Any new and interesting places for outdoor photo shoots?

Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by min_min, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. min_min

    min_min New Member

    I'm looking for new and interesting places for outdoor PS. Anyone has any suggestions? Dun feel like going to beaches leh....Please help.

  2. rc123

    rc123 New Member


    I'm also looking for interesting place for PS. I saw a PS at a grafitti wall. The wall looks quite run down in off white colour and lots of scribblings in black on it. The photographer managed to capture it very nicely. Not sure where is it. If you happen to know, pls let me know. Thanks.
  3. lol_lyn

    lol_lyn Member

    Little lamb,

    You have pics of the place you've mentioned?
  4. rc123

    rc123 New Member

    Hi Lynn,

    I saw that in one of the PS at Silverlining. If I remembered correctly it was taken by Benny Ho. My HTB likes it very much but we have no idea where is that location.
  5. lol_lyn

    lol_lyn Member

    I see.. I hope someone do know the place. [​IMG]
  6. marie_willy

    marie_willy New Member

    I'm looking for unique outdoor shoots as well. Like in a pub/bar or something. With very nice ambience & setting... both day & night shots...
  7. blueskies24

    blueskies24 New Member


    My friend recommended this forum and today is my first time on it!

    I have just signed a bridal package with The White Link, pretty reasonable package. However, I am in a dilemma on which photographer to use. There are 4 of them - Leon, Vincent, Alex and George. Any recommendations from anyone who has experiences with them?
  8. eunice_40

    eunice_40 New Member

    Hi MS,

    You signed up with White Link? My gf signed up with them and even had her PS and shes not satisfied with their work. My gf's face was super chubby on the photos and she said they are really not good. She wanna them to retake her PS and they said they would charge her for that. By right, if the bride is not happy with the photographs, they have the right the request to retake without any extra charges one just like Mi Lan. They asked if their customers satisfy with the photos, if not they will retake without any extra cost.
    I have another friend's friend also signed up with them during last year wedding fair and hers including ROM package where she can choose her teadress from them. However, when she went down to select her ROM dress, all not nice one.
  9. jhoo

    jhoo New Member

    Hi all,

    Need some advise. I wanted to go 2 places for my PS. one location will be advisable to be done during weekday and one weekend. dont think there's better solution to have it one day rite? [​IMG]

    Do i reli have to do it 2 days?
  10. minssy

    minssy New Member

    hi jhoo,

    to do your PS in 2 days, you will definitely to incur extra costs - MUA cost is a must... others like ampoule/fake eye lashes will also cost money....

    if you are only going to 2 places, most prob it can be completed in 1 day.. if you can, try to do it 1 day... [​IMG]
  11. jhoo

    jhoo New Member

    yup, tot of that too..guess i have to forgo one place..or dun mind more ppl at the background..haiz...
  12. ajoy7877

    ajoy7877 New Member

    Helo all,

    I m news in this thread.. anyone have
    interesting places for outdoor PS??

    Pls help..
  13. jew

    jew New Member


    If u like nature, u can try Bukit timah nature reserve or Changi boardwalk.

  14. jew

    jew New Member

    Changi Boardwalk
  15. iceblue27

    iceblue27 New Member

    Hi Meow,

    Where is Changi Boardwalk?near changi villagE?
  16. ~nicole~

    ~nicole~ New Member


    for me, we went to botanic garden and train station.. haa..
  17. margiel

    margiel New Member

    I went 5 locations
    1) Chinese temple at tanjong Pagar for my Kua outfit
    2) National Museum
    3) Botanic garden waterfall
    4) Alexandra 'Swing'
    5) Sentosa Beach
    Covered all the different 'favours' on the pic (traditional, western, majestic, fun, elegant and nature).
  18. law_len

    law_len New Member

    Hi margiel,

    You are able to visit 5 locations within such a short period? Do you have indoor shoot as well on the same day?
  19. elias29

    elias29 New Member

    Hi Nicole,

    Which train station u been for ur PS? Tanjong Pagar? Do we need to get permission b4 we can go to the railway track for PS?
  20. kesonlim

    kesonlim New Member

    Hi Margiel,

    Can you send me some photos of the 5 places that you took ?

    There's a waterfall at Botanic Gardens? I have been looking for nice waterfalls, but tot there is only one at jurong birdpark. Went there but quite pathetic leh, the world's tallest manmade waterfall..
  21. margiel

    margiel New Member

    Hi Law & Len
    Yes practically whole day affair. We started from 10am to about 3.30pm at studio then went out for outdoor till 7.30pm. You have to know exactly what you like then things will be faster. National Museum was extra, my photographer drove past and asked us whether we would like to, of cos yes!! I was oso worried we dun have time.

