Any Reastaurant to recommend for ROM"


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anyone has reataruant to recommend for like up to 15-20person with priVATE ROOM FOR SOLEMISATION den straight for lunch. buffet is prefer but if normal yet price average also can .. pls help.... coz i got no idea other den yam char n i dun wan that place...


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i just had my ROM @ poeny jade ytd. To use their pte function room, the menu start from $408++
my guests had very good raves abt their service and foods.


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they got have buffet but i am not sure if they allow you to use the pte room.

We spent $1.1k on 22 pax on 8 course lunch. Due to some charges in our menu. You can call and check with their floor managar, pamela. She is very helpful.


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Mixue, you may call Tien Court at 63183193 for discussion as there have private dining room and function room good for 6 tables. Depend on your budget and no of person, you may call them up. I had my wedding dinner there. Good luck.


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I will be having my ROM at this Axis Bar at Mandarin Oriental next year April. It has a cosy, quiet and relax environment and has a very nice view of the city landscape. They are serving buffet high tea (not sure if there is lunch & dinner) and quite reasonably priced for a buffet at a 5-star hotel, about S$40 - S$50++ per pax with a min of 20pax. An addition set up cost is charged if you need them to set up the ROM table and flowers, sign board,etc. They will partition one corner of the bar for you too. The staff there are also very friendly. If you are interested, let me know, I can send you the contact and a few pics I have taken (though the quality is not very good).


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mixue, if u r on a budget, u can try Ah Yat Abalone they having ROM menu for S$199 nett per table...10 pax per table...8 courses incl. fruits


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I thinking to have hi tea buffet for my ROM as well for the customization budget is 4K or less for 100ppl..
anyone have any idea which one is good?


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Ester> Hi. What Hi Tea buffet you looking at... the hotel type or catering Hi Tea buffet? Any perference for your ROM Solemisation indoor or outdoor... erms outdoor is garden or beach


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Thumbs up for Zhou Kitchen, very nice hi-tea & price wise not expensive...
But i think their private room only can fill up 2 tables leh...


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Hi mixue,
you can try Zhou's kitchen. I had my ROM hold there 3mths ago. I thk they have Dim sum buffet, you can try call them up. They do not have any private room but i kinda like their mini garden which i hold my solemnisation. I thk the price also reasonable.


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Hi jotan,

Can i check with you on zhou's kitchen, where you mentioned that there's mini garden. I went to their website but there's no pic. Do you have any pic on the mini garden?

Any idea on how's the dim sum buffet charges like? The website seems to indicate that minimum table is needed? Think those are the wedding dinner package charges?


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I juz cmf my reservation at Peony Jade for my ROM too.. i talked to Pamela too.. agree with Ling.. she's very helpful. looking forward for my day.. hehe.. :p

Ling, wana check with you, is there enough space for the solemnization table?
Reason for asking is, i attended 1 ROM solemization, the Pte Room is alittle small.. they had their lunch 1st then solemnised.. then after lunch, the waiter and waitresses have to quickly pack the plc, then give space for the solemization table.. which is quite messy and i dun quite like..

hope peony jade is nt like tat.. :p


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I'm planning to hold my rom solemization either at a hotel or restaurant, prefer to have buffet lunch and only be inviting abt 20 pax.

Besides all above mentioned, is there any other recommendation?



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hi there.. i had mine at paramount.. u can try tung lok group.. dey haf buffet.. very affordable and most imptly good food ..


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Hi Cecilia I intend to have mine at peony jade as well. I saw the website there are two places Keppel and clarke quay. Where is yours held? Also does pamela has any email address or no.


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No min tables for ROM buffet, those are for wedding dinner

Charges are $16.80++ on weekends and $12.80++ on weekdays

The mini garden is not shown in their website, u have to go down and see for urself. It's right next to the staircase. Before u get confused, we are talking abt the Anchorpoint branch, not the ones at Far East Square and Novena Square 2.

Hope this helps


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hey, does anyone has picture of Peony-Jade on 3 different venue below?

Venue 1 – Stage in Peony-Jade Restaurant
Venue 2 – Private Room or
Venue 3 – Singapore River @ Quayside Seafood Restaurant

looking forward for a picture as i m considering between indoor vs outdoor ROM hehe.. i hope to hav ROM with nice ambience and scenery can be seen clearly even from indoor.. not onli inside the room.. mm..


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i went to book my ROM venue at zhou's kitchen last sat.
I tried their hi tea buffet as i wanted to hold mine at 2.30pm.
just the time for hi tea. =)
Hi tea start at 2.45pm. weekend is $16.80++

booking the mini garden is $50.
They will have a 3 tier wedding cake for display.
Will also provide the champagne glasses.
But will have to bring own champagne.

They have photos for you to see..
It shows the deco they will do on the actual day..
Will deco the chairs and table. Nice place. =)

They will reserve tables for you with deco for each table too.
Good choice with reasonable pricing. ^_^


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i am holding my ROM this may in shangri-la hotel..... book their private room in shang palace..... they gave me one private room for lunch and one room for solemisation..... these 2 rooms are connected..... and are reallly really grand.......

there's no minimun people..... max at 20..... as long as spend is $500 and above.

menu ranging from 58+++ to 188++ per person.


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visha (shingirl), max for 20ppl?
wah its abit too small for me.. do they hav bigger private room? searching their website.. not much info about it.. i guess they wan us to call up to get pricing..
my ROM still next year, too early to start calling or booking restaurant or hotel haha..


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isen: becos it's a private room.... if you wanna more table then you have to book event room or ball room lor..... it depends on you =)

food is ala carte or package. u have to call them to ask for the price.


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Hi everyone,
Anyone knw abt PS Cafe @ Harding (Dempsey) whether they have services to hold solemnization?

Any advice?


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Hi people,

Sorry. I am quite new here. Stupid question: how do i check back where I have last post a message?



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Hi all,

Does anyone know of any good Chinese restaurant that offers Halal food? I have a few malay friends whom I would want to invite for a meal after my ROM but I have no idea where to eat.


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Hi All, may i ask if anyone here tried Lavish Dine catering before? Was looking at their menus for wedding, looks very nice though.

I need to find a place for my wedding reception & customary wedding after my Solemnization.
Any suggestion?

There will be abt 100 - 150 pax, estimated.
Will not be having a sit dwn traditional dinner, will be doing buffet style..

Please give me all the suggestions~~~

Thank lovelys~


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I have a booking for Peach Garden @ OCBC Centre, for dinner, 20PAX at 24th Oct 2009. If you are interested to take over, please email me at tan_ai_leen9 at for the details.


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Zhou's Kitchen

Decoration will be done by them and irene told me can accomodate up to 70 person. Will be as shown on the photo on the pervious thread - $100

Hightea will be $16.80++ person person
High Tea timing : 2:45 - 5:00PM
Timing can be confirm with them if interested to have an earlier one.

Contact me at 91767970 if ani query


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Hi Visha,

Able to share with me your ROM package at Shang Palace? I'm planning for my ROM for 20 pax too but having a tough time looking for a nice place.

Many thanks. My email: [email protected]