Any Quality Supplier to recommend for Curtain, Roman & Roller Blinds?

Discussion in 'Home And Deco' started by springchew, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. bleue

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    HI Cha_alex, I get failed delivery return mail..

  2. cha_alex

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  3. bleue

    bleue Member

    cha alex , did u receive?
  4. cha_alex

    cha_alex New Member

    hi Blueu

    Received oredi. Thx for the pix
  5. iceblue27

    iceblue27 New Member

    hi pplz,

    i did my curtains $1150 for my 5rm flat. appears quite ok price to me, but thinkg mayb it can be cheaper..hmm..

    having roller blind ,blackout, for 2 rooms. mbr curtain 3/4 length.lvg rm full lenght day(normal white 'sha bu'/nite curtain.

    lvg abt 8 panels, 181x98.5

  6. kkjc0517

    kkjc0517 New Member

    hi be firm,

    where u do ur curtains?u have the contact?
  7. iceblue27

    iceblue27 New Member

    hi cool,

    my curtains is by the lucky curtain(Cant remb full name) but recently they change name to D&A curtains.

    will pm u the no,
  8. kaye

    kaye New Member

    Jux to share my info...
    I forgotten the exact amt, maybe $1180 or $1380.
    Living- Day & Night curtain
    Dining- 1 Roman Blind
    MBR- 1 Roman Blind
    BR2- 2 Roller Blinds
    BR3- 2 Roller Blinds

    Its not the cheapest....
    but the cheapest is very horrible, can drop the price till $700, I think...N ask me to choose an inferior material. N they used those metal hooks that can rust. When asked, then they said give us plastic hooks.
  9. kkjc0517

    kkjc0517 New Member

    hi hazel,

    what is not good about the cheap 1s beside the hook?any other things to take note of?besides plastic hooks,what other things to ask for?
    is it better to use back the same curtain type of cloth to tie up the curtains or to use those belt type to tie?thanks a lot
  10. fushia_dee

    fushia_dee New Member

    Hi there,

    I noticed that most of you are using curtians and roman blinds.

    My house has a very modern look won't look good with curtans or roman blinds.. Anyone has good and cheap conteacts for roller blinds? Thanks!
  11. aspialle

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  12. kaye

    kaye New Member

    hi cool...
    Most importantly its the quality of the material.
    I had asked a few to come to my hse...the price is almost the same for the similar material.
    +/- 100~200....
    That cheap one is giving me inferior quality curtains & the hood. I will not know if they will give me inferior track or not..
    which I think its important...cos need to support the curtains...else it will be like curve there..cos curtain heavy...unable to hold it.

    Another thing is the variety...some of them jux bring a few samples for U to see...For curtains, still nt so bad... but for roller blinds, its really super old design...Nt tat I mind or wat...Its jux that I m given so little choices..
    I quite regretted on 1 of the roller blind..too plain...looks more dull without the furniture.

    Mine is using those thick thick strings to tie together...dunno how to describe...

    my curtain man not bad...will give U recommendation...its like my MBR & dining area...he feels its better to put roman blind then curtain..but he said if want to save cost..then put curtain.... My roman blind & curtain r of same material..wanted to chg initially...but decided to remain the same
  13. kaye

    kaye New Member

    N yes, they will ask what kind of track or rod U want...
    So far, only this guy had shown me pictures of diff design...but its taken quite long ago...nv update...looks so old.
    at least U ve an idea on how it will look when using diff rod or track....
    For that string to tie yr curtains...jux ask him to make decision if U trust him.
    When I saw them install the curtain, I was quite surprised too..cos my old hse is using the same material..Anyway, it looks quite alrt for the string thing.
  14. fushia_dee

    fushia_dee New Member

    Hi Hazel, did you go down to the shop to see if they have more materials for the curtains?

    How much did they quote you for the roller blind? can pm me the price and contacts?
  15. kaye

    kaye New Member

    Most of them came to my hse..but I had been to a few shops at Tanjong Pagar & 1 at AMK...
    AMK really got the most varieties...Nice design too..Its in the industrial building.

