Any popular JPs to recommend???


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Sheyanne> You can read up Mr Yeo Woon Soo¡¯s thread at the following link

Mr Yeo¡¯s contact details is as follows:
Tel: 91178697(HP)
Email: [email protected]
Language preferred: English, Mandarin

Michantz> You can try Prof Yu he is my JP but usually he will say come back to him 3moths b4 your ROM date as he cannot confirm yet. You can go to the following link to read up on Prof Yu

The earliest date you may solemnise your marriage is 21 days later and before expiration of 3 months.

All> There are more JP to be read. Just go to the following link and do a Ctrl F and key in "JP - C" and you will find a list of JP there.


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I am getting ROM on 03 oct(hot date). Jp recommand? Should I make an appointment wif him nw... Cos very popular date.....


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Hi Michelle,
I am also getting ROM on 3rd Oct. A popular date indeed. Many JPs have been fully booked. Limited time given to me though. However, I managed to get JP Seah Swee Tin to be there for me. Better book asap!


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SerVio> If you intend to ROM in the ROM office itself you dun need to look for your own JP


Hi everyone,

Need help!! Been trying to call JP Phua Tan Tee, but cant get him for days! Anyone has his mobile no.?

Can sms me @ 8188 2660, thanks!


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I've managed to get Dr Phua just today despite being so late as my AD exactly a month away. He has agreed! So happy!

He doesn't have mobile.

Here are his contacts:
67531028 (H)
62130705 (O)


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Anyone got photo of the follow JP? My ROM on Oct18 havent book any JP. any recommendations?

- Chia Swee Tin
- Chris Chen
- Mr Chan Kai Yau
- Koh Kok Weng

pls kindly email me at the following:
[email protected]


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Just had Mr Lee Ka But as our JP for our wedding in Sept.

He's not famous, but hubby and I found him sincere and genuinely nice. He's bilingual, but we think he's better conducting the ceremony in English.

Worth mentioning is that he donated every single cent we gave to him to a charity organisation, in our names...

So thumbs up for Mr Lee.


Yuki> Sorry, not sure for overseas solemnizer. But local, for sure, I would strongly recommend Dr Phua Tan Tee. He is excellent!


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Hi All i am so new in here and looking at solemniser at the month of feb 2011, can anyone kindly email me some of the bilingual solemniser? One who is loud and clear in his speech. My email add is [email protected]

Thank you all so much and i also want to enquire why some are so popular with you all, what are the reasons as well


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can someone recommend me a good JP who speaks loud and clear
friendly and knows how to bring up the atmosphere? gonna have my ROM in feb 2011 and desperately need a good JP
my email address is [email protected]

thank you all so much


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Hi am new to this forum and in this thread? Anyone engaged Mr Phua Luck Kheng - please share your experiences! much appreciated!


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Hi all,

My wd is on 09 Oct 2011, may I know when should I start looking for JP? And how should i go about getting JP?

Thank you


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Hi hui san, my AD is 15 Oct 2011.. did you join the oct bride forum? Hehe. I've found my JP.. she's ms Jennifer Lim. you must contact them yourself, ROM has a list of licensed solemnisers..

They say normally popular ones u have to ask a few mths before, otherwise its 3mths b4 then confirm. there's one JP mr Peter Lim which i wanted initially is alrdy fully boooked when i asked him in Nov.. haha


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Dear All

What is usually you hold your ROM? mine will be around 7pm - 8pm. So the JP will come at that period?

How long in advance we need to contact them?

How much is the ang bao rate?

Do we meet up with them event?


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May i know if anyone has any info or done solemnisation with Mr Wong Poh San, he is in the list of popular solemniser in another forum but i can't seem to find any info or comments on him?

when i tried calling his number, it is a fax machine answering my call, as in the fax machine sound come out at the other end of the phone...

wondering how to contact him then?


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hi all, am totally new here and CLUELESS about the booking of the JP and stuff..

am getting married and looking for a JP for my wedding day on 18 Nov 12.. gathered here that the recommended JPs are Dr Phua and Mr Chan..

correct me if i am wrong, if i start looking for a JP now, is that too early?


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Hi, anyone has the contact number for JP Wong Poh San?

I hv been looking ard for his reviews as well, but dun seem to hv much review on him.

can PM me Wong Poh San contact ([email protected])

Thank you in advance


anyone can advise after Dr Phua has confirm the timing with you, will he arrange to meet up with you or he will post the consent form to you?