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Hi all, I'm thinking of having my photoshoot @ Villa Bali ( on 27 June 2007.. The price is $150 for 3hrs.. But I won't be needing it for the full 3hrs.. Probably only 1hr or less.. Anyone interested to share the rental price with me? Pls PM me or contact me at 93372994. Thanks!


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Anyway, found a nice wedding pic on the recent asia.. something something competition, so thot of sharing with all of u. Managed to locate the same spot and similar effect during my photography session, loved it.


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Hi, i really cant make up my mind on the photoshot places. Can you anyone please advise?
1. Raffles marina country club
2. Botannical Gardens
3. Suntec and Millenia walk
4. Fullerton


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Hi Jessie,

If you love greenery and the outdoors, Botannical Gardens would be a good choice. Fullerton and Suntec, you would be pretty much restricted to using them as backdrops. If you are thinking of taking photos indoors, you might have a problem in Fullerton though.



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Hi Valerie, sorry for late reply. Busy over the past week.

Sorry, I don't know of any place that has what you are looking for.

Perhaps over wedding photographers or brides can help, I hope.



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I just realised I missed out Esteem Zero. :p

Here's a link to some of the locations I have taken at. I can't say whether they are nice places or not. It's really up to individual preference.

The glass house thingy in the pool is actually a new spa at Labrador park. But it's private premises and shortly after photo taking, the staff there told me and the couple to leave.



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What's the difference in nature-outdoor locations like labrador park or botannic gardens? Both full of greenery etc... How does one decide which location is "better"?
Anyone with PS photos taken at Botannic Gardens to share? Tks.


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May I noe where is SYRC(West Coast)?

May I also noe where can I go for a rustic feel eg. rundown houses and all for PS?



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hi lab_baby79, im interested in the photo taken at Villa Bali and Changi yacht club? can send to me at [email protected]

btw, anyone know is there any charge to take photo at Changi Yacht club?


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Hi cheekybee,

May I know where is the alexandra colonial style bungalows that u take your ps? is the swing nearby too?

Can you show me your pic at this place? I am interested to take shoots at colonial style buildings. My email is [email protected]


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I've called up Marina @ Keppel Bay and checked. Can't take any photos at the marina coz of safety reasons. And if you want to take photos inside their clubhouse, you need to take a wedding reception package with them.


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Thanks gracie for the information.

That's such a pity. I think that's a nice place to take outdoor photo.


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NParks has a new garden-like set up called HortParks at Hyderabad Road. There are nice little corners for PS. Can consider if u are looking for places.


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Anyone tried taking outdoor shoots at the new HortPark? I'm thinking of going there for my outdoor shoot.. But not sure if it requires a lot of walking.. And whether it will be troublesome to get to the different photo-taking spots..


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hello... i m just as clueless as you ladies...
anyone has a good suggestion for churches (i am not a christian) and nature related venues?

Many Thanks!