Any new idea how to touture yr FH?


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hi Esther, u mean for AD during the door opening? Not daily rite?


Hi there!
My AD 28th May, n we've decided to make FH cook breakfast for me..make him put on apron n go into kitchen..(significant 4 us cuz i make breakkie for him everyday!)


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hi Lyn, thats very sweet!! No nid to make him do jialat jialat stuff & its gonna be so loving. And u can make him wear a apron that says "I LOVE MY WIFE"!!


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This is what we do 4 my friend's wedding last yr.
1. Make him drink 1/2 glass of lemon juice (we find the most sour one fr market)
2. Give him a glass of honey. And write down 10 reasons why he loved her and read out.
3. A fresh small Ku Gua. Must at least 2 bites and chew.
4. Chilli padi...

At 1st want to let him eat wasabi but learn that he expert liao so juz let him ve SUAN TIAN KU LA. Think we r very ZHE ER



Not cruel at all lo. For me i think standard will have to let him try SUAN TIAN KU LA. I just thou of another new idea. Blow balloon ask him to pop all of it, inside there will be question for him to answer. If wrong then do push up or whatsoever.


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my AD is on 5th may, this friday...

As my FH is a very sporting n spontaneous guy, not to mention shameless (all these wearing Gstring, underwear on head n bras are nothing to him..). Whenever he was a brother for fren's wedding, he was always the 1st one to accept the sabotage WITHOUT hesitaion. So torturing my FH is a tough task.

This is what my friends and I hv come up with:

1) Drink a lethal concoction of bittergourd, ginger, vinegar and honey (jus a little for suan tian ku la meaning)

2) Eat 3 pcs of fresh raw clams and half a century egg (his worst nightmare) Not too much coz scared diarrhea so 2-3 only. All to be spoon fed by the sisters so that he wun throw or gif brothers to eat.

3) Wax his leg hair. 1 side only. ( 1 brother to apply hot wax, another to strip)

4) All brothers to apply red lipstick and kiss FH on the face. No lipstick mark on face, no entering of door.

5)Upon entering door, FH to walk fm gate to room door on pebbles foot reflexology mat (kindly provided by sisters) and singing a love song at concurrently.

6)Make up a poem of 8 sentences must rhyme, in Hokkien (for hilarity)to declare his love.

7) Translate the poem back to English, write it on cardboard and then FH to apply red lipstick and seal the cardboard with a kiss and slip it under room door for me to vet.

8) Last one, the key to the room door will be hanging from the celing. FH to jump and grab key while still on the foot reflexology mat.

muahahahaha.... *evil*

hope he's still alive by then.. hee..



I quite like the pebbles foot reflexology mat, not a bad idea let him "enjoy" massage at the same time.


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hi ladies, my wedding was a month ago and my hubby is not local so he doesn't understand why he's got to do all these activities. plus it didn't help that he's seem some very cruel jie-meis.

so i told my JMs that they had to keep the following in mind: no humiliating activities, no overly sweaty activities, nothing painful (his leg very hairy la!) and nothing that will give him the runs (cos our AD was in the evening).

in the end, he had to do the following:
sing to me through a loudhailer while climbing up the stairs to my mums house (she stays on the 10th floor). in the end he took the lift. but sang anyway.

1. at the main door, he had to go thru suan tian ku la, which i found very significant. and answer a few questions about me. for every wrong question, his brothers did push ups on his behalf

2. then he had to write my chinese name and 'i love you' in chinese (he's not chinese)

3. my parents also gave him the marriage contract to sign (serious stuff like i promise to take care of your daughter, and funny stuff like 'my manly needs will always take second place if my wife has a backache/neckache/eye ache etc'. hehe) and then he had to ask them to countersign as witnesses

4. he was presented with 4 popsicles with a key frozen inside each of them. him and his brothers each took one, and then had to use one of them to open the door to the room i was in

5. finally at the door he had to tell everyone (and me) why he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

the above should be kind enough to any wary groom, and sweet enough to remember in years to come


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girls... one fun part of my gatecrash... the guys blew up a few condoms!!! and they stuff into the in-betweens of the windows.. ( house is along corridor so got windows ),..... any darers here to try it too???!!!

the rest are norms like drawing me.. singing a "shan ge" but with changed lyrics by the guys themselves.. singing a song by my request.. then one more special one.. = the girls were done with the playin then i asked a representative from my family to pass a note to my HB, my HB read the note aloud... its a request from me to all the BESTMEN only to kneel on one leg and plant a kiss on all my sisters leg...!!



