Any Korean theme pre-wedding bridal shop to recommend?

Discussion in 'A Meeting Place For All ROM Couples' started by Loraine, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Loraine

    Loraine New Member

    I am looking for a bridal shop that offers pre-wedding photo shoot package that is in Singapore but in Korean theme/ style?

    Korean Makeup Artist
    Korean designer for the wedding dress
    Korean background for the studio photoshoot etc

  2. Pauris

    Pauris New Member

    How about “Korean artiz studio “
  3. nophee168

    nophee168 New Member

    I did mine at Korean Artiz Studio. Everything is Korean haha
  4. Pauris

    Pauris New Member

    How is your experience? Is it good?
  5. setkm

    setkm New Member

    Not many options beside Artiz Studio. My Dream Wedding has Korean themed studio in JB. You can try that too
  6. nophee168

    nophee168 New Member

    The makeup artist and photographer are korean. They have like 20-25 backgrounds in their studio. So we did all the photos conveniently in studio. I’m not sure about the service at other studios but before our actual photoshoot day they’ll create whatsapp group to include the crew members to discuss the fitting date & what to take note for photoshoot day. We had the photoshoot ard 9am so we reached studio ard 8am. We finished ard noon 12/1pm, had lunch and went back to studio to pick the photos we want. So everything can be settled in 1 day. The photographer was patient with us & directed us to get good expression & angles (both of us awkward in front of camera). They provided refreshment during photoshoot too.

    For photo effect, they’ll give you level of adjustment you can choose, like how slim you want for your face, overall body, leg, arm, etc.
  7. setkm

    setkm New Member

    Can PM me your package? I’m interested in getting. Do some research beforehand
  8. nophee168

    nophee168 New Member

    Hi setkm, will pm u later
  9. Zanymaine

    Zanymaine New Member

    Hello! Do you mind pm me the package too? :D
  10. fishy301

    fishy301 New Member

    Hiii can you pls send me your package information too?? Am very keen on a Korean studio :)
  11. Zanymaine

    Zanymaine New Member

    Hello! Do you mind pm me your package price and details? :)
  12. nophee168

    nophee168 New Member

    Hi, pm sent
  13. nophee168

    nophee168 New Member

    Hi, pm sent
  14. Xxlajiao

    Xxlajiao New Member

    Hi, could you please pm me your package information ? Thanks a lot!
  15. Kayla Wong

    Kayla Wong New Member

    Hi can you pm me too? Thanks:)
  16. Cherry.L

    Cherry.L New Member

    Hi! I've been hearing good reviews about them. Can pm me the price? Quite keen on korean shoot. Thanksss :)
  17. Steffie_style

    Steffie_style New Member

    Hi! Can pm me the package u had?
  18. Blueyy24

    Blueyy24 New Member

    Just my input - korean artiz is good at getting couples to pose.. however, that is also because the poses are standard across the backgrounds.. prob 90% of your poses will be the same replicate with other couples if you were to compare. I accidentally saw another couple's album when choosing my photos and it was almost exact replicate except the couple is diff.

    What they had in their website is about it. Nth much to rave about actually and i dont see the need to spend so much money on a photographer who is just replicating the same for every couple instead of bringing out their best selves. Spend the same amount for a better photographer is my advice.

    I do regret signing with them because I did not expect to get factory standards with that kind of pricing. Furthermore, with that wrong step i took to sign with Korean Artiz, i had to ala carte for actual day and it is causing unnecessary stress.
  19. Steffie_style

    Steffie_style New Member

    Hi, how much did u spend on your package with them?
  20. Blueyy24

    Blueyy24 New Member

  21. summerxcloset

    summerxcloset New Member

    Hi! Could you pm me your details too please?

    Thank you!
  22. nophee168

    nophee168 New Member

    PM sent
  23. Vangelyn

    Vangelyn New Member

    Hi, would you please pm me your details? Thank you!
  24. Blueyy24

    Blueyy24 New Member

    Just saw Jianhao & Debbie's photo with Korean Artiz.. i still thought that since he is an influencer, they will put in more effort.. the poses are still the same.. photographer really no creativity and personal touch..

    DENNISLI New Member

    hi dont mind can pm the package as well. thanks!!
  26. aloev

    aloev New Member

    got link? Would like to see. :) Thanks!
  27. bluesky3000

    bluesky3000 New Member

    Could you pm me the contact details! Thanks and which artiste you got!
  28. Cherylwn

    Cherylwn New Member

    Hi all Graduated brides!! Could you please share with me your package with Korea artiz studio? thank you so much for your help :)
  29. Cherylwn

    Cherylwn New Member

    Anyone could send me ? Thank you so much !
  30. My8arbiedoll

    My8arbiedoll New Member

    Hii ! Could pm me the package too pls ! Thanks in advance !!

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