Any plus size brides want to exercise as a group to slim down for their wedding?


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I am a sept 2007 bride. I want to create a grp of BTB who wants to look good on their wedding day... We can meet twice or thrice a week to exercise to slim down. Those interested, pls reply convenient location to meet so that we can find a common convenient gym. Pls leave your contact no. as well for easy contacting. - 93667720 Petrina here.


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Hi all..

I'm also a Sept 07 bride.. and yes i'm also interested to find "ka ki" to exercise together.. i'm staying at the North.. what about the rest?



I'm getting ROM this Oct 07. Also trying my best to lose weight too.

I live in Sembawang area. Had been jogging to keep fit. Would be interested to join you girls to exercise together. It will be more fun than doing it alone.


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Hi.. I'm also interested.. I'm staying in Sembawang as well. My AD is Dec 07. My PS is aug/sept.

Any plans so far when and where to go excercise?


Hi Janice.

Glad to see your message... The rest of the brides seems to be missing liao.

Since you are also staying in Sembawang area, wanna do it together? You can email me at [email protected] to discuss further.

Looking forward to hear from you.


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hi nec
ya me also here hahahaha. me also west coast there! email me: [email protected]

i tink i asked u for some package too right? email me together ba


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hi gers,

just for ur information ...
I managed to look slimmer and tonned due to an aerobic classes that I've joined recently.
Per lesson only cost $10. If u take up their monthly package, it only cost $80 and u can go unlimited classes for that month.

The instructor Tina is pretty nice. BTW I am not a sales representative for this company hahaha ... but I do see result in myself that y i encourage u guys to take up.

It does conduct lessons like stretch and tone, aerobox, fitball, dance fitness etc etc.

Here is the website, if u do have any queries right, u can give them a call
here is the link
but one negative point no show facility ..


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hey michelle,
i'm staying at SK too..
looking for budy to exercise too..
have added u in msn *hope u don mind*
Cheers, Jen


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anyone wants to go gym with me? i am starting to go to this gym tat is sort of like a bootcamp style..45mins a session but very intensive..they have a free one week trial tat u can try out and they dun hard sell. =)

i went with my bf last yr n really have results..but be prepared to sweat it out hehe..i only just rejoined back bcos my diet and self exercise is not very effective..


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its beside mountbatten station...i just finished my 1st week..went for 4 days last week and planning to go for 5 days this week...if u wanna try out the 1 week free trial, just scroll down to the bottom to register..

i din get my free trial this time round cos i am not a new member anymore... =(

wanna to come together with me? cos i not going with my bf..going alone..