    Hi Adeline, there is one and u dun have to walk far at all, the car has to enter the right entrance and u just need to walk abt 100-200m dats all, but be prepared to get alitte wet from the waterfall. I told my PG i dun need the tress and greens at Bontanic G. my PG did special effect to make the waterfall majestic. The waterfall there is also small and pathetic.
  22. law_len

    law_len New Member

    Hi margiel,

    Wah, you are really steady for going so many places within such a short timing leh! I am thinking of going to Botanical Garden for the waterfall and Alexandra Park for the swing too as recommended by my BS PG. Am still thinking of one more place for the sunset if manage to catch the right timing. Hopefully my indoor wont take too long so I have enough time for outdoor. Hehehe...
  23. margiel

    margiel New Member

    Law & Len,
    For empty beaches with white and nice sand, clear water, well trimmed palm trees and curve shore-line, do consider Sentosa! Hey, maybe we are from the same BS haha. the waterfall with special effect is my BS speciality i think cos dun think ppl go there just to take waterfall and go, they will at least take the greens too.
  24. law_len

    law_len New Member


    Thanks for ur recommendation! But my hubby is lazy to go into Sentosa... He is such a bore...
    My BS is S*letar Broadway at AMK. What yours? Its when I saw the new album at my BS with the waterfall taken that really attracts me. Perhaps we may go to Labrador Park for the sunset view, think its nearer to our PS locations ba... [​IMG]
  25. cjs

    cjs New Member

    Anyone has any gd recommendations for night shots? So far most pple I seen are like choosing Esplanade.. Fullerton... is there anyone where else that provides unique background? THanz
  26. margiel

    margiel New Member

    Law & Len
    No worries, Labrador has nice sunset from some of the albums i have seen. My BS is BZ. Have fun!
  27. law_len

    law_len New Member

    Thanks alot margiel! [​IMG]
  28. moonlightmist

    moonlightmist New Member

    hi Margiel,
    may i know where the Alexendra swing is located?
  29. engr

    engr New Member

    Canterbury road..
  30. minminmin

    minminmin New Member

    anymore suggestions?
  31. qiqi81

    qiqi81 New Member

    I saw some pics of straw shelter hut from Jess Haute Couture & Chris Ling websites and is looking for the place. Can anyone advise me where is the place?
  32. noobie

    noobie New Member

    Hi all, I'm thinking of having my photoshoot @ Villa Bali ( on 27 June 2007.. The price is $150 for 3hrs.. But I won't be needing it for the full 3hrs.. Probably only 1hr or less.. Anyone interested to share the rental price with me? Pls PM me or contact me at 93372994. Thanks!
  33. alone

    alone New Member

    Hi, I went to Kent Ridge and Boat Quay for nite shots. =)
  34. sugarsweet

    sugarsweet New Member

    Hi, could anyone advise,is there any "back up" location for outdoor shoot shld it rain?
  35. ugly_teeth

    ugly_teeth New Member

  36. pongy

    pongy New Member

    Has anyone manage to find out where the grafitti wall is?
  37. treegirl

    treegirl New Member


    Is it too dark at Kent ridge for night shots?
  38. heat

    heat New Member

    hi... I am looking for authentic, peranakan housings , 'GU SHE GO XIANG' places for semi-indoor/ outdoor shoot...
  39. heat

    heat New Member

    any recommendations?
  40. angelaquek_84

    angelaquek_84 New Member

    im writing to star cruise so that i can take picturs on board dunno approve or not haiz
  41. cheekybee

    cheekybee New Member

  42. melodypg

    melodypg New Member

    I want to take pic at beaches where there are coconout/palm trees. is tanjong Rhu or Sentosa beach better ?
  43. shi40lin

    shi40lin New Member

    I need help.
    Anyone know if i need to ask for permit to go Tanjong Pagar Railway station for my bridal photoshooting? Thanks!
  44. porsche

    porsche New Member

    anyone has any idea on the arrangement to go kelong?
  45. heat

    heat New Member

    Hi xinglin,
    If your photographer is experienced enough, he wld be able to advise you. I recalled my photographer has once told me you need to write in for permission for interior shoot.. for exterior and perimeter is fine.
  46. heat

    heat New Member

    As i am into oriental, peranekan mood and a bit of rustic.. i went to tanjong pagar and dempsey..
  47. shi40lin

    shi40lin New Member

    armando, i've not interact with the PG of my bridal shop. I wanna go insider the station to take pix. Where do i apply? Anyone knows?
  48. buttercup36

    buttercup36 New Member

    hi anyone went to Fort Canning or Botanical Garden for pics?..pls share wiv me ( any nice place for sunset?
  49. jazzy_chimes

    jazzy_chimes New Member

    hi armando,

    U took pics in the shops at Dempsey? Did you have to get prior permission to take pics there?
  50. green_tranquility

    green_tranquility New Member

    For shops, u definiely need permissions.

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