Any normal facial service at west area to recommend?

Yati Rlh

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Hi. I use to hv a home base facial. She come over to home at $40. She stay woodlands n I stay hougang. She very good at extraction plus hot cold mask. Getting her product at Guthrie. Would like to look for again as I hv lost touch. Any1 who knw her pls email me.


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CITISPA - If you choose to go, be prepared for mishap!

I have been a customer of Shine Studio/Citispa since 2010 and renewed my package for 4 times howeouver I have never fully utilised any of it. Let me share my experience here....

My first package is a basic facial which includes cleansing, extraction and mask. Didn't managed to finish it before my mum was pressurized into signing a diamond tone facial with them. My mum is afraid to visit them again so I went on her bahalf. However before I could finish the package I was told that the facial do not suit me and got me to exchange the remaining sessions to smoothing facial package, plus topping up monies . I did as I was told since I preferred how the cold ball feel on my skin. However my skin condition didn't improve, in fact I suffered an acne breakout last year after 2/3 sessions hence stopped going for facial until recently. I also found that they have not cleanse well, there are traces of eye liner after facial. And they've not fulfilled what they have promised (i.e. it is not stated in my portfolio) to provide me with a foc session. Tried to talk to the sales consultant but she's always not around when I have facial/whenever I called. Emailed my concern to their customer service at HQ and there're no reply from them. I had decided that I'll not carry-on with my facial after my current package finished.

However recently I have signed a new package for diamond tone with ampoules (i.e. not ever a renewal of my current package) which I regretted immediately after I left the premise! 'Previously, they have told me that Diamond Tone Facial is not suitable for me'! What caused my nightmare is I have also did eyebrow embroidery (6D) on the same day and now I have aneyebrow that look like 'leach', don't look like an eyebrow at all! Have you ever seen someone with an eyebrow that are thin at the head, thick in the middle, and thin at the tall? Usually I don't purchase on impulse (i.e. I have been dissuading friends and family not to sign up facial package after my experience with shine studio), I guess I must be under some witchcraft that day!

I went to few eyebrow specialists and all of them exclaimed that it’s the lousiest job that they have seen. Some described it as 'mountain'! Not only that the shape can't make it, the stroke is not fine for it to look natural. Mine is supposed to be 6D eyebrow embroidery, one of the specialist exclaimed that 'it can't ever compared to their 4D/2D'!

I called Citispa and they just offered to have it reshape for me but when I tried to book an appointment on a weekend (i.e. I'm bringing my friend to judge for me and she could only make it on a weekend), the earliest slot that I was given is 20 February 2016 (i.e 2 mths and after cny) while she could have it reshape two weeks after eyebrow embroidery (i.e. My eyebrow embroidery was done on 21 Dec 2015). This just shown that they are insincere in trying to amend their mistakes. In fact they’re not ever apologetic in dealing with my complaints as they didn’t ever apologise, not ever ‘we’re sorry’. Anyway I dare not go back for touch-up as I just hope that it’ll fade off as fast and as clean as possible so I could get a re-done elsewhere.

I've managed to change diamond tone facial to smoothing facial which they claimed that it'll hydrate, firm, tighten the face which is not as effective as claimed. It has not been a smooth process negotiating for a change of facial. They tried to defraud on their promise which was not stated in the receipts, firstly I was promised of 10 sessions of FOC eye treatment if I sign up on that day but when I asked about the FOC eye treatment she gives excuse that it only comes with diamond tone facial. However I retaliated that it should come with whatever package that I signed that day and they just smilingly said that there shouldn't be a problem. Secondly, they tried to tell me that I could only get 7.5 sessions of smoothing facial instead of 10 sessions as there are no promotion for smoothing facial at the moment and luckily I have called other outlets beforehand and found out that there are christmas promotion for smoothing facial too.

I'm letting go of my facial session/package, people who is interested to try out their facial session/package ( at your own risk) may feel free to email me at[email protected]. Price is negotiable....original price: Smoothing facial & Eye treatment($94) + Ampoule ($40) = $126. I'm also willing to exchange for other beauty service at other establishment to try out.

I’ll be utilizing the remaining 5 sessions of smoothing facial from my previous package and have made an appointment with them on 27 January 2016. I want to transfer outlet but citispa service is bad throughout the island, there are zero positive reviews online. I voiced to the manager at Tampines that I want a change of outlet before they promise that they‘ll provide a better service as they understand my needs more after all this mishap but I don’t trust them anymore (i.e. not apologetic at all, for them is they mean that I’m at fraud for the miscommunication?). I read online that ever if I got rashes after facial, they’ll not be responsible!!! Any suggestion?

It is a lesson learnt that I'll never sign up for any beauty package ever if it highly recommended by friends and family. I'll rather pay on a one-time basis ever if at a higher price. I'll not decide on anything on impulse, giving myself cooling period.

Others who have encountered the same experience, feel free to share. You're not alone!