    Actually, I dunno how much is 1 roller blind...
    think its 100+?
    Jason: 97818939
    dunno if he can remember me...but U can say its HAzel fr Bedok recommend.

    Think there's another 1 at the west area...4gotten the shop name...we still ve to accomodate her time... N last min cancel appt. Cos she said she 4gets she needs to go to church...In the end, we didnt meet her
  16. kkjc0517

    kkjc0517 New Member

    hi hazel,

    where is jason's shop?:>
  17. kaye

    kaye New Member

    I dunno...
    He's recommended by my fren..
    So, I jux ask him to cm to my hse...
    actually, most of them will cm to yr hse..N U dun ve to go over to their shops...
  18. fushia_dee

    fushia_dee New Member

    Thx Hazel!

    I thot there would be more variety if we go down to their shops..
    But asking them to the house seems like a good deal too.
  19. kaye

    kaye New Member

    no much diff to me..
    I been to some of the shops at tanjong katong..
    they wont show me all the samples...only a few..
    It seems like the one Jason gives me is more than I see at the shop except for the one at aMk industrial...4gotten the shop name...they really ve lots of varieties..N U will fall in luv with it...
    Prob: Very ex too
  20. contactandy

    contactandy New Member


    any1 got good place for roller blind & string curtain?

    can share with me
  21. angel_77

    angel_77 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Im looking for curtain for my living room, n all bedrooms. Any recommendation fr any of u? I visit 1 curtain shop b4 at IMM when they r having promo, the uncle say if my sun is not hot and sunlight didnt shoot in in the living room, no need do night curtain, cos our window have the tinted shade, people oso cant really see thru. He say normally full height clear window then encourage to do D & N curtain, normal window no need can save $, bedroom curtain must be thick, prevent people to see thru when slp slp. Is that true?

    I think the man refer to this type of curtain ba...
  22. tweetie74

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  23. aspialle

    aspialle Member

    anyone tried golden leaf curtain?
  24. wish4ver

    wish4ver New Member

    jimmy textiles was recommended in a variety show leh. are they really cheap and good? [​IMG]
  25. saggiegirl

    saggiegirl New Member

    i did my curtains and roller blinds at Hong Ming (toa payoh central). i would uplod my pix asap on my facebook account ( can add me in yr facebook or friendster via the same email...[​IMG]

    we spent about $1600 on that (with a 20% discount as the salesman was v kind). Did both full length (2.2m) day and night curtain for LR and MBR. Blinds for study room and kiddy room.. [​IMG]
  26. hazlee

    hazlee New Member

    anybody needs curtains ....

    can pm me ......or email me

    i work in park mall and got lobang .....
  27. crystal_cloud

    crystal_cloud New Member

    saggie girl!
    it's me!
    so the roller blind is good deal based on your research? y u chose them?
  28. mojojojo

    mojojojo New Member

    I will recommend Anthony. He has many designs of curtains and is generally much cheaper than many shops. He gave me 20% discount and I was so happy!

    you can give him a call at +6016-7105877 or +6016-7373161 for no strings attached free quotation and measurement if you are interested.
  29. dompz

    dompz New Member

    i got mine from the curtain shop @ causeway point. i wun say that it's the cheapest, but we happen to walk past and were rushing to get everything done before our wedding then, so didn't source around. but the staff was so onz, they went like 1 hour after we paid the deposit to do the measurements, and delivered the curtains within a week if i remember correctly.
  30. fiesta

    fiesta New Member

    i got mine from a local lady that i always recommend who is operating without a shop front, but her price is very reasonable as there is no overhead. She will bring the fabric down to your place to choose. Very good service from them as they even change my old curtain hood for free, although it is no big deal but they really look into small things.

    if you guys interested, PM me
  31. joshua99

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  32. ktexinter

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    Our window curtains are a single layer of fabric that is either used to filter the light into the room or to completely block it. Blackout curtains boast room-darkening features woven into a single thick layer of fabric. Ideal for both, commercial settings like media rooms and in residential settings as well. These serve the same purpose as drapes but are lighter in weight and comprised of a single layer of fabric.

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