Pink Bunny,

signing contract is a gd one, next time he bully u just ask him read out the contract again.


blow condom special dou..but must be quite hard to blow it.


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haha esther. i'm in the process of framing it up! so if we quarrel, i just drag him to the wall and say 'there! you see!' keke


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Pink Bunny,

ya the signing of contract one sounds interesting :p mayb i will get my jie mei to make him sign one s well haha

wht my sis's jie meis d to my bil is to make him/his bros remove 9 hair (muz b leg hair...) haha.. my bil's bro sacrifice.. ended up he keep jumping at the door whilst one strand is out haha.. wht a sight!!!


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Why dun somebody put drink in baby bottle and ask the Husband to drink....make sure the drink very very sweet so will be Tian Tian Mi Mi....
I had try the frozen the key in the ice to one of my friend huby and they can only use hands to warm and melt to get the key...when they get the key I tell him, hey that's my hm key leh...ask for Ang Baos most important wo...haha


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Hi Blinko

I tot this thread is not active anymore. Hmm but i do wish to see ppl sharing fun (but not degrading) ideas here for sabo-ing the groom entourage
Its such an unforgettable part of the AD


Hello there,

My sister is getting married next year 26th Jan. Pretty excited about it. I am suppose to think of ways to play my brother-in-law before he enters our gate and bring my sister away. Any of you have any ideas

ROM Date: 07.07.07
ROM Venue: Love That Binds
AD Banquet: PJ
BS: Somewhere in Johor
ROM photo, AD photo, AD VDO: 4 Friends Network

This torture is by my friend. She set a target of 300 points. Questions worth 10, 20 and 50 points will be prepared. Groom gotta answer the questions correctly to earn the points. Questions include writing of her Chinese name, IC number, the first date they hold hands, the first place they celebrated the bride's birthday etc.

If the groom could not chalk up to 300 points after attempting all the questions then... either pay the remaining by cash of physical torture like push ups or jumping jacks.

The contract seems good. Can send me the format for the contract? Hee...
[email protected]


Another way is to ask your FH to think of a word that describes you but the word but start with the letters of your name!


Haha... j@m, if you need the questions as samples, i can type out and send you. But give me time to type out lah.


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hi all,

one of my sisters make a contract for my hubby to sign. hee. can share with u all. but i need sometime cos at my mum's house. need to get it back. very funny when he read it out cos he added the "exit" clause behind every clause.

seldom check back nowadays. best to email me directly at

[email protected]


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hi pinkbunny can you send me a copy of the contract too - [email protected]

dear all i have another suggestion to "sabo" hubby....repeat the scene of kneeling down to propose to the bride in front of relatives and friend...hehe.....ask the videographer to record down so that can refresh the sweet memeory when old....


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hi kat, by doing tht means either after he has went into the rm to "pick" his bride up or he will have to do it wif the rm's (the rm where the bride is waiting in) door closed..

even if he do it the words he said might b diff already haha


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My husband had to scream from downstairs, in hokkien for my jiemeis to hear on 11th storey. He need to read a speech out in hokkien. it was super funny. one of his bros wrote wan..hehhee! they some more sabo him say not loud enough, jiemeis will get angry wan..


i have uploaded a version of the love contract which i did for my friend. Hope u gals find it useful. BUt the groom has to sign with his thumb prints. I only use his all the fingers in his right hand. U gals can add all ten fingers

<center><table border=1><tr><td>
love contract
The_love_Pledge nat.doc (28.7 k)</td></tr></table></center>


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I remembered that during my wedding I tied a string of marshmallows all the way from my gate to the room where I was waiting. So his brothers and him had to finish all of them. Using their mouths only. We dated for about 7.5 years before our wedding, so he had to eat at least 7 of them. And while eating one, he had to say "I love you" in different languages.


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hi jo_vin,

keke.. this idea was come up by my sisters.. Its pretty interesting seeing his brothers having to bend low in order to eat the marshmallows..

Is ur Big Day nearing?