popped by the very NEXT day to fix it for me on his own! And when he saw that my sink area (I'm not sure wat u call that, but its the white sealing part ard the edges) had some mildew mould spots that cant be removed, he actually offered to come by this week (he had a project nearby my place, hence convenient for him) to redo the sealing! And when he was here, he went around my kitchen cabinets to tighten screws and helped me to glue back a small broken (no thanks to my PT cleaner)piece of my veneer cabinet door. Tell me, is this not service that makes me feel compelled to post back here??

Anyway, I need to clarify this- I am in NO way related to him or his company and the only reason I am recommending him is because I feel that its so rare to find such a genuinely nice and responsible contractor who actually takes real pride in his work and not just $$$-faced. If anyone is skeptical, feel free to click on my profile and check up on my past 5000+ posts to know that I am just a sahm who is simply giving due credit to someone who deserves it.

Oh BTW, he actually is a ID as well, he is as as familiar with computer and all techie stuff, but he willingly draws out detailed drawings for customers by hand. He showed me some of his latest works on digicam last week when he came and I only felt regretful that I paid extra to hire an extra ID when he could have done a much better job. From the pictures on his digicam, his design is comtemporary and really unique and classy, similar to the pictures you find on ID magazines.

Dont take my word for it. Give him a call and ask for a quote and some pictures to view (he is not pushy at all, I cant stand pushy people). His name is Andy and hp no is 90010206. Tell him that you are recommended by Chris.

BTW, I might not be checking back here, so if anyone needs further questions answered, please PM me.