Any new and interesting places for outdoor photo shoots?


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does anyone know of places that has a grand piano, nice ambience and does not require exhorbitant entrance fees? My fiancee and myself are thinking of taking photos in such as setting as it reflects part of her life as a piano teacher.


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hi, i'm a Mar 2010 BTB, any suggestions for outdoor locations? My photoshoots coming in Nov!

pls help.. was thinking of chijmes, but then again, we can only use the exterior nt interior. So is it still worth gg?

also, my outdoor gowns are one long gown and one short black dress, am wondering if i shld pick locations tat suit this black party dress..


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anyone know of any nice CBD area?? me and my hubbie was thinking abt taking busy like many ppl walking walking...but u freeze there... or like a busy road with cars etc...but we were in the middle kinda things nahz...or big high rise building as backdrop...or some nice cafe for shots bcoz me and my htb had chose 2 places for our greenery and sunset shots...juz one more with more morden look...
Just dropping by to read up on some thread and I realise brides may not be getting their answers. I may not have all of them, perhaps we can share what kind of look or feel we'd want to see so we'll be able to suggest specific locations that will suit us!

Some place I can recommend for a start is Little India for colors and Changi Broadwalk for a surreal nature. Feel free to keep the sharing going on!

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